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My bike breaks down at a secluded place and lord I wish it hadn't
It is raining heavily and fearing the traffic jam, I take a diversion of the main road. A secluded stretch lies ahead, with not even a stray dog for company. “Why did it never occur to me before,” I chuckle, as I gleefully speed ahead for a mile or two. A chuckle later, my bike’s engine misbehaves and soon it stutters to a stop.

The rain has eased off but the wind speed has suddenly increased. I jump off the bike and have a look at the wiring in the shallow light of my mobile. I remove my helmet and feel as if the chilling wind is howling something in my ear. I feel a mild tingling in my spine as slowly, the uttering becomes clearer although words are too scattered. I try my best to not make sense of it although increasingly it is becoming clearer that the winds want to convey that I am not alone. I try to take my mind away from the howling but the tone is growing increasingly threatening. With shaking hands, I fix the engine and some sparks later, I am somehow able to kick the bike into life. I nearly shriek and with a pounding heart I turn the key. As soon as the headlight lights the surrounding, my heart skips a beat as I see a cemetery’s entrance right in front of me. The howling of the wind suddenly stops but this silence is even chilling.

I rev up the engine but the engine dies. I sweat as I take out the mobile but somehow, it slips out of my hand and thuds on the ground, as if somebody yanked it. I bend down to pick it up when I hear–“You won't get off that easy.”
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