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He was going 90 miles an hour when the chains on the pipe carrier broke.
The Autobahn Accident

I lay here in an uncomfortable position my mind in a daze and I’m all alone. I still haven't figured out why I'm here, where here really is, or how I got where I am currently at.  All I really remember is speeding down the autobahn.  A pipe hauling truck slammed on its brakes in front of me and throwing a large piece of pipe right in my car. A fuzzy memory hit my semi conscious brain. The pipe hit my car, and time slowed down for me as it decapitated me and cut my chest off of my lower body.

I remember it flung me and my car off the road, over a bridge, and down into a ravine. It tore up my car and scattered my body parts all over creation. Now I am waking up. If my memories are correct, how can this be? How could I still be alive? Yet here I am sitting very quietly. Wait, did I say sitting? If I got decapitated how can I be setting up?  I receive a memory of a bloody chest and arms slowly crawling up to my head and picking it up and placing it back onto my torso then holding it on as it grew back in place. The next memory is my trunk, walking back to my severed chest and laying down as they started to grow back together. A flood of memories returns to me with crystal clarity, I now know better than to move while my body works to restore itself. I am living again because I know I am feeling pain, and right now my body is in terrible pain.  Oh wait, my vision is starting to come into focus. I am starting to hear sounds now.  My headache is starting to taper away. I think I am in a forest. I can hear birds, and small animals rustle around me.

I can slowly move my head around without the throbbing pain it once had. The second I move it everything goes out of focus. I still have no clue to what is happening to me.  My brain starts to work now, and memories flash back to an old Victorian mansion in a graveyard.  It was there in the mansion I grew up with both my parents.  My father was employed as a grave digger until he had a terrible accident. Some nut in a monster truck ran over him.  It stopped, backed up, and ran back over him repeatedly. They smashed his poor body flat, broke and pulverized every bone in his body. They didn’t leave the body in any good condition to bury. Whoever it was must have really hated my dad. My mom held a closed casket funeral for him. The whole town came out to it. A few of the people were not very nice to me and mom about it. Mom just took the abuse and continued on the sheriff stepped in and told the abusers to show some respect or he might think they were the ones who did it. That shut them up real fast. 

My mom after the funeral waited until dark, then dug him up and brought him home.  He still looked dead, but his body wasn't flat any more.

"I thought Daddy was dead."

"No son. Daddy has the family curse he will back among us shortly. When he revives, he will be hungry.  We will need to get fresh meat for him when he awakes."

I wanted to ask, what she meant by fresh meat. Wasn’t all meat fresh from the store in town? Didn’t mommy and daddy have two freezers full of fresh meat? Mommy took the flattened corpse downstairs and placed it in our special room. She started to open his flattened out mouth and pour in warm dark blood. Once she finished, I watched as his body features started to pop out more and look more normal. Now that he had a more normal looking face. She continued to feed him and take care of him until he was fully restored.  His brain took the longest to heal being smashed flat according to mom.  In a month's time, he was laying sickly in the bed alive. Fascinated, I continued to watch him as he slowly became my dad again. I felt we were being blessed with a miracle as his body continued to restore itself.

On the day he was able to get out of bed, Mommy and dad had a big fight over who killed him. During the fight, he remembered the face of the person who ran him over. It was the town sheriff. My daddy couldn't figure out why the sheriff wanted him dead.  Mommy suggested she play up to him, and lure him up here.  Where they could ask him why he had tried to kill my dad.  As I am a small child, I couldn't understand the games adults play. I still didn’t want to see my mommy messing around with any other man. I loved her so much and I didn’t want daddy hurt in case mommy fell in love with the sheriff. I had no clue what evil my parents and me were going to do to that poor Sheriff.

I think mommy had felt my distress with her going out to play widow with the sheriff. She looked me in the eyes and pulled me close to give me a hug and tell me not to worry. She will always love my father no matter what. She needed to get this man here to find out what he knows and we all need fresh meat. I still have no idea what she means by fresh meat, but only time will tell. I remember feeling sick as she had her arms around his shoulders as they both walked up to the house. He was telling her she would have to move soon as the undertaker and his family would be arriving in about two months. She told him they would be ready, but could she maybe change his mind and brushed up against him a little more. My mother tricked him into coming into her house under the guise of making love to him.  I had a long way to go to understand what was truly going on.

