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Satan's wife sent to Earth in the womb of a mother to fufill a destiny

Luciferi Futou


A third of God's angels were in an uproar, most of them were slant eyed silky haired beautiful female angels; there were some handsome male angels too of different races. But the most beautiful angel there was, was the most malicious angel there, Lucifer, the ring leader that was against God. He had enchanting calm lime green eyes that were hypnotizing as he spoke to his crowd that cheered him on and agreed with him on everything. He had short black silky hair a long slender pug nose, and a squared face with full lips. As he spoke his words with great insinuation and rage his eyes looked as if they were a pool of green water and crimson blood just dropped in and slowly like a cloud making its way through. Everyone watched in awe as the angels tried to tell him that his eyes were mutating, he shook his head and said with his right index finger pointing to his blood clouded eyes, " This! This means war! God made us so we can entertain him. He made us because he had nothing better to do. And guess what?"

Some of the angels leaned forward for the mystery. Lucifer looked slowly at the angels from side to side watching their impatience for the answer, "He's creating more. He's creating a new galaxy!" The side of his lips went down in disgust," He's creating creatures in somewhat of our form with...free will." The crowd started whispering and shaking their heads. "How come we were created to serve God for eternity while these humans not only get to have free will BUT paradise for eternity! They deserve to suffer like us. Do you enjoy doing tasks for God?!"

"NO!" the crowd barked.

Some angels started to walk away shaking their heads because they loved serving God and they were rewarded for their service just like everyone else. "He's just full of himself because he's the most beautiful and talented angel here" one angel said to another.

The other one nodded his head in approval and said," I can't believe he's actually got quite a bit of them moved. So stupid, why would you want to challenge God? He created Lucifer that's our Father.  I wonder-"

Suddenly, all the angels hearts started to feel warm and all the ones that were protesting now had blood tainted eyes. God was coming and there he was, "What's going on here?" His voice surrounded all ears.

Lucifer crossed his strong biceps and said, "Well shouldn't you know your God?"

Everyone gasped they never heard anyone talk to God. Lucifer opened his beautiful wings that gleamed, his eyes were now recumbent as he saw the constantly changing image of God.

"I know what is going on you insolent devil. I want to see if there's anyone besides you that's brave enough to tell me what's going on here before I do what I'm about to do," God then turned into something no one ever seen him do, he turned into a lion faced man with dreds and half of his face golden and half of it scaly.

After a moment of silence, an angel that always kept her sick thoughts to herself because she thought she was alone with them stepped forward but as she stepped forward she lost her feathery wings that turned to leathery wings. Her long jet black hair turned into a Mohawk of thick crimson dreads, her face grew black scars on her face and lastly she grew a tail. She gasped and touched the side of her face, feeling ugly she looked down in shame.

Lucifer flew down to her and said sincerely,"Beautiful. Mohana," He said and placed a hand on the side of her cheek. She looked her in his now green recumbent eyes; she always liked him but didn't know what to say to him. She thought she was weird because she entertained her thoughts with punishing angels and life over and over again.

"Now," God said, " Are you going to explain yourself?"

Mohana looked back at God as Lucifer's eyes changed back to blood red. "Yes," Mohona's voice was coherent with a demon's," We are tired of working for you! We want a new god and we want Lucifer to be our God! It's unfair how you treat us and we think Lucifer would do us better."

Lucifer then realized something. He placed his hand on Mohana's shoulder instructing her to stop talking. He looked at the ground like he was receiving something then he looked at God. "Hmph. You didn't even know that Mohona was going to turn into that!"

God eyes widened just a tad bit in surprise. He roared like a lion and said," Enough Lucifer!" Other angels came closer to hear. "If you want to worship the ungrateful Lucifer then go ahead."

"No! I'm not done, "Lucifer said, "You don't know certain things!" His smile became wide and two razor sharp horns started to grow from his head. "Like the reason how I know this. No you may talk."

"I'm still God and you show no fear of me even coming to the closest point of destroying you," God was so engrossed in the surprising message that he didn't realize that all the angels were there.

"Is this true God? You don't know certain things?" one angel asked in shock.

"He can't demolish us. Because he was created to love as we were created to serve," Lucifer looked at the angel that looked at him like he was God. Slowly, the angel stepped over to his side. "You made a good choice Falcon, you'll be rewarded in time.

