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Are the government really representing us -Investigating nazi's - Economic Fascism today!
The 4th Reich – Economic fascism

The 4th Reich goose-steps back into our lives with a concerted attack on the “Inferior stock” that contaminates the new Master race (The Drone Worker of the new Slave Caste).

The way in which the sick and disabled are to be phased out of society. Is through a series of planned detrimental effects. The first directed at qualification for sickness benefits awarded on an indefinite basis, as is the current model.

Through the medical “fitness” exam Sick and disabled people will be placed in the wrong,asesed group where they can be bullied and sanctioned and forced to work without pay (Contrary to Article 3 of the Human rights act).

The end result of being placed in the wrong group. Is indicated in a sentence within the placement letter – sickness benefits stop in 12 months.

The whole situation is about clawing money back. Coupled with the intent of reducing the life-span of the disabled through removal of support - because of impoverishment putting such out of financial reach.(Something I predicted in a question posed to Chris Grayling when he was representing the DWP position 12 months before ESA was launched. Hitting the nail on the head wa simply a case of accept a Tory character and pose myself the question if I was going to exploit the system for negative gains, what would I do?)

The small sum of money that is paid as Job-seekers benefit is designed to make things difficult for the individual, thus motivating a return to work. For the sick and disabled it represents a income cut of between 40-60% and will lead to an early death because of disadvantages it will yield.

The Target is to cut Welfare to the point where it represents abject poverty and mounting debt. Basically to remove its function as an unemployment safety net.

When this is achieved an American Insurance giant called “UNUM & Providence” will be in the position to rack in billions of pounds of profit by selling “Unemployment Protection insurance” to the fearful Britishh workers and. a similar yield should occur at every renewal.

Couple this with the plan to sell access to the computerized medical records database. It doesn’t take a genius to work out how valuable that information would be to an insurance company who could exclude conditions and increase policy prices from such knowledge.

It might have been all well and good if Unum and Providence were not labelled as “Criminal and immoral” by Senior American Politicians for the actions the company took to avoid paying out on legitimate policy claims.

Their actions saw them fined $31.100.000 in a Californian court and being banned in 16 states and 6 countries. The level of counter-litigation is measured as 750,000 cases.

This company has been in the “inner circle” of the benefits system via access since 1994.

In 2002 they produced a plan and lobbied Parliament with it. It outlined wrecking British Welfare and replacing it with insurance policies (As previously stated profit yield in the billions is likely).

Parts of the document also described how to isolated and pillar the disabled. Another reference was “Work should be seen to pay more than welfare” (Recognise that buzzword?) another was to refer to the “Hardworking British employee who got up in the morning whilst benefit scroungers led a life of riley” (another buzzword). If a copy of the document can be sourced then there it is easy to tie the Unholy Tory trinity (Cameron, Osbourne & Duncan Smith) to the plan, purely from the fact they wERe too stupid in not adapting the language used. Word for word they are trapped in a corner of their own making.

There is a question to be asked, why does the Tory Trinity get into bed with a Criminal and immoral company? Of all the insurance companies in the world – pick that one?

My response is you pick a criminal and immoral partner when you have a criminal and immoral purpose in mind. Though I haven’t yet identified any funds linked to this collusion, a forensic accountant with tracking organized crime funds might have better luck.

Unum have been appointed Advisor to the DWP on ESA matters (Bit like making Ian Brady head of “Child services? Seeing as destroying welfare is their objective!)…

Its ironically cold comfort that any DWP official who follows UNUM’s Advice with wrecking the system, is infact following advice best suited for assassinating their own career prospects. Purely on the basis a wrecked provision will need a smaller staff.

Anyway an indication that favours financial corruption, is a Daily Mirror Article that highlighted a series of donation to the Conservatives in a short window of time the donations top £750,000 all from private medical firms. The Mirror listed contribution, donors name and company represented.

As the publically delivered mission statements on the purpose and goals of the Work capability Assessments are a smoke screen for a more malicious hidden agenda that is to disadvantage and steal money from the sick.

I am thinking that a publically declared intent becomes the legal parameters that as the smoke screen doesn’t achieve of of the laidout goals. That counter-legislation can be launched from the negative impact not forfilling goals inflicts?

The Work Capability assessment is a malicious exercise in robbery and intimidation. Designed to kill.

Current mortality rate is 104 suicides a week, up from 78 in 2012. As I previously stated they are weaker souls totally unprepared for a vicious assault by the DWP and there after are hounded into their graves.

As Ian Duncan smith is gleeful about this achievement he’s breeched article 2/human rights, by not altering the system (Ref Equality act 2010) to remove this tally.

For amusement I like the fact that he is also citeable for “assisting suicide” for personal gain. An act that the full weight of the law was intended to smash. Provoking a death for financial gain has only one definition “murder” and a mandatory life sentence.

