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God is good even in the bad times. God is good all the time!
God Is Good Even In The Bad Times

         Today is Good Friday, the day that marks the death of Jesus. As a Christian, this day and every day concerning Jesus holds a special meaning for me and my family. When I sit and think about all the things Jesus went through just to save a sinner like me, I feel a little guilty for the different times that I have complained when I have had a bad day or when I have been sick.
          I've been complaining a lot lately, because I've had breathing problems since last November. I've went to the doctors a lot over these past few months. They prescribed me antibiotics, steroids, inhalers, and I've been on a breathing machine and I don't have enough Albuterol Sulfate for my breathing machine to get me through the month. In short, it's been a hard past couple of months.
         It's been rough these past few months but, I still feel blessed to be alive even though I am trying to figure out how in the world I am going to get my doctor to prescribe me four boxes of Albuterol Sulfate a month, instead of only two. I feel like I don't thank God enough for what he's done for me. There's been many times that I've been in harms way, but somehow, by some miracle, God took those times when I was running headlong into something dangerous, and made a way of escape for me.
         I won't forget the night my husband and I where trying to get to town, for I can't remember what. I remember we were adamant to go get whatever it was we were wanting. It had been storming and we had had some severe winds. We were riding down the highway and there was a man coming down the opposing lane. We noticed he was going very slow, so we slowed down. As we started to pass him, he stuck his head out and said that there was a tree in the road just a mile ahead. Well, we got a little aggravated because the tree was blocking our path and we just "needed" to get to town. The town where we live is located in another state, about 30-45 minutes away from where we lived.
         We turned around and we both were a little irritated. The gentleman in the car told us there was another road we could take, that it was a little more curvy than the highway, and that we could follow him, so we did. The back road we were on was definitely a lot curvier than expected. The road seemed to curve like a snake and we were getting higher in elevation. (Yes, we live in a mountainous area.) We finally went as far as we could because another tree was in the road blocking our path. It would have been too hard to turn around in the road because it was so small. So, my husband and the stranger heaved the tree out of the way and we got passed it.
         We finally came to the end of the road and it dumped us out on the four lane highway, heading us straight into town. When we got into town, things were thrown everywhere and looked horrible. Trees were leaned over and we knew we had just missed a tornado. The next day, through hearing from other people, our thoughts were confirmed, there was a tornado that hit town and come to find out there was a tornado on that curvy back road and what was even more mouth dropping we found out that our neighborhood was about to get hit head on by the same tornado and it curved and went the other ways! So, God kept us from that tornado three times! Praise the Lord, what a merciful God we serve!
         There's so many different times that my husband and I together, have faced dangerous situations and God has delivered us from them all.
         There's been multiple times of extremely dangerous situations that my husband has been in just by himself and God seen my husband through each life threatening situation. When my husband was just eighteen months old, a nurse had accidentally injected him with a dirty needle that was used on a man that had staph infection. So, my husband had staph injected into his blood stream. The infection ate the skin off his face where you could see the muscles, his eyes would would get matted together when he would sleep. The doctors told his parents that he would most likely die and that if he did live through it; that he would be deaf, mute, blind, and mentally retarded. The news was devastating to his parents and grandparents. My husband was the only child and the first grandchild.
         God showed the doctors that he had other plans for my husband because he didn't die and he isn't deaf, he can talk even better than I can, he isn't blind, and he's very intelligent. He went on to collage and got his Associates Degree in Video Production and is fixing to start a job with a local television station making commercials. God is so good! He can turn bad situations around and use them for his glory. He is an awesome God!
         God is so wonderful and he does so much for us. Sometimes we take for granted all the things he gives us. The breath in our lungs (which I will never take for granted again), the beautiful sight of budding and blooming flowers, the sounds of birds singing, the food in our bellies, a place to rest our heads at night and sometimes delivering us from dangerous situations and turning bad situations completely around. I can't thank God enough for his blessings. He is so kind, loving and good to each and every one of us.God loves us because God is love.
         We are all blessed in many different ways, we just need to stop and realize it. So, today, instead of complaining, I wanted to to write this essay for our Lord Jesus Christ, our Savior and for God our Father. This is my essay to him and just some of my testimonies. I have many more testimonies, but I just wanted to talk about these few right now. Although I have trouble breathing, I thank God for the breath that's in my lungs already and I want to use my breath to praise his name. I want to go ahead and thank God for my healing now, because I know he will heal me, because as the Word says, "By his stripes we are healed".
         This purpose of this Essay, is to say how great God is and to testify about some of the wonderful things God has done. Starting today, I want to complain less and start praising God for all the wonderful things he has given me and for all of his many blessings he has bestowed upon me. He is a great God and he deserves our praise.
         One last thing I wanted to say before I ended. I praise God for sending his only begotten son, Jesus, to die on the cross, so we all could have a chance to choose eternal life. I thank Jesus for saving my soul and loving me that much to go through the pain, the suffering, and the humiliation that he went through for all of us. Even though he was perfect and done nothing wrong, he bore our sins and punishment for us. He paid a price that we couldn't pay and I thank him for it. Holy is the Lamb Of God! Praise God!
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