She took him to her bedroom and told him to get ready while she freshened up in the bathroom. He got naked and was waiting for her return.  My mother came in undressed. Then my father stepped out of the closet behind him and whacked him on the head with both his arms. The poor guy fell to the floor and both my parents drug his heavy body down the stairs into the special room in the basement. They were tying his body to a special chair that I had never seen used before.  The look of horror in his eyes as he woke up as my dad held him while mom finished tying him up to the chair. He started to struggle and screamed as my father held him. My parents both gave him a sad look and asked him for forgiveness for what they were about to do. It seems he had stumbled onto their secret and they couldn’t have that. They both tied tight the last leather band around his thighs close to the hip joints.  This was the first time my parents ever let me watch what they did.  I always wondered how mom got the fresh meat and nice bowels to feed me with.  I always enjoyed mine fresh.  I had eaten a lot that were really old and smelly, still they did taste good. They were a bit chewy going down.
The sheriff screamed in dire pain, first he threatened them, Next he begged them,Finally he fell silent as my parents began feeding on his legs eating the raw flesh until there was nothing else left, but the bones. I have to admit he did look a bit weird sitting there alive, screaming, and crying half skeleton, half man.  They stood him up in a tub, and untied the leather straps.  He bled out very fast.  Now it was my turn. They pointed to the chest. The guts and chest were for me. While I couldn’t help myself, I was drawn to the chest with all those soft, sweet intestines. My mouth and stomach rumbled with pleasure as I bit in and started to eat my way to bliss. My parents devoured the arms and neck. It seems no one likes the feet because once I was finished those were the only thing left with any meat left on them. I think it was the bad order they gave off that forced us to leave them alone.
Dad spoke, "Those fingers were finger licking good!"

Mom just nodded and finished up to the shoulders.  About the time Dad had the head off, and everything eatable was eaten as mom and dad played catch with it. He pulled a strange-looking metal hook out of a drawer, and fished out the sheriff's brain. Daddy and mommy finished it up fighting over every bite.  About that time, I finished with everything eatable on the chest section.  Daddy put all the bones in his coffin and buried it back in his grave plot. Daddy was not quite the same for the next few weeks. He kept changing his facial features until finally he didn’t look like my father. Then Mother started in doing the same thing. They took me downstairs and placed me into the special room. Mommy told me to stay there. Do not open the door for any reason until they returned. I could however use the other door and hunt food for myself from the graveyard until they returned.

I in my hunger after a couple of weeks with no parents showing up to feed me, opened the door to the graveyard. There I found tunnels leading under the graveyard. They were marked those that had been eaten were dated and closed off. The ones leading to new or fresher food were marked where to dig and I soon learned mom and dad’s system. When they buried a new client in the graveyard they dug a tunnel under the grave. They would then wait until midnight and jack hammer into the grave seal and make a hole big enough to pull the body through. They would eat it right there and once finished, put the bones back in the coffin and repair the casket and replace the cement in the cement vault seal. I have no idea how long they have been doing this. I continued the family practice until I found the cave exit that lead out into the real world.

I found where mommy and daddy stashed all their money and they had left me instructions. I was never able to track down my parents. But I now know why. Once we reach a certain age all children became food. My parents loved me enough to abandon me with lots of teaching methods to learn how to survive in a modern human society and still be myself. I started school and quickly became the top in my class as a doctor of human medicine. I learned all I could about diseases and about cancer.  I also learned that no human disease had any hold on my metabolism. I found I am immune to radioactive poisoning. My body is not able to die in any normal way. I did find out in the letter from my parents that I can be eaten and that is the only way they know of to kill me.

I learned more on science and social studies. I earned several degrees. Settled down started to raise a family, what away to find out I could pass my curse on to my human wife by getting her pregnant. Of course the child would be just like me as well. I really wish mom and dad would have warned me of this part of my curse. I worry about how many children I created when I started sowing my seed in all those wonderful women who went to bed with me. I stopped worrying about it because if any came around I would simply eat them and that would solve my problem. I know, not a nice way to behave to one's seed. But I am thinking more about the human race than my desires of a family. I really don't like who I am or what I am. The last thing the humans need is an army of things just like me. My parents told me to be very careful that the humans never find out that we exist. They might figure out a way to take our life or make us very miserable for the rest of our long life. I felt my parents were very wise, so I believed them in this.