God shook his head in disappointment then after awhile he went outraged, "Lucifer you talk about the new race I'm about to create like you envy them and I know you do. I will give you your own place, Hell. You and you're fallen angels shall dwell in the core of Earth."

Mohona was looking down on the ground and then her eyes widened like she received something telepathic just like Lucifer. "Torture the evil doers! We get to torture the humans!" she looked at Lucifer who seemed unsatisfied as he continued to look at God.

"I want to be God!" Satan demanded.

Then it happened again, when Satan received more knowledge. Lucifer laughed, " It looks like I have more of the Holy Spirit then you-"

"I am the holy spirit!' God yelled.

"There's obviously been some loopholes,"Satan said looking at all the pretty Asian angels that were on God's side but looked like they were on the verge of coming over to Satan's side. He smirked at them and one of them blushed. "There is a way that I can become God and have you serve me instead...or I can just smite you down and destroy you."

"Impossible!" someone yelled but naturally everyone knew he was speaking the truth.

God was speechless for the first time, he knew Satan wasn't going to destroy him but He couldn't prove it to the angels.

"All those angels that don't want to be slaves when I rule should join me," for some reason a majority of all the Asian females conformed but everyone else stayed. That overwhelming day for God was almost over with. He saw how some very extreme perfidious energy came from Satan and took over the female Asian's hearts. As they flew away they turned into concubine demons similar looking to Mohana but not as pretty as her. The demons looked back at the disappointed God and smirked malevolently.

"You'll regret this day," God said, "I promise."

"Back at you," Mohana said and giggled evily.

Chapter One

Lilith had long dark brown dreaded hair that went to her waist, yellow skin, full lips, and wide green emerald eyes. She had an athletic body and huge breasts and a shapely body; she walked naked around the Garden of Eden looking for the mad Adam that stormed off. For the millionth time they argued about what sex is doing what. She believed she should be the man in the relationship since God made her out of the same ingredients unlike the non existing Eve who was made with a rib.

Lilith finally saw Adam at a river sitting next to it, his face buried in the palms of his face. He looked up at Lilith so beautiful and exotic she was. "Why are you so difficult?" he asked her. The truth was Adam was deeply in love with her but she didn't feel the same for him. She wanted to do the man things not have him but even God came down here a few times to remind her that she was a woman and she must do womanly things.

"Adam," she said warmly touching the side of his face, "I want to have a baby with you." Adam's brilliantly blue eyes sparked up with happiness.

"I thought you didn't," he said confused. She always told him that she's not going to have a baby by him if he doesn't allow her to be the dominant one."I'm not going to let you be the dominant one I swear I'm not going to disobey God's rules."

"It's okay," she said reassuring and then they made love..

Lucifer sat on his throne surrounded by his demon concubines and in his mind he watched Lilith in admiration. The way she aggressively took Adam with amazing strength and pinned him to the leaf scattered ground. How she flipped her dark brown dreads back as they blew in the wind while she rode him. Adam moaned failing to not admit in his mind that this position was way better than the others. Perspiration dropped from Lilith's face and hit Adam's body. Her voluptuous body stopped riding him. She pressed her hand on Adam's chest , massaged her way up to his throat, and clenched it as she pressed her soft full lips against his thin lips and tongue kissed. "Mmmm," Adamn said as they kissed. This was literally the second time they had sex when Lilith was told before they had sex the first time, God scolded Lilith and told her, "You are on the bottom during sex and Adam is your master your not his." Lilith didn't enjoy that because she felt imperious and dominant towards Adam but Adam was scared to disobey God.

Lilith went back to riding Adam hoping God won't appear anytime soon. She looked at Adam's pale white skin, his delectable throat, and his head that nudged in the dirt from pleasure. He moaned so loud that it was the only thing you can hear.

"Lilith! Ahh I love you so much! From now on I'll listen to you!" Adam moaned and then he came inside her. He placed his hands on the sides of her back and pulled her closer. She had a satisfying smirk on her face. She knew that night was the night to manipulate him, she studied the stars, and saw what shade of color the moon was glowing in her eyes. She had spiritual gifts she thought even God didn't know about but she didn't tell anyone because she knew where they came from. Lilith cuddled with Adam as she thought about how her herd of children will grow and she'll be the Master not Adam.

