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In a world of chaos, a group of friends must overcome each-other, if they want to survive!

How would I describe our adventures? The places we went? The people we met? The stories we shared? Well... It all began on Earth. A planet most would call unremarkable, except for one girl, with her boundless fascination of the little blue jewel, and the apple of her eye...

With a coffee in his hands, he sat by the window, watching the city below hustle in the late evening hours. He decided to enjoy his last day on the planet, when he saw her strolling along the balcony guardrail. Stopping outside his window, she gave him a worried look, locking eyes as she leapt onto the balcony. Walking to the door, She never looked away. As she passed his table, she told him to meet her in the bathroom. With no other choice he grabbed his bag and followed her. As he came through the door she pulled him in, and locked it behind him.
"Jace, you BASTARD!" She cried. "Why didn't you tell me?"
"What was I supposed to do, Ash?" Jace replied. "You went on one of your little excursions when I made my choice, you didn't answer my calls."
"You couldn't wait till I got back?" She asked with teary eyes.
"No." He answered. "You would've found out soon enough."
She scowled at him through tears, then wrapped her arms around him, crying harder.
"Why didn't you come with me, asshole?" Ash cried again. "I said we would have fun, you wouldn't have to worry!"
"Ash." He sighed. "I had to take this job offer. I loved going on our adventures, but I need to take this step. I don't want to do this forever, I want a stable life."
Jace hugged back as she cried into his shoulder.
"It will be okay." Jace cooed. "I'll be safe, but I have to get there first."
She squeezed him tighter.
"Ash." Jace sighed. "You can't hang on forever."
"Yes I can." She cried softly. "Don't try me."
He gave in, pulling her close.
After a few tear filled moments, they stepped back.
"You're right." She sniffled. "I can't hold you back, but what if I came with you?"
"What?" He asked.
"Yeah!" Ash replied happily. "You and I could go around the galaxy, blowing shit up. What do you say?"
"Ash." Jace replied softly. "It's a job offer, not a demolition contract."
"Yeah." She sighed. "That wouldn't make much sense, would it?"
They chuckled softly.
"Here." Ash said. "I want you to have this."
She pulled a glowing wristband out of her pocket, handing it to him. The wristband was covered in blue circuitry that shifted around the band like water.
"What it is?" Jace asked, grabbing the wristband.
"It's my own design." Ash continued. "I was going to give it to you on our next adventure. A gift for our friendship anniversary."
"Ash." He said with tear filled eyes. "Thank you."
Jace pulled as Ash close and squeezed her tightly.
"You can't hold on forever." She playfully mocked him. "Now go, you have a ship to catch."
"You're not coming to see me off?" He asked.
"No." Ash replied. "I have plans to change, and I Have to comfort Trixie, She's pissed."
He sniffled, then kissed her on the forehead. After a few moments of embrace, Jace grabbed his bag and walked to the door.
"One more thing." She said, pacing after him.
Grabbing the wristband, Ash held it up near the lights.
"It's also an emergency beacon." She smiled. "Just in-case you decide to have fun without me."
Jace sniffled again.
"If you ever get into trouble, you better use it." She teased. "Or you'll be in trouble."
"I will." He said, squeezing her again. "Promise."
After a few minutes of embracing each-other, they stepped back again.
"We're gonna miss you Jace." She said.
"Me too." He said, wiping his eyes.
"Keep in touch, alright?" Ash said.
"I will." Jace replied, stepping out the door.

