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Ancient story in the past of Atli and Saraisen, a Vampiric Saga
The Rays of light shined into the clearing. They dappled across the ground, creating a pattern of light which splattered the dark ground with a multi hued fractal.
Here she danced in the middle, the light catching the strands of her fiery red hair, flashing every time she hit a sunbeam. Her dress flew up and in circles, her tiny feet springing lightly from the ground.
Turi had never seen anything so beautiful in his life.
The Dwarf prince knew deep down that such a beauty would shame and dull anything else compared to it in his world. He knew that he'd never love any other maiden after that moment. They were suddenly hags in his mind.
Bad luck for my betrothed, he thought.
In his foolish love struck heart, he made up his mind to speak to the fiery maid dancing in the clearing, forgetting his betrothed, a dwarf maiden from a royal house whom he'd never met, forgetting it was his royal duty to produce an heir to continue forward, he forgot everything but what was before him.
He stepped into the clearing silently, at least he thought he was silent, the sunlight glanced off his sword and the flash caused the dancer to swirl around and face him, in one graceful movement, small dagger in her right hand, sun beams glinting off the silver hilt.
The eyes that regarded him were silver, and bright but held no threat, nor did they look threatened by his presence.
"Oh fair maid," he intoned in a low voice. "May I know your name and that of your kin?"
She surveyed him regally. "Turi, son of Joras, the younger. I am Allana of the woodsprites, first born of Orion and Daedela of the Airgead.
Turi was stunned, not expecting this. Airgead was a royal house and he had heard of it. The Dwarves traded with the Woodsprites but had never seen the royal family.
"The Royal House?" He breathed.
"Perhaps you should close your mouth." She smiled, "Yes as are you. So far we are equals, you and I."
"How did you know who I was?" Turi almost missed her introduction of himself.
"A sprite communicates with this wood as easily as you and I are having this conversation." She eyed him, "surely you have some histories?"
"You must know the attitudes of the Dwarves," Turi whispered in reply staring at the ground. "Much has been lost, that should not have been."
Allana stiffened. "I will leave you now."
"No," cried Turi, "when can I see you again?"
"Yes, you are the fairest creature I've ever laid eyes upon. I want to know more about you."
"Surely you know more of us than that." Allana smiled indulgantly at him.
"What do you mean?"
"We are seen when we wish to be. If I did not wish it you would not see me now. Go, I will find you. You are the first dwarf in ages to tread the halls of my people. Actually the first dwarf we've seen wander in our forest. You will come again." It was a statement, not a question.
She looked at him again. "There is one thing I don't understand. You are a son of the earth, what are you doing out here, shouldn't you be at home in your mountain?"
Before he could answer she suddenly was not there. Stunned for a moment he replied into the clearing.
"I love the open spaces. I can't help it."
Was she real? He wondered.
"Hello?" He asked into the trees. No answer was given but a gentle swaying and a strong breeze.
Birds, called and water babbled in the distance.
In the midst of the cacophony he swore he could hear laughter wafting on the wind.

Allana stood in front of Turi as he stared at the spot where she had been to him. It was true, he could no longer see her. She put her hand on his cheek. He had come just as her parents had said he would. She had told them she would never fall in love with him, but in that instant, she knew she'd been wrong. He was different, and his coming meant it was time for her to leave her parents. Oh what a merry chase she knew her father would put him through.
But he would succeed and win her hand.
He had already won her heart.
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