"LILITH!" God boomed and made them both jump up startled.

"Yes God?" trying to look innocent and she succeeded she could've been an actress but God didn't believe it.

"I heard everything tonight!"

Then why'd it take you so long to come, she wanted to ask but knew better.

"God I can explain," Adam said and cleared his throat in fear. Adam was really more fearful of God then Lilith was. That's one reason why Lilith felt like she had some balls. He turned to Lilith looking like a puppy dog and said, "I really love you Lilith sorry." And then he turned to God and said, "I was in so much ecstasy by Lilith's actions that I was in some kind of spell, it was like the heavens above were making me feel so good along with the amazing sex. And out of delirium I told Lilith that I am her slave."

It was true the night Lilith chose was a special night where the stars would have Adam succumb to her for some time but she didn't know.

"The Heavens would not do such a thing," God said.

"It is my fault," Lilith said what Adam was trying to say in an evasive manner. Adam eyes brightened up because for once she was defending him. "I have spiritual gifts from a higher power I do not know of and I've been studying it as a child. I didn't tell you God because I thought you'd take it away from me when it's the only thing that makes me feel special." For once she told the straight truth.

"What does this power do for you?"God asked.

"It tells me the time, the seasons, when's something bad to happen, almost anything I ask," Lilith said.

"This is why you're so disobedient to me," God said, "You worship another God."

I worship myself, Lilith wanted to say so badly.

"I don't understand there is no other God but you. I've just become so in tuned with the Earth, the trees, and the sky that I just see and know certain things," Lilith said wide eyed with honesty.

"Please Great God she speaks the truth," Adam said with his filled with pensive love for her. He really did love her even more after what happened that night." Don't do anything to her."

"Silence your under a strong spell," God said, " I will give you a second chance Lilith but if you disobey me one more time then I promise you'll be banished." Lilith nodded showing no remorse because she got off easy. At least he didn't take my spiritual gifts away, she thought.

Adam and Lilith went back home that night.

In Hell, Lucifer watched with his dead green eyes, Lilith having sex with Adam. He kept replaying that scene over and over again in his head. He got frustrated when he couldn't think of a way he could have; he picked up a cup of wine and threw it at one of his Asian concubines in anger. The last thing he could do was up Mohona, the smartest demon there and his most favorite.

"Bring me Mohona," he said.

Mohona came. "Yes my love?" she asked.

"How are you? Never mind I don't care," He said and watched her part her mouth and close it in perplextion. She was usually treated very well by Lucifer out of all the other female demons. He would have her sit on her lap as he'd play with her hair. Mohana was his lover and sometimes she thought as Lucifer as her soul mate. They both were extremely sadistic and they both looked good well when Mohana was in Heaven she looked as good as Satan in Hell.

"What's wrong?" Mohana asked concerned.

All the concubines looked at her in envy; they wondered why Lucifer liked the scars on her face and her scaly skin.

"I'm in love with someone else," Lucifer said through tight gritted teeth.

Mohana's heart dropped but then she quickly rejuvenated. "Who?"She asked calmly.

"Lilith," he said embarrassed all the concubines started whispering like," What the Hell?"

"I know I know," Lucifer said but the whispering continued. "SHUT UP!!!!" He barked and everyone fell to silence.

"Why?" Mohana asked, "I thought you didn't like humans."

"You don't understand," he said his eyes glistening, "She's the first human to disobey God. I need her what should I do? And she's beautiful. What should I do?"

"If I tell you what do I get out of it?" Mohana

Satan's face turned into a look of disgust Mohana took a step back in fear," You little bitch you supposed to be my worshipper. My slave!"

"And you were supposed to be my lover. Now I'm just stuck in a core with hot fire, depression, and different levels of empty Hells," Mohana tightened her lips as Lucifer tightened his fists.

"Fine," Lucifer said, "What do you want?"

Eight Months Later

Lilith was now eight and half months pregnant and she was glowing. Her skin was radiant her dreads were softer and she was happier than more than before. She wasn't disobeying God because she couldn't since she was pregnant. There was no more hunting and being on top during sex for her anymore.

One night she lay in bed with Adam till she heard someone call her name. "God?" she whispered. She slowly stood up and walked outside. "Hello?" There couldn't have possibly been anyone else other they were the only people existing on whole entire planet Earth.

