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Graiciss helps save pirates and is punished by his father but saved by the ones he helped.
I stare out at the harbor as the large galleon sails into the fog, dissapearing with the group of outlaws and pirates. Sighing, I turn when I hear the expected sound of shouts and footsteps.When my father comes into view he stops, staring at me for a moment before anger clouds his features, my betrayal becoming obvious to him. As he steps forward I flinch, fully expecting to be beaten like I had so many times during my childhood. This was what I got for helping  the pirates escape from a gruesome execution. I wince when my father slaps me across the face and drags me to the ground by my hair, making me cry out in pain as my face meets the cobbled road-way. Darkness clouds my vision as im kicked in the head, angry but unintelligible shouts filling my ears. I dream of the day I met them.


I keep my head down as my father leads me through the maze of dank stone and poor lighting, keeping a rough and bruising grip on my arm. I flinch, drawing in on myself, when manic screams reach me and my father yells at the guards to shut the old bastard up. We stop in front of a cell and I hear the heavy door shriek at the strain as it's heaved open. I gasp when im thrown on the ground roughly, my head landing in a pile of foul smelling rags and a heavy bundle lands on my chest, pushing the breath from my lungs.

" Fix those by dusk." I glare at them as they walk away, the heavy taps of their foot steps fading as the first hint of dawn peeks through the low window that are just out of reach. My stomach growls and I scowl at the thought of the day ahead. Not that it was anything new, since I got locked in here nearly every day because of my " legitimate" brother blaming me for something he did. Whereas his mother had been my father's wife, who still lived; my mother had been a thrall and his mistress but had died giving birth to me, leaving me in the care of the other slaves and occasionally my father. I shiver as a soft breeze drifts off the water, carrying the scent of salt and freedom. Id loved the sea since I could first toddle to see the large galleons and waves lapping against their massive flanks. I had been drawn the the endlessness and it's ability to turn on a dime to destroy entire cities and fleet upon fleet of ship till they were nothing but drift wood and salvage.

" You, what is your name?" I look up in surprise when someone speaks to me, having fully thought I was alone. Looking around, though, reveals that near a hundred men and women locked in cells similar to mine, all of them looking at me. I look back at the man who'd asked me and know he's a captain of some sort, probably pirates if my guess was correct.

" Graiciss, Captain..." I let my sentence trail off, not knowing him name.

"Ah, forgive me. I am Captain Lachlan of The Mist." He smiles charmingly and I blink, heat flooding my face as his handsome brightens. I smile back.

" Graiciss Verloren, thrall and bastard son of Elijah Gogoch, the man who owns this city." I smirk at his raised eyebrow and take out a small flask of brandy, taking a swig before offering it to him. He smiles at me again, obviously amused, and takes the cool metal from my hand. I watch him as he tilt back his head and takes a hearty swallow, obviously expecting watered down ale or some other swill. I laugh when his eyes open wide and he sputters, spraying the man beside him, earning him a glare.

" Damn boy! You could have warned me!" I stifle my giggles and look at him again. I laugh again at the look on his face and he snorts before laughing with me.

" Sorry." I gasp for breath and he gives me a lazy grin, the sudden rush of alcohol having gone to his brain for a spell.

" There is no need to apologize, just... let your actions speak." I gasp when his hand darts through the bars and grasps the back of my head, his fingers digging in my hair as he drags me to him. His lips meet mine and I whimper, heat flashing through me at the possessive act. I moan, fisting my hands in his soft velvet overcoat as he thrusts his tongue forward, mapping the inside of my mouth as heat spirals down and pools in my stomach and hardens my cock.
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