Chapter 1

He stood in a train station, the kind from the steam days. Jace was alone, but heard voices coming from the platform. As he followed the sound, a row of gas-lamps appeared on the walls, they seemed to be guiding him. Jace wondered where he was heading, then he saw her.
"Ash!" He thought.
She was standing on the dimly lit platform next to a taller figure, talking, when the sound of a locomotive whistle blasted from the tunnel. A cloud of glowing steam flooded out. Quickly fading, it revealed a dimly lit train resting on the tracks.
Grabbing her bags, Ash boarded as Jace ran towards her. He ran as fast as he could, but seemed stuck in place. As the doors slid shut, Ash settled into a window seat. She looked out with tears in her eyes, as the train lurched forward. By the time Jace reached the platform, the train had disappeared into the opposite tunnel. Surrounded with glowing smoke, He collapsed in tears. The other figure walked over, extending its hand. Jace hesitated as the creature flashed a smile. After a moment he weakly smiled back, then grabbed its hand.
The figure hoisted Jace up, and softly brushed his shoulders. Stepping away, It pulled a small box from behind it's back.
"Here. " A feminine voice cooed. "It's for you."
Jace took the box from her hands, and opened it slowly.
"It's nice to meet you." She said. "My name is..."
The creature was interrupted as bright light flooded the platform.
Jace shot up in a cold sweat. Looking around frantically, he glanced at his watch.
"Shit I'm late!" He shouted.
After a quick shower, Jace grabbed his things and made his way to the terminal.
HIs eyes lit up in excitement! The space-port was a massive atrium, with four floors of travelers shuffling between the stores and terminals. At one end, the entrance to the city sparkled with lights, the freighter port glowed on the other. Along the bottom level were hundreds of smaller ships, ferrying citizens around.
Walking to the tram platform, Jace glanced up at the departure board.
"Shit." He sighed.
It was a two hour ride from the terminal to his destination and the tram didn't come by for another thirty minutes. Jace decided to walk anyway, shortly afterwards his stomach growled menacingly. Softly cupping his stomach, Jace looked around for a second, spotting a sandwich shop nearby.
"Lunchtime." He said confidently.

Chapter 2

As He finished his meal, Jace relaxed in his chair. Sighing as he checked his watch.
"I still have an hour." He cursed under his breath.
After a few moments of gazing around, Jace picked up his bag and strolled back into the main atrium. Stopping near a bench, he took a deep breath and smiled, admiring the space-port.
"I can get used to this." He said.
As he continued walking, a news stand caught his eye.
The holographic screens danced around, showing bits and pieces of the city. After watching them for a minute or two, he stepped into the vase shop next store. The shop keeper watched him closely with four slit eyes as he walked around.
There wasn't much, but then something caught his eye; A small brushed silver urn, with blue circuitry pulsing all around it. The lines danced with energy as he stepped closer. Suddenly, the wristband Ash gave him went crazy!
The lines on Jace's wristband began syncing with the pulse of the lines on the urn, turning the same color. They shifted until a small button appeared on the top. Examining it, he noticed the lines on the urn had formed a similar button. In a spark of curiosity he pressed both at the same time. Just as his fingers made contact, blue lightining jumped from the urn to his hand.
Quickly retracting it, Jace looked over his hand for any damage, nothing. He then saw the lines on the urn fading. He looked at his hand again as it quivered in shock. He grabbed his bag and paced out of the store, hoping the shopkeeper hadn't noticed. Speeding down the atrium, Jace felt his wristband vibrate as it changed colors. He stopped for a moment to examine it, when a tram came rolling down the track.
"No time." He said, rushing to the stop.
The tram was full of people, but he was able to find a seat. After some time, Jace saw the banner across isle flicker into strange symbols.
Curious, he tapped the shoulder of an elderly woman next to him.
"Excuse me." He asked. "What do those symbols mean?"
"What symbols young man?" She replied shakily.
"Those symbols." He said, pointing to the banner.
"And they said I was blind." She giggled. "There's nothing there, sweetie."
"Oh, okay." Jace said.
He noticed the banner was now empty. Shrugging it off, he relaxed again.
After a few minutes, Jace's stop came into view. Stepping out, he quickly located his pickup; a young woman, around his height, holding a sign next to a stretch limo. She had shoulder length auburn hair, done up in a pony tail, sticking out of a chauffer's cap. Her bright green eyes watched him as he came towards the vehicle.
"Mr. Ahd?" She asked.
"Yes ma'am." Jace replied.
"This way please." She directed.
Minutes later they were hovering away.
"Strap in please, Mr.Ahd." She warned.
Her warning disturbed Jace, the way her accented voice carried the words. He quickly noticed the lines on his wristband had now formed a word; "Hello!"