"Hi," Mohana sang to Lilith.

Lilith gasped, "Who are you?"

"I'm Mohana," she said with a smile on her face," I come from Hell. Have you heard of it?"

Lilith shook her head. She wasn't scared she was just surprised someone else was here. Did that mean more people were here on Earth?

"What's Hell?" Lilith asked, it kind of sounded familiar maybe Adam talking about it. Oh yes Adam was talking about it in fear that's why he didn't want to disobey God.

"Hell is a place where people that don't like God go. And the God of Hell wants you my dear, "Mohana said disguising that hurt she still felt over Lucifer.

Lilith placed a hand over her heart, "Me?"

"Yes you," she said, "Think of it as dating God."

Lilith asked, "How does he look like?"

Mohana smirked, turned around, and then turned around again making herself turn into Lucifer. Lilith looked at the extremely handsome man and his wings. "Omg is he an angel?"

Mohana broke out of vision of Lucifer, "He's a fallen angel but he's the only angel that got to keep his looks. He's revealed God's biggest secret."

"What?" Lilith asked.

Mohana leaned forward she stunk like sulphur and whispered," He doesn't know everything...there are loopholes like he cannot destroy dead humans, demons, and angels. But Satan can destroy God."

"How?"Lilith said quickly.

Mohana laughed, "You have a great repulsion towards God? Why would God make me so hateful in spirit? I was one of the darkest clouds in Heaven and if he knew everything he would've come and cured me."

"But how can Satan destroy God?" Lilith pushed.

"You," Mohana said.

Lilith gasped, "How is that going to happen?"

"There are certain special humans that will come to planet earth as the years go on, these humans have similar spirits to you. Meaning you can change into a demon instead of burning in Hell for eternity like the rest of the other humans go when they die, you'll be tormenting them and going about the world as a demon. You will be a succubus because Lucifer knows you from your boisterous sexual actions. You will wait for a certain time to come where you can unleash the bridge from Heaven to Hell letting all war break loose but not after we conform more of your kind so we can have more angels to fight the war," Mohana explained looking at her.

If Lilith was to be an angel in Heaven she would've been the most beautiful, Mohana thought.

"What's a succubus?" Lilith asked.

Mohana rolled her eyes and explained, "A demon that has sexual intercourse with men in their sleep. And you'll also be the reason why babies die since you'll sacrifice your child. You'll be the myth of why women have miscarriages...because Lilith visited them."

"I don't want to sacrifice my child, "Lilith said.

"Okay fine," Mohana said nonchalantly and shrugged, "But you know...someone will come along years from now and try to take your place cause like I said there are many others like you your just the first one. They'll practically be Satan and God combined and rule Earth, Heaven, and Hell when you could've just sacrificed one small insignificant baby."

"Why do I have to kill my child? Can't my baby come with me?" Lilith asked.

"You have to kill your own blood of an innocent in order to convert into a demon. And you don't just kill him you eat him too," Mohana said.

"What but I don't eat human meat," Lilith said.

"You will want to after you drink my War Tears," she said showing her a closer look at her blood red eyes," That's what our master calls them but this is our first time actually using the blood in our eyes. They'll ooze out onto my fingers and then you lick it off. After your drink the blood you must wait a couple of days for the sacrifice and then you descend to Hell." She told Lilith this like it was a happy fairy tale.

Mohana grew to like the Lilith so she said, "You'll go through some pain too when you go to Hell. I'm going to torture you for only two minutes."

Lilith's eyes widened in true fear.

"Don't worry Adam was down there for thirty minutes," Mohana said then cheesed.

"What Adam went to Hell? Why?" Lilith asked wishing that she had paid more attention to Adam instead running off in the woods and slaughtering animals.

Mohana shook her head, "This is why in the future barely no one will serve God. He wanted to show Adam, the first man, how bad Hell was if you disobeyed him. Before he was even set on Earth he had him tortured unwillingly in Hell, to set an example for all the other future humans."

"What did you do to him?" Lilith asked concerned feeling sorry for Adam.

"Cut off his limbs very slowly without him passing out," Mohana said carelessly, "But you will be set in the feeling of Hell that's it. You'll just feel how detrimental it is. Just for two minutes. After that you'll be in better shape."

"Better shape?"

