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Rated: 18+ · Poetry · Young Adult · #1990692
about a young female trying to express her sexuality and her family's disapproval.
They tell you:
"Find a good man,
Have children and
A brick home,
Littered with verses.”
How many times do you have to tell them,
It’s not that you don't find men attractive.
Some are funny,
Some are cute,
But every time you see her smile
Your eyes light up and your heart starts to flutter.
"It's just a phase," they say.
"We will disown you if you do."
Do what?
But you can’t help but to
Love her for the way her hair shines in the sun,
For her grace and elegance,
For the way she thinks and speaks,
Not just the way she looks.
Loving her in a way that
Makes you want to be a better person.
You wonder how this passion can be so wrong
And curse god for letting this happen.
So you fold all those feelings up,
Hide them in a corner,
And pray they don't escape.
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