chapter 3

Flying through the city, Jace was too enthralled by the wristband to notice all the hover traffic had slowed to a crawl.
"HANG ON!" The driver yelled.
By the time Jace heard her, it was too late. She had already dropped them out of the lane, nose-diving lower into the city! Jace was pinned to his seat.
"SHUT UP AND TRUST ME, NOW STRAP IN!" The driver shouted back.
Before He could reply, she leveled out near the ground and started weaving through buildings. Righting himself in the seat, Jace looked out the back window and saw a missile gaining on them.
"Okay, I trust you!" He said, fastening his belt. "Now please get us out of here!"
As it grew closer, Jace prayed, hoping the driver knew what she was doing. He was sucked into the seat again as they jumped ahead. Barely catching them, the missile was sent into a building as they cut a turn. By the time it detonated, they were already out of range.
Bullets started bouncing off the trunk as they weaved around skyscrapers.
"Look." Jace cried. "I did some things in the past but..."
"SHUT UP AND HOLD ON!" The driver interrupted.
Hitting the boosters, they shot into the clouds with the attackers falling behind. Jace was silent, watching them fall away.
"They'll just be waiting for us." He said.
"Then let's keep them waiting!" She replied.
The cruiser sped towards the barrier.
As he prepared for impact, Jace unknowingly hit the wristband's S.o.S button.
"Take a deep breath." The driver commanded.
After a few minutes, Jace opened his eyes. The cruiser was now heading into open space. Before he could say anything, a gas began filling the cabin.
"Where are we go..." He asked.
As the gas knocked him unconscious, the wristband pulsated wildly. Flashing a myriad of colors before going dead.

chapter 4

Ash sat on cliff watching the sunset, Trixie sat next to her. Reaching into her chest bandages, she pulled out a photograph, from when she and Jace first met.
The image showed a younger Jace and Ash, sitting on Trixie. They were all smiling, holding up peace signs. With misty eyes, Ash held the picture to her chest, with the memories running through her head.
"Oh Jace." She sighed.
"Not too far from here, was it?" Trixie asked.
"Not now." Ash sighed again.
"Just like this too." Trixie continued. "It seems like..."
"Please stop." Ash interrupted .
"Hey, you got to say goodbye." Trixie rebutted angrily. "The least you could do is let me reminisce."
"Dammit Trixie..." Ash shouted.
She was interrupted by the beeping of her communicator.
"Oh?" She said, eyeing the device. "JACE!"
"What?" Trixie replied.
"It's an S.o.S!" Ash said worriedly.
After a few moments of tense silence, Ash placed the photo back under her chest wrappings.
"We gotta go!" She commanded.
"FINALLY!" Trixie shouted happily.
As the sun disappeared below the cliff, Ash and Trixie raced back to the city.
"SLOW DOWN, IT'S BEEN A WHILE!" Ash shouted, squeezing Trixie's handlebars.
Trixie just laughed, zooming forward. As they entered the city, she flattened her body, racing under cars until their bungalow came into view. Before they even came to a stop, Ash leapt off and bolted inside.
"START PACKING!" She yelled, kicking the door in.
She ran back and forth grabbing things, when the memory that night hit her. Ash stood motionless, his words dancing around her mind. After a moment of silence tears began rolling down her cheek.
"Ash. ASH!" Trixie exclaimed, rolling up behind her.
"Trixie." She cried softly.
"He'll be okay." Trixie cooed. "Come on."
"I'll get the ship ready." Ash choked.
"And I'll grab the rest." Trixie replied.
As she rolled into the garage, Ash was typing away on a keyboard.
"You good?" She asked.
There was no response.
"Ash!" Trixie shouted.
"Yeah, sorry." She answered softly.
"It's cool." Trixie replied. "I have everything!"
She lowered her tail into the crate, pulling out a pistol.
"Good." Ash sighed. "Let's get going."
The floor rotated open, revealing the nose-cone of a patchwork ship. As it rose from the floor, they stepped back. The roof creaked and slid open, revealing a dark, star filled sky.
They stood quietly for a moment.
"Beautiful." Trixie said.
"Yeah." Ash replied. "It's been a while."
"Didn't think we'd be here this long." Trixie sighed.
"Neither did I" Ash replied.
There was another moment of silence as they looked into the sky.
"Once you're a star pirate..." Trixie said.
"...You're always a star pirate." Ash finished. "Time to go home."
The ship's hatch opened with a hiss as they climbed up. Making themselves comfy, Ash reached into her chest wraps and pulled out the picture. After a brief moment, she gave it a kiss and returned it.
"Ready?" She asked.
"Ash, I've been ready." Trixie replied with a desperate giggle.
As the hatch closed, the whine of the engines began flooding the cabin. Initiating the launch sequence, they looked over all the readouts and strapped themselves in.
"Me too." Ash sighed, igniting the thrusters.