"Yes you'll be a full blown succubus and just think of all the men you can visit when the population grows. There will be myths and legends about you you'll be known all over the world," Mohana smiled as white canines showed.

"I don't want to be known," Lilith said quickly.

"Why?" Mohana asked.

"I rather acknowledge Lucifer," she said, "I don't want to get all the credit when he might get jealous and destroy me."

"Smart girl," Mohana said she started to feel a friendly bond between the girl and her. She almost didn't even want to torture her in Hell but she was still going to do it but then something made Mohana suspicious," Look Satan's smart but not as smart as me so if you have anything fishy to tell me tell me now."

Lilith shook her head 'no.'

"I'm his ex lover you know," Mohana said, "He really likes you and he's very wistful for you, he's been watching your every action. I still care about him and I know he is a really tough guy because he's Lucifer and all but for the first time I saw his eyes that are usually lifeless come alive when he spoke of you. He never did that for anyone, ever. The Devil wants you badly."

Lilith looked pleased, she wished Adam looked like Lucifer otherwise she stayed. But it wasn't just his looks it was also the idea of running Heaven, Hell, and Earth. But no not with Lucifer she didn't like that if he was watching her every action he would've known she liked to be the Master. How can two masters collide? How would she get rid of him?

"How did Lucifer know that God didn't know everything," Lilith asked.

"Look man, "Mohana said dragging her hand down her face," We just knew. It's a gift only me and Lucifer has. It was like a thought entering your head and you automatically one hundred percent for sure knew it was true."

How am I supposed to get that gift, Lilith thought. "Can you work it anytime?"

Mohana said,"No we just feel it coming to our heads and then we be still. We collect all the information we get from time to time and then put it in order. Now are you ready to drink my War Tears?"

Lilith nodded her head.

"Take some," Mohana said squeezing blood from her eyes and down her scarred cheeks.

Lilith was smarter than Mohana but she didn't know what they knew. She was afraid of their gifts kicking in and finding out she wants to be ruler of Heaven, Hell, and Earth. How bad it would be to be hated by both Heaven and Hell but she was willing to take the chance. There's going to be a new ruler of Hell. Lilith rubbed her index finger on Mohana's face she plunged the coppery tasting blood in her mouth and dropped to the ground.

Lilith awoke she was no longer outside, she was inside with Adam who was turned around starting a fire. Lilith's hair was no longer dread locks it was curly and dark brown with gold ringlets locked around a few strands. Her stomach was still big with the baby, she noticed when it kicked.

"Adam?" she said.

Adam turned around instantly. "Lilith! Oh my god I don't know what happened to you. I thought you were dead but you were still breathing. I found you outside on the floor and your hair was all changed. I thought God must've done it but I've been calling and calling upon him but he hasn't come."Lilith touched her teeth and felt sharp fangs on each side. She was already turning into a demon Mohana said a couple of days. She wondered why God didn't come what could he be doing? Did he hear the conversation last night? Of course he did he's God.

Suddenly Lilith bowed her head and a strong message entered her brain, "The baby's due tonight" Oh my god, Lilith thought, I got her gift from the blood. She smiled and pushed Adam away as she walked outside. I have to get away from Adam when I give birth; Lilith thought where she should go to give birth. The sun was going down already; Lilith started to run very fast for a pregnant woman. Something about her slowly changed, she felt darker, she felt more evil. She no longer cared about sacrificing the child especially now that she was hungry. Suddenly, her water broke and she collapsed in a foggy area where the forest was tenebrous and silent. t

Her back arched against the ground as a stream of black blood trickled down the corner of her gaping mouth. She screamed and hollered but the most annoying part was that the inside of her smelled good and she wanted to taste herself but it was most likely the baby. She pushed and screamed, her nails digging in the muddy forest floor. Blood flowed out of her sacred garden as the head of the baby slowly came out with immense pain.

The baby was screaming girl drenched in crimson.

"Lilith!" Adam yelled nearby.

It was too late Lilith spread new black bat leathery wings and sunk her teeth and fangs into the baby's body.

"Lilith?!"Adam said as he came out the bushes, "Nooooo!!" he yelled frantically and tried to grab the baby but half of his body was gone and Lilith knocked Adam down with one of her new right clawed hands Adam fell down onto ground hard as Lilith masticated the rest of the child. It then started to pour down raining hard. The rain rinsed out the mud in her hair also she looked up at the sky, with her arms and wings spread out, she sighed in rejuvenation.  Her skin was now all coal black and everything else remained the same.

