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Rated: 18+ · Other · Gay/Lesbian · #1991237
Skye has been reborn to return to his lover. what happens when they meet again?~unfinished
Chapter 1
I feel like im floating, weightless in the clouds. It feels good. I don't want to leave.
“ Skye...”
I don't want to wake up.
“ Skye... My sweet. Awaken.”
But it feels so good... A shake of my shoulder has me opening my eyes a crack. I know instantly that im dreaming. This place is to perfect for me not to be.
“ Dear heart. Are you with me.”
Dear heart. I like that. I smile up at him lazily and lean into him when he wraps me in his arms and kisses me, caressing his lips with mine. I giggle when his long hair falls around us, shimmering like blood stained bronze and tickling my bare chest.
I smile at him and lean forward, letting my lips skim over his face. From his brow to his ecstasy closed eyes to his nose and lips and cheeks. When I finish with a peck to his chin he opens his eyes and I gasp quietly. Seeing the love I have for him reflected back at me, only a hundred times more intense. I feel tears sting my eyes and look away, wiping them from my face.
We look out the gilded window, curious, when we hear shouts of warning go up and the heavy clanging of many swords bashing together furiously. I whimper when the scent of blood reaches us, hot and acrid. I look up, panicked, when he gets up, pulling on his battle gear and strapping on his long thin sword before handing me my bow and my small hunting knife just as the chill washes over me.

I smile at him and press a chaste kiss to his lips. When his tongue darts across the seam of my lips I gasp and bring my hands to the back of his head as I open for him. Im pulling back when a flash of motion flickers at the corner of my vision and I gasp as I turn us around, switching positions. I slump forward when the arrow pierces my chest and fall into his arms, letting him support me as guards burst into the room and dispose of the assassin.

I gasp for breath as im lowered the the floor, blood slowly pooling under us. I jolt as the arrow is pulled from my chest and bloody hands cradle my face, leaving a streaks of crimson on my cheeks. I close my eyes, suddenly to tired and numb to keep them open.

“ No. No, no, no, dear heart, keep your eyes open. Stay with me.” I begin shivering, unable to control it as I go limp, but I open my eyes. Im sure my lips are blue as I try desperately to drag air into my freezing lungs. I try to speak.

“ Try- try t-t-t-to find me. Whe-whe-when im gone.” I shake harder, practically going into convulsions as the frost nears my heart, freezing me from the inside out. I smile at him, my teeth chattering as he wraps a blanket around me like it will make a difference in the outcome.

I stop shivering as my heart ceases to beat, the steady thump halted by the spikes of ice. I fade into darkness.

Chapter 2
I wake up screaming. As reality catches up to me I muffle my sobs in my pillow. When the door to my room opens I don't bother looking up. I already know who it is. He slips under the covers and wraps his arms around me, not caring about my lack of a shirt or how sweaty I am. He holds me as I cry myself out on his shoulder, rocking me slowly and whispering to me.

“ Was it the dream again?” I nod against his chest as he rubs slow circles on my back.

“ Do you need me to stay here tonight?” I nod again and feel him chuckle as he pets my damp hair. “ Are you gonna talk?”I pull back and smile at him, sniffing snot back in my nose.

“ Y- yeah.” I hiccup and we stare at each other a minute before we both burst out laughing, the tension breaking.
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