chapter 5

Jace woke up in a daze, The room around him was spinning. When it finally stopped He found himself in a medical observation room. As he sat up, arm and chest restraints pulled him back.
"Hello?" He called out. "Is anyone there?"
"Yes." A voice replied.
"Oh great." Jace said excitedly. "Mind letting me out of..."
"Yes." The voice interrupted. "I do mind. I will let you out, but I want answers."
"I had nothing to do with it." He said. "I swear."
"Great!" the voice said. "That's all I needed to know."
"Really?" Jace asked.
"No, not really, no." The voice replied.
He remained silent.
"First things first." The voice continued. "What do you know about the attacks?"
"Nothing." Jace answered.
"Close enough" The voice sighed.
He noticed the voice sounded very familiar, then it hit him.
"Hey!" Jace said happily. "You're my driver."
"You got it." She said, clicking her tongue.
Within seconds He could feel the straps release. As Jace sat up in the bed, he was greeted with a pair of green eyes staring at him, the same green eyes belonging to his driver. She sat bedside, looking over a file folder.
"Feel free to stretch." She said.
As he hopped off the bed, the driver stood up to greet him.
Jace was able to get a better look at her. Before him stood a petite, yet robust girl with natural auburn hair in a professional ponytail. She had soft yet pronounced facial features and a Look that meant business. They locked eyes as she extended her hand.
"Chief Officer of Intelligence. Miranda Rachel Briggswelle, at your service." She said, twirling her other hand.
"Uh, Jace," He said. "Jacen Thaddeus Ahd."
"How do you know my..." Jace asked.
"As an undercover agent," Miranda interrupted. "I had to know everything about my "client". That's you."
Jace sat back on the bed, confused.
"That makes sense." He paused. "But why are you undercover?"
"Well." Miranda replied. "I was hoping you already knew."
"Not a damn clue." Jace said.
"You're kidding me." Miranda replied.
"Wish I was." Jace said.
"Interrogations are gonna have fun with you." She said, looking at the file.
"INTERROGATIONS?" Jace asked. "I'm under arrest?"
"Yes." Miranda replied.
"Why?" Jace whined. "I'm innocent."
"I'm sure you are." She said. "Now please follow me."
As Miranda looked back at the file, Jace bowed, hiding his wristband as he pushed the S.o.S button.
"I swear." He pleaded.
"BRIGGSWELLE!" A voice commanded angrily.
"YES CAPTAIN!" Miranda shouted, the file popping from her hands.
"WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?!" The captain replied.

