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by brom21
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Magical beings gather at a fortress in the clouds to celebrate peace in a secret realm.
    Prompt: a party filled with magical beasts

  In the Crystal Cathedral that existed high in the clouds of the realm if Ethereal, a special celebration was about to commence.  This magical place was a wonder to behold.  Its walls, pillars, streets, doors and stairs were made of precious metals and stones.  In the center of the cathedral was the Grand Colonnade that was laid out in the shape of square.  Golden pillars supported a white marble canopy that dominated the rest of the cathedral in height.  Below the edges of the construct was a white stone balcony that overlooked sparkling golden clouds.  The ground of the colonnade was of emerald decked silver with bras fire pits that circled the inner layout.  Within the circle were magical foods on a long iron table.  Fruit from the Garden of Eden itself was arrayed on the surface along with animal meat brought back from the human realm for all creatures in Ethereal were sentient, spiritual beings.  It was two hours until Theramore, the host, would expect his guests.  He was dressed in a white robe and shone like a star as did the other angelic spirits who had hosted the former gatherings.  He lifted up his glowing eyes and welcomed his first arriver, a phoenix named Thourn who landed in front of Theramore. 

“Greetings, host of heaven and servant of the most high. I am Thourn from the mountains of the land of Khrine,” he said.

  “I welcome you to the Crystal Cathedral and all its recesses.  I am Theramore.  Please satisfy any curiosity of this place and feel free to explore as you will.” 

  The next beings proceeded out of a spiraling sea blue portal. They were completely blue with frost all over them.  “Hello angel, we three are ice men from the freezing caverns of Heth in the North of Ethereal.”

  “Welcome, inhabitance of Heth.”   

  As soon as Theramore spoke, two winged unicorns flew into the colonnade and touched the ground creating a ring as their hooves met the silver surface.  “Ah, it is rather cold so high up, even for a unicorn.  It might have been better to traverse here by portal like the ones who cannot fly.” Said the one on Theramore’s left.  I see we have a new host this season.  Hello fair angel. I am Stilth and this is my companion Briez.”

“Theramore at your service,” said the angel with a bow.  “How are things in the central plains of Stryte?”

    Briez spoke up. “Our land is yet plagued by the dragons as are many of the places of Ethereal as you probably know,” she said.

  “Indeed, a dragon’s heart is very evil.  It is a shame that they remain the only race not to have taken part in the Great Peace that occurred a thousand years ago between all beings of our realm.  Nevertheless this gathering that celebrates that achievement will continue as it has for a millennium.  Now if you will pardon me, I must greet the other arriving guests.”

  Another portal materialized at the edge of the colonnade.  It was quite large; the size of a tall tree and out of it stepped a towering Cyclops.  “Where is the food?” It grunted. The giant’s eyeball searched the table of fruits and meats about thirty yards away from him. “That would not last fifteen minutes with my appetite.”

    Theramore laughed as he addressed the Cyclops.  “You must be Gen. A special chamber has been prepared for you with piles of fresh meat.  Before you gorge on food, you must involve yourself with the other guests.”

  “Eh! Very well.” As he walked, his immense boots made a noise comparable to a large metal bell that sounded as he explored the colonnade for a guest to converse with.

  Next came three griffins that soared down to the colonnade with admirable grace and beauty that landed side by side.  Each one was arrayed with magnificent coloring. Its talons and feet were silvery white and its legs were a bright yellow. The one in the center ruffled its orange neck feathers and bowed exposing its greyish blue head feathers.  When he lifted his head, his keen, sea-blue eyes were peaceful to behold.

  “We humbly thank you for your generous invitation to this gallant celebration.  Of a truth we three were the envy of my kind for being chosen to attend your gathering.”         

  Theramore answered with matched humility.  “I am pleased that you accepted my summon.  Griffins are such sovereign, caring beings it was not easy to decide who would attend of your race.” The angel took a quick glance around him to check who was yet to arrive.  “There remains yet two more guests and I foresee there will be some contention when they arrive.  I must be vigilant to sustain a peaceable atmosphere.”  As soon as he had finished, a green portal opened up and out slithered an immense basilisk.  It had piercing red eyes and large sharp teeth.  It veered over its surroundings and hissed and made haste to greet Theramore.  It lowered its head so that its face was inches from Theramore’s face. 

  “Greetings tall friend, “said Theramore.

    The basilisk spoke with a voice that sounds like rushing water.  ‘”Why do you call me friend when my kind is spurned and feared?  You treat the hydras the same way and none considers that both of our species is only fashioned after the reptilian appearance of dragons.  I have only come to show we are nothing like them.”

