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Rated: 13+ · Novel · Supernatural · #1963819
David is blown away by the Revelation

Chapter Nine

The Revelation

Nevertheless I have somewhat against thee, because thou hast left thy first love.

Revelation 2:4(KJV)

         We rode in silence for a few minutes, savoring this turn in our relationship. Before I felt a victim of her beauty, now I provided security. And holding her as we returned to the car, her smooth skin contrasted with our crunching of the glass. Seemed almost comical, the juxtaposition of her dreamy beauty, and the stark reality of sharp, dangerous, broken glass.

         Of course I’m on my way to get Sammy and pay the gold now, pretty sobering I’d say. Soon she broke the silence, asking me if I had any martial arts training. Then the conversation drifted to my life. Soon we were on the freeway, highway eight, eastbound this time, heading for the drop off point, Sammy, the kidnappers, and the loss of all that gold.

         She seemed to pick up my change in mood and stopped asking questions. I glanced over at her feminine perfection, then I glanced in the rear-view mirror. I just could see a bit of the tarp covering five-hundred pounds of soft gold.

         Oh, Sammy, the son I never knew. If not for you Sefti and I could continue down the road . . .

         “I sense conflict, Davy. What’s your plan? You’re not sure of it?”

         Surprised, I said, “Oh, you don’t know my plan?”

         “Of course not, and I’m really curious. What exactly did happen those days you were dead? Why do you look like . . . this?”

         “Funny, I figured those visions would have told you this stuff.”

         “No, he wouldn’t break your privacy. I just saw things like someone would while standing nearby, on the Earth, of course.”

         “Wow, are you in for a story.” I explained what happened at my death, and the journey. She didn’t seem all that enthralled. Then she perked up.

         Excuse me Davy, those two angels, you’re sure there were two? What did they look like? Did they give you their names?”

         All ears now, Pseftis listened as I explained what they looked like. She sat up straight when I mentioned their names.

         “So you know who they are?” I asked.

         “The spiritual realm is, well, complicated. But that is news indeed. Real news.”

         “Sefti, who –“

         “Tell me. Did you see him? Speak to him?” Her voice dropped to a whisper. “Did he ah, did he ahhhh, charge you with a quest?” Her eyes worked their way from straight ahead over to mine, one degree at a time.

         “Well, yes.” How strange. She seemed almost frightened. Why would that be? “God told me,” I noted she had quit breathing. Better get this exact. “and I quote,

“‘Your case is unique and requires a task, and for you it is quite simple. Your task is to protect your son at all costs. Save his life through this kidnapping and you will be saved.’”

         Pseftis just sat there, staring at me, expecting more. Puzzlement marred her features after a few seconds and she asked me a very unexpected question:

         “Well . . . which son?”

         Which son? What does she mean? Which son? With God’s words forever ingrained upon my mind I gave the answer without thinking:

         “He said, ‘You don’t know him yet.’”

         Again Pseftis sat there, staring right at me, like she was examining my very soul directly through my eyes. I felt like an amoeba under a microscope. Then she turned away and stared at the dashboard for a few seconds. Then she did something else unexpected. She tilted her had back and laughed. A pleasant, musical laugh, but still, what on Earth was up here?

         She again looked at me. “So you don’t know, you truly don’t know?

         Anger welled up inside me.”Don’t know? Don’t know what? What are you asking?”

         “So you don’t know me. You really don’t know me? Do you even recognize me? I’m not all that much older you know.”

         I was really confused now. “Know you? I’ve never seen you before today. And you are the type of woman that a man would never forget. Tell me what’s going on? What do you know that I don’t?”

         “I’ll tell you. Believe me, I’ll tell you. But first a question, and it’s related. Davy, why aren’t you a Christian?”

         I sat there staring at the road for a second, such a simple and direct question, one which I had no answer for. I thought about it and remembered those vivid dreams of mine, where I was living Jesus’ life. Of course.

         I answered, “I just don’t understand God. Why would He leave Heaven? Hey, I was there, a lot better and more interesting place than here.” I looked at the landscape. We were leaving the San Diego suburb area and the scenery looked pretty much like a desert.

         I remembered the pain of the Cross. “And why would Jesus die on a Cross of all things?” I lifted my hands a bit from the steering wheel, the memory of pain so real, I half expected holes in my hands.

         “And who did Jesus die for?” I said. “A bunch of what? Christians? My wife –“

         Sefti snorted.

         “- Widow, she was the biggest Christian ever, reading the Bible all the time, praying, going to Church. And she had me killed for money. Heck, she’s no better than anyone else. What’s up with Christianity? Nothing, that’s what’s up.”

         Now I snorted. I felt good getting this off my chest. God and his great plan makes no sense, neither does being forced to save my Sammy’s life. What’s up with that? God thinks I don’t care for Sammy?

         “Sweet, I sense healing energies,” Pseftis said, “So glad you could cast off the weight that so easily beset you. Now that you have placed this so-called god in his box, you’re ready to hear the truth, and the trap he set up for you.

         “Wow,” I said, “Pretty strong words for a Christian.”

         “Who said I’m a Christian? Sure I’m spiritual, receive visions, see beings, but I’m not a Christian.”

         “What are you? A psychic or something?”