chapter 6

The patchwork ship raced across the galaxy.
"Where are we heading?" Trixie asked.
"The signal came from Mars." Ash answered.
"Came from?" Trixie asked worriedly.
"The signal died!" Ash exclaimed.
"Shit!" Trixie sighed. "E.T.A?"
"We're pulling full power!" Ash replied. "10 minutes."
With the space-port in sight, they shot past security, nearly crashing into an open dock.
"Let's go!" Ash shouted, leaping out.
Landing with a soft thud, She pulled out a scanner. As Trixie landed next to her, Ash took off running through the gate.
"I have wheels you know." Trixie shouted from behind.
"No need!" Ash replied.
Skipping to a halt in front of a security terminal, She pulled out a device and began hacking it.
"What about the guards?" Trixie asked.
"Keep them busy!" Ash replied.
Without another word, Trixie's tendrils slid out from under seat as she spun around.
Within seconds, holographic screens began popping up around the terminal.
"How are we looking?" Trixie asked.
"Nothing yet." Ash replied. "How about you?"
"Clear!" Trixie answered.
"Good!" Ash said.
After a few minutes, she froze!
"Holy shit!" Ash said worriedly.
"What?" Trixie asked.
"There was an attack in the city!" Ash choked.
"What happened?" Trixie asked.
"Look." Ash replied in tears.
The screen was playing a news clip.

"Not long ago there was an attack on building six-one in the plaza district." The reporter said. "Witnesses claim the missle was fired from a limousine, which then fled the area."
A smaller screen appeared in the feed, showing Jace's limo outrunning the explosion.
The reporter continued.
"Authorities claim they cut power to the grid controller beforehand, causing a city wide traffic jam."
Ash paused the feed, collapsing to the floor in tears.
"Ash." Trixie sighed. "I'm so sorry."
Comforting her, Trixie glared at the screen. Her eyes bouncing around until something caught her attention.
"Wait a minute." She whispered.
After studying it for a second, she quickly reassured Ash.
"Ash he's not dead." Trixie exclaimed.
"Bullshit!" Ash cried.
"Look!" Trixie said, pointing her tendril.
Studying the paused image, Ash saw nothing.
"Trixie what the..." She asked.
"Right there!" Trixie interrupted.
Looking closer, Ash could see of Jace in the back of the limo, crying.
"He was attacked?" She asked, her voice turning to anger.
Picking herself up, Ash rewound the feed and let it play.
"Pause it!" Trixie exclaimed, pointing again.
In the background, they could see his limo flying upwards.
"I've got a feeling." Trixie said. "Let it play."
After the explosion, the screen disappeared and the reporter continued.
"Their whereabouts are currently unknown, however witnesses claim they escaped through the city's atmospheric barrier..."
"THERE!" A guard shouted.
Without a word, Ash grabbed her pistol, opening fire. The guard flew backwards as the bolt impacted his chest. Seconds later, drones came marching down the hall.
"We gotta go!" Ash said, grabbing her things.
"What about..." Trixie asked.
"NOW!" Ash interrupted, hopping on her saddle.
As they took off the other way, the drones opened fire.
"BASTARDS!" She shouted. "PUNCH IT!"
Trixie squealed her tires, zooming into the empty spaceport.
"How are we gonna find him now!" Trixie asked.
"I'm thinking." Ash replied.
As they rode up the atrium, plasma bolts flew past.
"THINK FAST!" Trixie shouted, racing forward.
"Take that next hall to the dock!" Ash commanded.
Halfway to the corner, a platoon of guards came pouring out, weapons ablaze.
"SHIT!" They yelled.
In a split second, Trixie launched herself over the volley of plasma. By the time the guards redirected their fire, Trixie had disappeared up the atrium.
"THAT WAS AWESOME!" Ash yelled excitedly.
"THAT FELT GREAT!" Trixie yelled back. "I'M DOING IT AGAIN!"
She launched herself again and rolled left, extending her wheels to grip the wall.
"YEEEEEAAAAAHHHHHH!" She exclaimed, riding the wall.
Trixie leapt off the wall and rounded the next corner. Nearing the corridor intersection, they noticed a squad forming ahead.
"KILL THEM?" Trixie asked.
"NO TIME!" Ash replied.
"REAL QUICK!" Trixie rebutted.
"FINE, RAM 'EM!" Ash shouted.
Trixie launched herself, slamming onto the squadron. As they raced ahead to the dock, Ash's communicators beeped.
"I FOUND HIM!" She shouted happily.
Wasting no time, they climbed into the ship and sped off.