The gain is based on the fact the first phase of welfare cuts yielded £3.2 billion. The 5% tax break for millionaires cost £5.2 billion – swallowing up the welfare savings and making them indirect personal financial gains….Semantics I know but amusing never the less.

All this has to be taken alongside other events, that show the removal of inferior human stock through other mechanisms. I am of course referring to the “Bedroom Tax”….Which creates a financial levy on the unemployed, sick and disabled occupier. Thus leading to their eviction. Which frees the property up for the Hard working slave caste.

Once the disabled hit the streets its difficult to impossible to access the support services, benefits or other items of comfort. They are consigned to die early through murder, starvation or hypothermia.

The reason this situation is being orchestrated is because of Margret Thatcher’s edict that all public housing would be frozen. Which caused a property shortage and drove prices up, the greater the shortage the more the prices sky-rocketted.

As with the slight of hand over the Falklands war, where her husband was on the board of directors of a company contracted for deep sea oil exploration. A lot of true-blue people got extremely rich. With the property bubble any true-blue landlord with an extensive portfolio became extremely rich without any effort.

With the bedroom tax there are a few points that highlight that its destruction of inferior stock that motivates this policy.

1: “live-in Carers” even if they are in attendance 24 hours a day are denighed residential status.

2: Properties adapted to service disabilities are not being exempt from the cull.

3: rooms containing medical equipment, kidney dialysis for example are also being targeted.

Tie this into Thatcher’s creation of a chronic shortage of public properties and you can see why this country has rents to high for low wage earners.

Refering back to the £750,000 bung from private medical firms. There was a plan to ration visits to the GP, meaning anyone with a chronic condition would be forced to engage with private medical firms. There were two other attempts at earning the bribe. I also suspect this story of death and disfunctionality at NHS hospitals is preparation for us to be rescued by Private health firms from a dangerously unstable health service.

You tie this in with a number of minor aspects and you realise “economic Fascism” dies exist and its threat is very real.

Most “illuminate” watchers are being vigilant for a military take over. As TV/Cinema media has primed them to be so. “spooks 9”, “Jericho”, “24 – Season 2” , “Heroes – series 1” and more.

The truth is regime change is already underway under the smokescreen of protecting us from the islam terror threat.

We should have never given up “Habius Corpus”…It was the first British act of law to be defined.

Its purpose to was to define only a breach of criminal law would warrant incarceration. As it had been an misuse of power by kings who wanted money for a war or just personal reasons will imprison a handful of Lords. As this was in the day when you could buy your freedom and even exspunge the commitment of crime with money.

Other Laws that have been attacked is the entire raft of employment protection laws of the last 4-500 years. This was achieved by Cameron’s slight of hand through altering the law to halt “ambulance-chasing Lawyers” (When has a British Government ever stopped a company or corporation making profit from exploitation of the population or the public purse?). Needless to say it was another smoke screen.

If Cameron was Pinochicco his nose would be in Inverness by now!

Basically Legal aid was removed and to filter out money-grabbing law firms there would be an enactment of employment Law surcharge of £1,500. Sounds very above board and plausible, yet show me one minimum or low-wage earner who has ever seen £1,500 in their bank accounts, let alone throw it down the legal well?

The blockade removes 500 years of protection purely by making it unacessible to them.

He indirectly halted rights that he would never had been able to achieve if he had attacked the laws directly, too many people would be alerted to the Nazi spectre arising from the grave.

Tie in his offer to pay workers £2,000 in cash or shares if they gave up all employment and health & safety rights (Must have mistook us for a bunch of cut-throat pirates – silly boy!), tie it in with the tory twerp who said the British Worker should offer to work for less than Eastern European in the interest of being competitive…You can see a Far-eastern Sweatshop level of wage would be a wet-dream for these Tory Economic fascists.

I also speculated the “plebgate” video could have been tampered wityh as a date stamp isn’t difficult to fake. Or even a video from an unconnected day could be substituted.

Then there is the Tory woman who employs her daughter as a personal secretary even though she is living a long distance away.

Then the Tory who added to the Immigrant poster van campaign, with – “The Pakistanis are surround by endemic corruption”, when he’s a member of what is for me one of the most corrupt administrations in the entire history of British Politics.

Other things to bear in mind:

£850 billion for bankers with no indication of a repayment mechanism.

Not taking a rise to demonstrate unity in 2012 with hard-pressed British Workers. When the situation was designed to not give up their expense accounts, which could yield more than the wages.

The top three leaders Speaking out against the wage increase forced upon them by the parliamentary committee – it must be the most blatant act of mock lip-service in the annals of thesbian performance.

Closing points.

The concept of universal access and protection of law is no longer possible. The protection law may exist but enacting it or finding representation isn’t.

I do not believe “peaceful protest” will achieve anything in the long run and am prepared to consider all options outside that approach..

Steve Goodman

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