  “I do not judge you mighty creature.  Be patient with those who dread your powers.  If it were not for the incantation placed upon you, most of the beings here would have perished under you powerful gaze.”

  “So I have been told,” the monolithic serpent uttered as he noticed others staring at him and speaking under their breath.

    Then the hydra emerged out of the last portal. It had five heads that bobbed up and down and left to right viewing the other guests. It was dark green with small spikes on each head having a sharp pair of fangs that protruded out of its mouth. It scanned the colonnade for the basilisk.  Once it saw the Basilisk it walked to join his company.

Like the hydra’s reptilian fellow, he did not spare any time on pleasant talk and orientation and neither did he possess a particular enjoyment for the celebration.  Theramore expected as much and did not waste any politeness but was direct and frank with both the hydra and the basilisk at once. 

  “I know that you detest being here but your presence shows you are creatures of some equity unlike the dragons.”

  “Only an angel would be so tolerant and receptive,” said the basilisk.

  “I would suggest that you try to break through and show you are not anything like them.  Now if you will excuse me.”  With those words Theramore begin to elevate off the ground and ascend into the air.  When he had reached a good height, his body erupted into a quick burst of light and all the guests immediately beheld him with full attention. 

  “Magical beings of Ethereal, we gather at the hallowed Crystal Cathedral to celebrate a thousand  years of peace.  Once this realm was plunged into warfare.  There was a time when the races of your blessed home were separated and at enmity because of your differences.  Today this gathering speaks of the Great Peace.  At this moment I would like to thank our newest two races for attending our party.”

  Theramore wisped over to the corner where the two reptilian new comers were brooding.  Both of them were dumbfounded and speechless. 

  “Please extend your welcome to them as you would any other of our esteemed guests for they harbor no malice nor do they deserve to be excluded. Now if you would, take this time to meet and greet one another and partake of our food.” When he was finished deliberating his message he once again descended to the ground. 

    One of the griffins were the first to approach the hydra and the basilisk. “I must say, the mere sight of your appearances is magnificent.  When this is over I would be honored to have you as a guest in my field. My children are quite fascinated with your races. ” The Griffin was confused as to how he would address the hydra directly so he simply used the plural form of conversation.

  “Where about do you all live? Your origins are a mystery to most of Ethereal. “

  The five headed beast answered with every head speaking simultaneously.  “We would prefer our personal abode to remain a secret.”

  “Forgive me, I did not meant to pry I only wish to now you better; after all you’re peaceful  inhabitants of Ethereal like the rest of us.”

  The hydra was confounded by the griffin’s politeness and acceptance.  “I’ve never met one as sincere and forthcoming as you griffin. Are you always so kind to outsiders?”

  “In my eyes no one as an outsider.  There are only those who make themselves to be so.”

  The basilisk was still reluctant to concede to truth of the griffin’s words.

“So you do not find our appearance repulsive?”

The griffin was speechless a moment for in truth there was a slight unsettling feeling from there looks. Nevertheless he came up with a fitting answer.  “Most beings are simply not used to your visage.  If you would show yourself more to others I’m certain we all would come to appreciate your presence.”

  “Of a truth is this? Then will you accept my invitation to dine with me and my clan tomorrow at noon?”

  “I would be honored.” The griffin was willing to attend but he was leery from the old stories of basilisks devouring all who strayed into their home.  Regardless he would adhere to his agreement.

  On the other side of the colonnade a unicorn was conversing with a phoenix.  The phoenix was boasting about how much faster and higher his kind could be.

    “Come now, we are the great birds of Ethereal who were made to fly as all birds. We excel in height and speed.”

    “You are indeed bred for the sky, but are you so convinced of your claim? Can you prove it?”

      The phoenix laughed and presented his challenge.  “Are you proposing a competition?”  In that case I challenge you to race.”

    “You are an eager one phoenix.  I accept your challenge, however let us enjoy the company of the party first and then we shall see who is fairer in flight.”

    At the same time there siting on a ledge of the colonnade was the brutish looking Cyclops who waited impatiently for his plenteous serving of his food. 

  “Angel, when will I get my stock of food I was promised? I’m hungry!”

    Theramore went to meet the large behemoth where he was sitting.  “Off course, follow me. But remember that when you’re finished you must try to converse with the rest of the guests.”

    The angel led his famished guest to a flight of downward stairs of blue marbled steps. Below the steps was a tall hallway leading to a door that matched the Cyclops size.

