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This is a sweet love-story between a surgeon with a fresh-graduated nurse.
Ayumie was so excited. Unlike her usual day, today she was extremely energetic to come for work. The clock only pointed at 7.26 am in the morning. She always come half an hour earlier than her official working hour. Ayumie doesn't care. What the most important for her daily life is to work happily. It's been a couple of month since she had become a staff nurse, She loves her job very much. Appear as one of the most productive new staff nurse at current department, she sure can't avoid some of the unwanted attention from her working place. Ayumie was a young lady in her mid twenties. She's naturally a beauty and a cutie as well. She grown up with a positive attitude which adored by everyone who's apposite with it. Not only that, she's a fast learner as well. The doctors might be loved work with people like her who is stunning inside out. Unfortunately, for some of the senior girls over there, the jealousy increased and they can't be calm as before.
The innocent angel, Ayumie already adapted to the situations because it's not her first encounter in this kind of environment. She grown with it too. She always being positive in everything. She tries not to hates them back because she learnt that there's nothing benefits from hating people. Ayumie treats everyone nicely and equally. For most of the people who gets along with her, they may found her attractiveness and humbleness. There's one particular person in the same department developed some unwanted feelings towards her as well.
For that particular person, he admitted. The young lady was attractive. It was his love at the first sight when he meet this lady. But he's too ego to admitted it truly and he hates it. He hates that new lady. He hates to be excited and overwhelmed when he saw her around. He hates it when he felt so empty and going through a meaningless day when she's not around. It's a stupid and painful feeling for him to bear with everyday. He doesn't want it but he wan't hate it. He's confused because he never felt this way before.' Maybe this is how love's like, ' he thought deeply himself as he seep through his cup of tea to have her heart, mind and soul to calm down.
It was like a hurricane inside. ' If this feelings prolonged, it will be very bad for my heart. Geez,' he keeps on murmuring as he rubbing his throbbing-felt-like chest up and down. The motion's repeated until a loud annoying phones ring skipped his heart a beat. He startled and cursing before hand reaching for the phone.
" Hello, this is Mr. Joe. Good evening," he answered nice and softly as usual. Eyes staring the hanged wall clock. It's 4.35 pm .
" Hello, Mr. Joe. Good evening. This is Staff Nurse Ayumie Roffes from operating theater on the line," a soft and tender voice responded politely. Mr. Joe's heart's racing wildly. It's her! That new lady! He's sweating and struggling to control his feeling before answering to the special person of him.
" Yes, Ayumie. I heard you. Anything that I can help you? " he answered nervously. ' Oh my goodness, why did my voice sounds this way? Stupid.' He thought to himself. He heard a cute chuckle from the other side. ' Oh, how sweet is that, ' again he praise. Ayumie cover her mouth as she spontaneously chuckle when she heard a very shaky voice from her respected surgeon. She thought that the surgeon might get excited to answer her phone call as she know how much that egoistic surgeon to like her. She know that the spine surgeon try so hard to keep calm and cool. Act like he doesn't interested to her at all but Ayumie was gifted to read others. She don't bother too much on that private matter of someone. She always know to keep important things as priority during her job.
" Well, Mr. Joe. I've received two container of spine instrument sets and a box of implant. I want to know what the exact operation date for the cases? " Ayumie asked fluently. Her right hand steadily hold onto a black inked pen with a white sheet of paper under it.
" Yes. That should be on This Friday. After you checked the instruments, just sent for wash and autoclave. Keep the rest of the implants into our protected-limited orthopedic room. Is that clear? " and as usual, he did.
" Noted. Thank you Mr. Joe. See you on Friday. Thank you."
" Yes, welcome."
With that the conversation's ended without a simple ' Bye' from her. He sigh, she always hung up first before him. He don't know why, he wish to heard a 'bye' from this girl. Maybe with that, he may feel ease. He sigh a long sigh. He's tired for the work he done on the day. The wall clock catches his attention again. It's almost 5 after all of the maybe-sweet conversation he had just now. He tidy up everything before left it for tomorrow. For tomorrow, he's hoping and anticipating nothing else but to save people's life. And besides of that, to meet with the apple of his eyes.

#End of Chapter 1

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