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by Bruce.
Rated: 18+ · Chapter · Romance/Love · #1983192
Jane and Terry meet up in the Air Force bar.
Chapter 14

Jane walked into her room and looked across to her roommate, Mandy. She felt like jumping in the air and clicking her heels together, but she settled on a huge grin as she sat down.

         "You look like you've just found a sovereign."

         "Better than that, he's just asked me out for a drink."

         "Who?" The girl waited but Jane just winked at her. "Not mister smoothie. Not Terry Mansfield from our MT section, the bloke you haven't stopped talking about since you arrived here."

         "I haven't been like that."

         "Not bloody much. You're always going on about him. Terry this, Terry that, Terry the other. Especially Terry the other."

         Jane laughed. "Well I didn't realise, I'm sorry."

         "Don't be daft, I'm only having a laugh. He's a nice bloke. I hope it all works out for you, and if you do have to get married..."

         "Get married. Hold up girl, we're only going out for a drink." They both laughed as Jane stood up and collected her things from her locker. She poked her tongue out and grinned as she went off to have a bath.

         Jane arrived at the NAAFI and Terry was already in there waiting for her. They sat chatting about work before going into the disco. Jane’s favourite record was playing, a popular David Bowie hit, and they went to have a dance. They remained on the floor for the next record, bringing a grin to Terry's face. The record was in French and it caused a lot of controversy due to its provocative content. They cuddled close together and moved to the slow almost rude dance. Terry breathed heavily into Jane’s ear. "Oh, oh, Je'taime," he whispered jokingly.

         Jane laughed. "Behave yourself," she said.

         Vinny Wilkes was standing by the entrance and they noticed him staring over. "I can't understand why you spent time with someone like Vinny." Terry said.

         "I just had a drink in the bar with him one night, just as a workmate really and he seemed to think it meant we were a couple. I've told him a few times I like him as a mate but other than that I'm not interested but he still keeps pestering me."

         She looked away from Vinny but he walked over and poked her in her back.

         "You bitch," he said. "You said you weren't going out tonight and you told me you hardly ever go in the NAAFI bar. You've been taking the piss out of me."

         "I haven't, Vinny. Look, I'm sorry if I gave you the wrong impression, but I just thought we were mates."

         "No, he's your mate, ain't he?" he shouted. "Like all the other blokes in the section you've been running after, you bitch."

         "I haven't been running after anyone, thank you," she yelled back at him. "And you can stop calling me a bitch, I'm not a dog."

         "No you're not a dog, you're a bitch. A dirty bitch."

         Although Jane didn't consider Terry to be her boyfriend, she was in his company and she was getting concerned because she could see he was getting annoyed with Vinny.

         Her concern turned out to be right. "Why don't you just shut your mouth and piss off," Terry said.

         Vinny's face was red with rage and he threatened Terry, but they both knew if there were any trouble in the NAAFI, the bar staff would immediately telephone the guardroom. The RAF Police would arrive in minutes and the offenders would be locked up overnight. Vinny carried on with his abuse towards Jane and he was causing a lot of attention. Terry suggested they discuss it in private and the three of them went out to the car park. Terry tried to reason with Vinny but Vinny took a swing at him. Terry blocked Vinny's punch and hit him with a barrage of punches knocking him to the ground. He dropped onto Vinny's chest to hit him again, but because Vinny was of no further danger to him, he got up and walked away.

         Jane was visually upset as they walked back to the NAAFI, but Terry smiled feeling a bit pleased with himself. He stopped to give her a cuddle and a kiss on the forehead which gave her a warm feeling and a release from the stress of the abuse from Vinny and the violence she just witnessed.

         They walked into the crowded lounge bar, where most of the people were singing along to songs from a Rugby record.

         "So, Jane, why don't you like the NAAFI bars?"

         "I've got a lot of bad memories about NAAFI bars, and that business with Vinny doesn't help."

         Jane spoke loudly as the crowded bar erupted into the chorus of a rugby song. "Roly, poly, up em and stuff em, hey ho said Anthony Roly."

         "This one is not bad though. Although I do think some of those songs are a bit rude." However, she laughed and grinned at Terry before reaching down to rub her right calf.

         "What's up?" he asked.

         "It's nothing. I pulled my leg at the vehicle wash yesterday, and I think I must have aggravated it while we were dancing."