I started teaching as a way to support myself once my wife turned into another version of myself we had to have a steady source of meat. It was then I volunteered to take over the county grave yard. By day I was a caretaker by night a grave robber.  I soon had an underground tunnel to the freshest section of the graveyard. I set up the same system my parents had. We continued on this way once I showed my wife how it all works. We had so much fun underground. I did learn that she can only get pregnant once and only once. After that her job is to raise our son until he is age fifteen.  Once he is of age, we either eat him or we leave him and never return. 

I returned to my old home as the new undertaker and the town funeral director. My wife and I ran the graveyard and all the funerals. I knew all the secrets in my old home. I set it up just as my parents had done for me. However, our child was different than me. He didn’t question anything and grew into a physical terror. When we locked him in our special room for feeding he managed to break out and eat my wife. I was running from him on the autobahn when the accident happened. 

I was sad once more as my body continued to heal me back together.  I knew I would be hungry for human flesh.  All they would ever find of my body would be the bones of some poor good Samaritan who stopped to help me.  At least he will have a beautiful final resting place. I will leave him in this forest where I once lay healing. The good point in all of this is my son might think I found a new way to die and stop looking for me. I hear the rustlings of someone coming now. Strange there isn’t just one, but three people trying to locate me. That might not be good. I’m starting to panic a little because my lower body cannot be moved yet. The first one to find me was my son. My heart sunk, but that was ok, I decided it would be a good day to join my wife in death. I really was tired of hurting all the humans. Especially the good people, who only try and help you out in life and instead add to your knowledge and nourishment. I waited for the attack from him. Instead, both of my parents show up as well as my wife. She pointed to my body and exclaimed.

“See, I told you he wouldn’t have died in that car accident.”

“What now?” I sadly moaned to no one but myself.

My parents just laughed at me and gave me that evil grin I had expected from them whenever I was in trouble. Now my wife and son showed it as well. At least it will be a quick death for me. I will not get the chance to feel too much pain of the eating. 

My dad just shook his head at me still grinning evilly then he spoke, “Son, what a yummy mess you have created with your sowing of wild oats, with your lack of proper training, and most importantly not waiting for our return. But we have enjoyed cleaning up after you. Your children are so wonderful to eat like mom says great breeding equals great eating.”

My mother spoke, “James, did I really say that or are you giving our son a hard time?”

“Yes, you did dear on the night we conceived him. It really was the best night of my life with you.”

“You just say that to keep my hunger down dear. Speaking of hunger, we saved your beautiful wife from your muscle bound not too bright grandson. We are still deciding which one of you is the bigger idiot him or you, son.”

I had a feeling this might end up well after all. The first thing my parents did was grab my muscle bound son and started in eating him alive, my pretty wife joined in. It went pretty fast still that kid had tremendous strength until they all took bites out of each arm muscle and the legs. In less than an hour they ate all of him, but the bones and a little blood. Even the feet had disappeared. They didn’t save me a bite not that my body was ready for food yet. I wasn’t quite sure why they were in no hurry to finish me off. I knew they had room for more just by the evil grin they gave me. To my surprise my mom and wife lifted me up and carried me out of the forest. My dad rearranged the bones of my son in the spot where I was laying next to the pipe. He separated the skull and placed it further back in the woods.  He set the chest bones inside the pipe and the rest of the bones he scattered around a bit to make it look like I was the victim of wild animals. In a way I guess we were come to think of it.

All I could think of was, “Why are you doing this for me?”

Both my parents and my wife turned to look at me with a serious look and replied, “You are ours to love and watch or eat. Not that pretender of a son. He was not the fruit of your wife. Some other one of our curse snuck into your house, ate your son and left that for you to raise. We took care of her, but not before the damage was done. We love you, son, we always have, and now that your past the eat or be eaten stage in your life. We want to rejoin our families together. Such is life when you are a Ghoul.

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