Chapter 7

Jace and Miranda stood across from the podium as the Captain examined the files. Looking around nervously, he saw no one else in the room except the guards by the door. Miranda shook nervously as the Captain glanced at her every few seconds.
"Do you mind explaining this?" The captain asked.
"We were attacked, Captain." Miranda replied.
"Attacked?" The captain mocked. "By who?"
"I can't say, Captain." She said.
"Why not, Briggswelle?" The Captain continued.
"I was unable to indentify them, Captain." Miranda replied.
The Captain rubbed his nose in frustration.
"Then would you mind explaining why you were alone with the target?" He asked.
Miranda shook nervously.
"Briggswelle!" The captain commanded.
"S-saftey, Captain." She replied shakily.
"Safety?" The Captain asked.
She cleared her throat.
"Yes Captain." Miranda said. "I wanted to be sure he..."
"THAT IS A SHITTY EXCUSE, BRIGGSWELLE!" The Captain interrupted.
She went quiet again.
"You decided to interrogate the target, alone?" He asked angrily. "Without backup, in the medical bay?"
Her cheeks started flushing.
"Need I remind of protocol?" He asked.
"N-no, Captain." She squeaked.
"Because your ass is gone if you fail." He replied. "Understand?"
"Y-yes, Captain." She squeaked again.
"LOUDER!" The Captain shouted.
"YES CAPTAIN!" Miranda shouted back.
"Good!" He replied.
He walked over and handed the file to Miranda, who saluted him. He then looked over to Jace.
"Mr. Ahd, I presume." He said sternly.
"Yes sir!" Jace saluted.
The Captain took a deep breath.
"Have you served, Mr. Ahd?" He asked.
"No sir." Jace replied.
"Did you enlist?" The Captain continued.
"No sir." Jace replied again.
Jace quickly pulled his hand to his side and stood fast.
"Sorry sir!" He said, shaking.
"YES CAPTAIN!" They shouted in unison.
The Captain walked off, as he and the guards left the room, Jace took a sigh of relief.
"Man, that guy needs to..." Jace said.
Miranda struck him in the face before he could finish.
"Jackass!" She yelled, knocking him to the floor.
picking himself up, he rubbed his jaw.
"What the hell was..."
She struck him again.
"Are you trying to get us killed?" She yelled again.
"What the hell?" Jace asked, rubbing his cheek.
"That's Captain Salazar Mordis!" She fumed.
"Who?" He asked.
She raised her fist again.
"Whoa, hold on!" He said, raising hands. "I didn't know."
As Jace picked himself up, she grabbed his hand, pulling him the rest of the way. Brushing himself off, he rubbed his jaw again.
"Can we do this whole thing over?" He asked.
She sighed heavy.
"Just follow me, please." Miranda said, walking away with the files.
After walking for a while, she led him into a small room. On one side was a well made bed next to a nightstand, decorated with various trinkets. On the other side was a small desk with hand carved plaque reading; "C.O.I: M.R. Briggswelle".
"Nice." Jace said.
"Shut up and sit down." She replied coldly.
They quietly took their seats.
"Jace, look." Miranda said. "I'm in deep shit here, just tell me what you know, and I'll have you on the next shuttle home."
"I'm innocent." He said.
She pulled out a file.
"Here." Miranda sighed, handing it to him.
Jace hesitantly grabbed it.
"Recognise it?" She asked.
As he studied it, his heart sunk, blood falling from his cheeks.
The file contained a fully detailed schematic of his design.
"Y-yeah." Jace replied, glancing up.
"You understand now, right?" Miranda asked softly.
"This doesn't make sense." He replied.
She quietly slid the folder over the desk.
Without a word, he began looking through it, placing each file on the desk. His breath deepening with each one. As he pulled out the last file, tears began rolling down his cheek. Jace held up his schematic and placed it in the center of the pile.
On the desk before him were several weapons schematics, each one detailing it's damage and targets.
Cupping his mouth, Jace cowered out of his chair, choking back tears.
"Jace are you..."Miranda asked, rising from her chair.
"I didn't know, I swear." He cried.
"Jace look, you're..."She said.
"You gotta believe me." Jace cried harder. "Please."
As he curled up on the floor, Miranda hesitated to comfort him.
"Dammit." She sighed, kneeling down.
He shuttered as Miranda placed a hand on his shoulder.
"I believe you Jace." She cooed. "Now please get up."
"Really?" He squeaked.
"Yes, really." She replied.
After a moment, he caught his breath and reached up. She grabbed his hand and softly hoisted.
As Jace stuttered and caught his breath, Miranda handed him a box of tissues.
"You're gonna be okay." Miranda said. "I promise."
"Can I have a moment alone, please?" He whimpered.
After a brief silence, She placed a hand on his shoulder.
"10 minutes." Miranda sighed. "Okay?"
"Thank you." Jace replied softly.
As she closed the door Jace broke down crying again. Everything coming back to him; what he said to Ash, not saying goodbye to Trixie. He cupped his face and sobbed even harder. After a few minutes, he wiped his face and sat by the porthole.
The galaxies and distant stars glimmered like a dream.
He then saw the reflection of his wristband. The lines shifted in a soft, rhythmic pattern, like they were trying to calm him.
"Ash!" He quietly exclaimed, pushing the S.o.S button again.