"Remember Lilith," Mohana appeared in the corner of her eye, "You may be having fun now but in a couple of minutes you'll return to your human form in Hell accepting torment."

And after two minutes, Lilith was in her human form brought down to Hell. It was an indescribable torment. She sat on a rock where a window was way above her as this Hellish high went through her body and made her wail in her hands.

Mohana looked down with happiness, she may have liked Lilith but she was still hurt from Satan loving her. So Mohana tried to stretch the time but then Satan came, "What are you doing?" he asked sharply. Mohana rolled her eyes," I'm just having some fun here we don't get many customers. How many people have I tormented one-"

Satan slapped Mohana so hard that her scar re-opened, she fell down on the ground. "Demons! Release her!" he barked at the surrounding guards. They opened the window and pulled her up, she was trembling only just a little bit but other than that it looked like she didn't go through anything. Mohana slowly got up as she held the side of her face in pain. She never felt pain in her life before but Satan understood it that's why he unleashed Lilith.

Mohana's eyes brimmed with War Tears but then she wiped them away. "You tell me to bring you Lilith and I did and now you cause pain against me!"

"We agreed that you could torture her for only two minutes! You went past that time and now you get to taste a little bit of pain she felt. Now go away," Lucifer shooed her away.

Mohana still held her cheek as black blood seeped out the cracks of her hand. She felt defeated and unworthy for Satan. Maybe it was her looks or the fact that she simply fell out of love. She heard Lucifer would make Lilith His Queen, he never asked Mohana to do that. How could they detach from each other like that when they both Satan and Mohana discovered the telepathic gift that they received around the same time. Mohana almost wanted to pray but she felt like there was no God to hear her because she was once heard. She thought what if God put those voices in their heads to test everyone else's face.

Mohana looked at Lilith one more time and instantly knew she was faking the whole suffering and that her blood made her a true demon. She walked away as Lilith approached Satan.

Satan's full lips were parted and he gave her a dreamy stare in the eyes. Lilith smiled revealing her new fangs.

"Lucifer," Lilith said and looked him in the eyes and confirmed that he was seriously infatuated by her.

"From now on," Lucifer said carefully, "You call me Master."

Lilith eyes surprisingly didn't widen in resistance but instead she said," Haven't you been watching me most of my life?"

"Yes?" Lucifer said impatiently.

"Master," Lilith said in a sexy voice, Lucifer closed his eyes in pleasure," Then you must get off from seeing a strong boisterous idol like myself bow down before you making me swallow my pride."

"Yes," Lucifer said and grabbed her curvy waist, "and I want you to make love with me like  the second time you copulated with Adam not the first."

Lilith knew if she was going to be living in Hell then she would have to make some sacrifices. The first sacrifice was her pride. "Yes Master," she whispered closely to his mouth.

"Right now," Lucifer demanded.

Lilith spread her leathery wings and Lucifer spread his angelic wings. Lucifer pulled her by the hair and threw her on the ground. Lilith giggled ominously; Lucifer knew how she liked it. She slapped Lucifer for knowing too much about her. "You have been very observant," Lilith said with a smile, for once she was actually enjoying the male being dominant.

Lucifer slowly entered Lilith, she moaned from the beginning of the penetration, and clawed at the ground when she realized he was too big for her. "Ow," she kept saying over and over again. Blood gushed out from her. Out of rage her eyes glowed red so she dug her black claws into both of his sides. He gasped as she threw him on his back and she was now on top of him.

"Wow," Lucifer whispered, "I didn't think you would be able to do it." The wounds on his side quickly healed by them, no one has ever scarred Satan before but now this was the first time.

"Did I hurt you Master?" she moaned as she began to ride on him like she did Adam, it still hurt her but not as much she slowly became looser.

"No you just surprised me," Lucifer said feeling great pleasure.

"I'm going to come in you and together we'll make a Legion," Lucifer said.

"Legion?" she questioned.

"Yes a lot of demons," Lucifer answered.

Then I can make the army grow faster, Lilith thought, my demon spawn will be so beautiful I'll proudly raise my children. Her eyes dilated super big as Lucifer came hot fluid inside of her. His sperm felt like it was burning her insides; it shot throughout her body and drooled out her mouth while it steamed.