         "If only I could get in your room with you, I'd soon sort you out."

         "I beg your pardon!"

         "No, I don't mean anything rude. I meant I'd give you a good leg massage."

         "Well, I don't think that's gonna happen, Terry. I know I like you, but…"

         "Oh, so you like me eh, and how much do you like me?"

         "Stop it, Terry, you'll embarrass me," she said, but a huge grin spread across her face.

         "Me, embarrass, you, and I don't think that's gonna happen either," Terry said.

         "Anyway, don't you have to be trained to do all that massage stuff."

         "I am, nearly. Went to night classes, but I had to pack it in."

         "Why's that?" Jane gave a laugh. "It didn't embarrass you, did it?"

         "No!" Terry replied. "It was my mates. Once they found out what I was doing at night school they gave me a right lot of stick."

         "I don't know why. Maybe they were jealous."

         "No, they weren't jealous. I don't really know how to put it politely. I think they pretended to doubt my sexual persuasion. They slaughtered me at times."

         "That's ridiculous, just because you wanted to be a masseur doesn't mean you're a bloody homo." She looked at him and grinned. "Does it?"

         "Cor, don't you bloody start an' all."

         She laughed. "Only joking."

         "Anyway, I've had my fun and I learnt enough to get by. I'll have to give you a demonstration one day."

         She looked at him, still grinning. She liked the idea but was not about to tell him so. "Do you do feet as well?"

"          I do everywhere." They both began to laugh just as an often-requested tune began playing over the speaker from the NAAFI radio station.

         A large mixed group in the bar began joining in with the tune of The Stripper. "Da da da daaa, da da da daaa…"

         Jane was amazed at how most of the bar were joining in, like a large group of friends on a night out. This was indeed different to the other NAAFI bars she had visited. It further surprised her as she looked over at a girl who started dancing on one of the tables. "What's on earth's she doing?" She said to Terry.

         Terry laughed. "That's Millie. She's gonna do a strip."

         "You're joking." Jane looked back over to the girl as she started to unbutton her blouse, and then she looked back to Terry. "What right down?"

         "Sometimes she does, sometimes she don't."

         Millie waved across to Terry. "Come on, Terry, you getting up then?" she shouted.

         "No, not tonight," he shouted back, half laughing.

         The girl grinned at both of them. "Oooo, must be serious."

         Jane laughed and turned to Terry. "You don't. You don't do you?"

         "Only when I'm drunk, Jane, only when I'm drunk."

         "Only when you're drunk. Well, I'll have to get you drunk one night. You doing a strip on the table; that I've got to see."

         Millie's performance stopped when she was down to her underwear, much to the disappointment of her admirers, but the boisterous crowd soon got over their disappointment. As Terry and Jane got up to leave the crowd began singing again, along to the words of The Wild Rover. Terry walked Jane back to the WRAF barrack block and they sat chatting on the small garden wall outside the block.

         Jane was telling Terry about her time in Cyprus and what a wonderful place it was. Without warning, he stopped her mid-sentence by reaching over and kissing her. It was an intimate kiss full of passion that flowed between them like some magical, electric, charge. It excited her. She felt as if her whole body was tingling and thought of a cartoon character, its heart pounding out of its chest, steam coming from its ears. As suddenly as he started, he stopped and stood up. "Well, I'd better get off, Jane. I'll see you tomorrow."

         She looked at him with dewy eyes. "Yes, I'm sure you will."

         Terry took a few steps then looked back. Jane was still sitting on the wall looking at him. "What are you gonna stay there all night?"

         "You know something, Terry. Nobody has ever fought for me before. I know it's wrong, but I feel really thrilled about it." She stood up and smiled. "Good night, love, and thanks."

         Terry smiled back and winked at her before walking off.

         As time went on Terry was often seen in the NAAFI with Jane, but there always seemed to be others in their company as if he were reluctant to commit himself towards her. Vinny was often in their company as well, having apologised to her and blaming his behaviour on drink. The only intimate moments She had with Terry were on the times when he walked her back to the WRAF barrack block, but they never progressed past the kissing stage. She was not too disappointed, thinking how Terry was different from the other men in her life. He was not asking her for anything, he was not pushing her and she knew if and when the time came for sexual intimacy, it would be natural and worth the wait. Nevertheless, she thought perhaps it was time to try to advance things a little.

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