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when a race of warrior aliens invade earth in search of their male mates what happens?
I watch as the giant mass crawls across the night sky, blocking my view of the stars and moon; sighing i decide it's time to get off the roof and face the music. Greg's pissed enough as it is with me being late coming home because of work without my  disappearing to, as he put it, ' god knows where' for hours at a time. He never thought to look for me in the attic or on the roof; and i was always careful not to give away my hiding spots. I crawl in the small window and flop down onto a small pile of pillows and blankets. I freeze when i hear angry shouting and crashes, telling me he'd just gotten back from another drinking binge. I sigh and look outside at the ship longingly, wishing i had a group of men that pampered, loved, and cared for me.

I wince when a particularly loud crash and stream of profanity reach me. Tonight i was going to feel his fists and there was nothing i could do to stop it or the way he forced himself on me; holding me down and fucking me without lube or a condom while i tried not to scream at the pain. I creep down stairs as best i can and walk into the bedroom, hoping that if I pretend to be asleep I can avoid another confrontation. Stripping off my clothes, I climb under the musty covers in only my underwear stomach down, hugging my hard flat pillow under my head. I dream about the day the aliens came to earth.


It had begun like any other day. Get up, brush your teeth, take a shower, get dressed, have breakfast, and watch TV. But when the TV got turned on id seen something that had...shocked me to say the least. It wasn't every day earth was invaded by aliens, male aliens, looking for their male mates that were promised to them by their goddess. Their goddess had also said that they would know the one destined for them when they caught his scent.

I had watched with rapt attention as some of the hottest guys id ever seen walked out of the ship and told the government and military what was what. Id laughed at the shocked look on the president's face as his barely eighteen son was almost immediatly recognized as a group of one of the highest ranking aliens destined mate. The boy, Jordan, had had a starstruck look on his face as he was taken on board to be claimed. A mate, as they explained, could only be claimed when they exchanged blood and cum. The president had thrown a fit and demanded his son to be returned immediatly but had been unable to do anything since, once tied, the human mate couldn't survive more than a few hours without at least one mate to couple with or be in proximity to. I had listened as they explained that a mate was the most precious thing to a warrior group, they would do anything for them.

As id watched, dozens of young men between 18 and 25 had been taken aboard the ship after having their scent passed through the ranks, which became a requirement for boys on their eighteenth birthday. It had been a month before my eighteenth birthday that id met Greg, hardly a week since my parent's deaths in a car wreck, and id clung to him as the only piece of stability in my messed up life. It had taken him less than a week to take over my life.


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