    “Inside this door you’ll find a lion’s share of food with tables filled with meat and fruits.”

      “Finally!” said the Cyclops gruffly as he barged into the chamber filled with dainties. Theramore laughed and then walked down the hall and up the steps back to the party.  Suddenly he saw the whole colonnade in chaos.

  “A dragon!” he said as he looked upon the enormous, ferocious beast breathing fire as it scattered the guests to and fro.  The phoenix tried to retreat by flying  out of the cathedral  but the dragon lunged forward in the air and grasped him with its enormous teeth and shook him violently and then tossed him on the silver surface bleeding. 

The hydra and the basilisk seemed to be the only ones who were not in disarray neither did they show any fear.  Both of them dawned their aggressive side and hurled themselves at the dragon as they clasped their jaws onto the beast.  It took to the air with the two creatures hanging onto its hide with their razor sharp teeth.  Black blood spilled out of the dragon’s body from the pierced points of the wounds that the two had bit into it. It bashed its side onto a gold column, crushing the two beasts causing them to fall to the ground. The dragon spoke with a deep rumbling voice.

  “How foolish to gather so many of Ethereal‘s inhabitance in on single place.  Now I will devour all of you at once!”

    The mighty angel Theramore saw that none else could withstand the monster.  He quickly extended his arm into the air and a flaming sword that burned white light appeared in his hand.  He flew at the dragon and slashed its neck with the brightness of lighting splitting through a tree. It reeled back in pain with a slit at its throat.  The beast was enraged with the angel and cursed him with a gargled speech from the slashed voice box.  “Ack!  You wretched, confounded joke of life form!  I’ll eat you whole…eck.

  Just as the abomination’s gaping mouth charged for  him, Theramore plunged his sword into its head paralyzing it for a moment and then sent it plummeting to the ground and the sound of it was like iron chariots colliding.  Then with its dying breath, it uttered something.

  “M..more are…com…ing.”

  The three unicorns trembled at his words and one spoke with anxious contention.  “More are coming! More dragons?” 

  Before anyone could react further,  four more dragons burst through the clouds and roared loudly.  Theramore, as mighty he was, could not defend against four blood thirsty foes.  He had to get help.  With great speed he soared out of the colonnade and upward into the heavens and disappeared.  He materialized before the holy court that was bright as seven suns and spoke before an audience of angels.  “The Crystal Cathedral is under siege from dragons; four of them.  If they continue to assault it, no doubt it will be decimated along with all the souls there.  I would ask for four warriors to help me expel them from the colonnade.”

  A high ranking angel that glowed with the hue of a full moon gave him leave.  “Your wish is granted. I will send four of my best angels to aid you.” 

  With that Theramore and four shining beings with glistening shields and swords disappeared into the sky of Ethereal.  There were multiple fires ablaze and the dragons made blood curdling laughs.  The four warriors charged at them; one at each dragon. Despite the seemingly difficult task the whole ordeal came to an extremely quick end. It took only took ten minutes for the angels to dispatch them.  With a few dodges and shield protection from fire bursts the angels were like flashes of light that cut then down until none were breathing. 

  Thank you for your help,” Theramore said to the four warriors who then returned to heaven.

After an hour, when order and sense was regained and the corpses were burned and the fires put out, Theramore spoke to the crowd of guests.  “On this day, total annihilation of this a place and all who are here has been repelled.  But do not let the interference of our common enemy deter us from enjoying the rest of this celebration.  I bid you all to partake of each other’s company and to enjoy the food.”

  The unicorn approached where the phoenix lay  thinking him dead. Then the great bird moved his head and spoke while he lay on the ground.

  “Quite a party wasn’t it. Would you help me up?”

    The unicorn put his head under the phoenix’s neck and hoisted him up. He stood but was slightly disoriented.       

  Little by little the pleasant atmosphere returned and conversation continued.  When nightfall came and the two blue moons appeared in the sky, it marked the end of the party.  Slowly the guests left.  The last one to leave was the basilisk who said a final word to Theramore. 

    “Do you think everyone will think differently after I tried to defend the cathedral with the hydra?”

    “Yes, you’ve shown you are in no way a violent and reckless like the dragons are.  I’m sure that news of your valor will inevitably spread across the whole land.”

    “Once again I thank you for inviting me and I hope that the next party will be less…extreme.”

      With those final words a portal opened and the basilisk entered it and disappeared.

      Theramore stood gazing at the moons as he wondered at all the amazing beings that were in Ethereal and the land itself.  It truly was a wonderful party. 



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