"Does it burn?" Satan asked his thick black eyebrows rose up.

"Yes Master," she said in shame.

"You're still a little human," Lucifer said, "you'll evolve some more."

"Show me around Master," Lilith asked, "I want to understand Hell a little more."

They were surrounded by a wall of fire and there was a throne made out of silver with his pretty and almost untouched, concubines lying around with their silky black hair covering their naked body. Their eyes glowed sandy red at times they were true evil and merciless, they knew nothing of love, and despised Satan at times because he wouldn't give them enough sex. But when they were given an assignment to do, they always did it good with perfidious perfection.

Lucifer took her hand and they transported to the first Hell. It was beautifully depressing. There was nothing but a sandstorm and strange dark sounding hidden creatures creating music with their throat. It was an endless walk for eternity without water while sand whipped in your face. This was only the first level of Hell.

"This level is for all the future good Atheists that don't choose to believe in God...they will be thirsty for eternity and will not be able to perish. If they only believed in God they could've been in heaven. The more people that come to Earth the better chance these levels of Hell will get filled up. So, they will worship me when I take over Heaven and Hell, with your help of course," Lucifer explained.

Lilith became more beautiful in his gaze her eyes were now tri colored blue. Satan took her hand and they both appeared in a blue tinted setting where there was nothing but ice coldness. Her human side kicked in and then she shuddered from the coldness. The last level was warm but this second one became a little harder.

"There's too many levels of Hell to explain without any true sinners to torture," Satan said and grabbed her hand. They popped before his throne as fire enveloped them and quickly went away. "Leave! Make something good out of yourselves. I want you to go to The Garden of Eden and tell me what's going on."

The concubines snarled.

"Come with me," Satan said lowly, he took Lilith's hand and they walked up the small steps to Lucifer's throne. He sat down and pulled her onto his lap promptly and he whispered to her, "Tell me something I don't know about you."

She widened her eyes in fear because Satan looked down on the ground like he was receiving a message.  She was afraid of being found out so she viciously took his face and tongue kissed him, ruining the concentration he had on the voice. It worked; Satan succumbed to Lilith and kissed her back.

Then suddenly Lilith felt the voice coming to her, "You won't be found out" it said softly. Relieved, Lilith stopped kissing Lucifer and answered his question, "You don't know that I'm actually starting to enjoy calling you master and I will stop what I stood for, for you."

Lilith saw that he had some kind of hypnotizing power with his dreamy eyes but it did not affect her because she had greater impact on him. "I like it when you feel uncomfortable serving me. You were right I get off from having my one and only idol serve me under slave master circumstances."

" I think I already know you well," Lilith said, "You want nothing but power and authority over all existing things including God. You want to be well known on Earth and truly be happy, you're not insecure you're very confident but you lack a good companion like me. I have Earthly powers that can do great marvelous things."

"I didn't know you had spiritual gifts as a human," Lucifer said in deep thought, "What can they do?"

"They can turn me into a snake and I'm able to understand animals. The stars let me know when it's a good time to do certain things like spells and curses; the moon is what I almost worship because it gives me strength to hunt. I think there's more of what I have but it's going to take some time for me to understand how to use it," Lilith explained thinking about how she once used her powers to save her life by talking a hungry wolf out of it. She told him, not to worry and if you let me ride on top of you and Ill feed you at my place. It worked she got the wolf to obey her.

"Where'd you get this power?"Lucifer asked. He couldn't change into an animal so why could she?

Lilith saw the envy in his eyes she wanted to so badly roll her eyes but she refrained, "From the stars, the air, the trees. It's magic."

"Wiccan," the group of concubines came in. The ring leader of the crowd had very thick milky thighs, her hair was jet black and silky and her eyes were black and slanted like all the others. She looked serious, "It's Wiccan. That is of another religion with no God just magic."

"Daisy," Satan said irritated by them he was grateful for the information he just wished someone else would do it because he was truly envious of their immaculate skills and their ways and sometimes he felt like they had a great control over his thoughts as if they entered his brain.

"Yes Lucifer?" she said meekly, shooting angry twinkling red sandy eyes at him. Something was wrong, she was livid as Hell.

"How'd you find this out?"

"We talked to God," she said to Satan's lifeless eyes that now slowly clouded

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