         “Oh, I’m something all right. Are you sure you want to continue talking? There are other things we could do. It’s so hot in here.”

         Pseftis started fanning herself with her left hand, pulling her dress out a bit with her right hand. Yikes! I had to look straight forward to not drift into a ditch.

         After a few very uncomfortable seconds, I said, “Hey, not like that’s not the best offer I ever had on Earth, but if you want to tell me something about meeting me before or more of your visions, you’d better say it now, we’re just minutes from the drop-off point.” We just passed Alpine and Pine Valley wasn’t too far away. The landscape, quazi-desert.

         “Fine.” She said. Putting her hand down, I noticed that somehow a couple buttons were undone on her dress. Eyes forward David. “But you aren’t going to like this. You see, God plays favorites, he chooses who gets blessed, and who doesn’t. He decided you shouldn’t get all that gold and set up a trap so his Christians can get it.”

         “What? You mean God is lying?”

         “Of course not, he’s too good for that, but not too good for some misdirection.”

         “Hey!” I sat there driving, fuming. She’s right, I don’t like this at all. “Look, I saw angels, the Book of Life. Heck, I was right at God’s throne. Heard and felt Him.”

         “Oh, so you felt God?” Pseftis said. “Tell me, did he feel as good as this?” She took my hand in hers, held it so gently with that wondrous smooth skin, hardly felt human.

         “Well, no. He sort of felt, uhh, painful. His presence burned. My arms were actually dissolving under the grip of the angels.”

         “Doesn’t seem so inviting, does it?”

         “Well, no,” I said.

         “Speaking of angels, do you know who those two angels are?”

         “Well, sure, Rayel and –“

         “Don’t be a fool, just more misdirection. Believe me, you know them.”

         “I know them?” I asked. Then an odd thought struck my mind. “What? Could they be my parents or something?”

         “Your parents? Get real. They are dead and gone. Let’s get back to reality. Let me ask you a couple questions and see if you can add up one and one and get two as an answer.”

         I glanced over at her as I gathered my wits. Somehow yet another button was undone, and I didn’t remember her dress being cut so far above her knees.

         Sweat dripped into my eyes as she asked her two questions.

         “Okay Einstein, when could you have met me without remembering and what would that have to do with a son you don’t know you have?”

         Cold dread filled my mind. Icicles seemed to work their way up and down my spine. I couldn’t keep my thoughts from marching down either of two paths, the woman beside me, or the thought I had yet another son, a son with . . .

         No! I couldn’t go down that train of thoughts. How could I ever forget a night with her? And what’s with God sending me after this kidnapping with the gold? Even those angels, subtly pushing me, all conversation somehow pointing to the kidnapping. Did God really want to steal my gold and give it to his pet Christians? Ah, excellent, a bit if fiery anger goes far in removing that ice on my spine.

         Okay, just one answer solves both. When? When could I have been with that work of art and not remember? I’ve never done drugs, not that. But . . . Wait . . . A bit of sunshine worked its way into my mind, wait a minute here. It, it was the first week of my sophomore year, all the beer, whisky and stuff. I’ve never really drank much before. Right, the first weekend after classes started. We had a party. Right. I got so drunk I woke up in the women’s dorm, my clothes and the toilet beside me covered with dried puke. I was so sick I don’t think I ever drank that much since.

         But, I had blacked out. I was at the party, meeting lots of new people; they were constantly entering and leaving. Then, I wake up the following morning. I looked again at Pseftis, the vision of beauty sitting beside me, her face glowing in pride as I added one and one.

         Now there’s no way she went to my college. She would have been an instant legend, known by every straight man in school. Of course, she was a visitor. The pieces were in place.

         “It was my first party as a sophomore at . . .”

         “ASU” she said. “My family was visiting in Tempe Arizona. I was about to start my senior year at Talent Unlimited High School in upper Manhattan the following week. We were introduced, my cousin drove me there. I had a few, you had a few too many. What an evening.” She looked away, her eyes almost tearing.

         “It was too good for words. But my parents flew me back to New York, not knowing. I had to drop out of school by the second semester. Too bad, I had a more than minor role lined up for Broadway. My dad actually flew to Phoenix, armed with a gun and your first name and grade level. Fortunately he could only find out you dropped out but your last name and home address were confidential.”

         “I had more luck,” Pseftis said, “I hired a private eye with some savings of mine and found out you were married and living in San Diego. So I let go and satisfied myself with your son.”

         I was all ears as she told her sad story. As good looking and great Michelle is, well, seemed great. She simply couldn’t hold a pom-pom to Pseftis here. I really regretted not remembering our night together and the wasted years away from this head turner. And a son! Could this be the son God was talking about?

         “So, where’s my son? Why did you come looking me up? Do you have a picture?”

         “Your son is home, in New York.”

         “Wow, can I meet him? I could leave right after . . .” My heart sank. Right, after I give away 500 pounds of gold and probably get killed in the process. Then a brilliant sunrise shone in my mind. Wait, Sammy isn’t the “son I never knew.” I can leave him behind with his murderous mother and not an ounce of my gold. I looked over this gorgeous woman. It’s her, and I, and the gold. The SUV seemed to almost float over the road.

         Almost subconsciously I noticed we missed the turn off to the mine in the desert, the drop off spot where Sammy and Michelle waited.

They can pound sand.

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