Chapter 8

Ash woke up to a soft beeping. Yawning, she grabbed the communicator.
"TRIXE!" She yelled.
"Ash I'm right here." Trixie replied. "What's up?"
"The signal just boosted!" Ash exclaimed.
"Where?!" She asked happily.
Ash stepped out of her chair. Turning around the cabin, holding up the device.
"6 light-years, due.. that way!" She pointed. "Moving?"
"Those sons of bitches abducted him!" Trixie exclaimed, veering the craft.
"When I get my hands on..." Ash paused.
"DAMMIT!" She growled, bashing her against the wall.
"ASH,WHAT?" Trixie shouted.
Without a word, Ash jumped back in her seat, Furiously typing away on the device.
"What is it?" Trixie asked.
"I could've called him." Ash giggled sadly.
Trixie giggled softly, quickly bursting laughter.
"It's not FUNNY!" Ash shouted, punching her on the head. "I THOUGHT HE WAS DEAD!"
Trixie laughed harder, sliding out of her chair.
"You... could've...called...him!" Trixie gasped.
"THAT'S IT!" Ash yelled, hopping out of her chair.
She grabbed her tendrils, pulling them taught above her head.
"I was scared!" Ash growled. "I couldn't think straight!"
Trixie's laughter quickly turned to crying. Pulling her tendrils free, she collapsed to the, sobbing.
"Trixie?" Ash worried.
Crying harder, She didn't answer. Ash knelt down, placing a hand on her saddle.
"You miss him too." She said softly.
"YES!" Trixie cried.
Rubbing her saddle, Ash sat beside her.
"If they even look at him the wrong way they're as good as dead." She sobbed angrily.
"Then let's check in with him." Ash said, reaching for the communicator.


"Feeling better?" Miranda asked.
"Kinda." Jace replied.
"I'm truly sorry you got roped into this." She said.
"Thanks." He sighed.
There was a moment of silence as they took breath.
"So you had no idea?" Miranda asked.
"N-no!" Jace shuttered again.
"Hey, whoa." Miranda interjected softly. "You're innocent. Calm down."
"Sorry." He sighed, catching his breath.
"It's alright." She replied. "Now let's get this straight."
Jace took a breath and sighed, correcting his posture as Miranda pulled up a holographic screen.
"You're were contacted by this company, yes?" She asked.
"Yes." He replied.
"They were looking for an engineer and offered you a job. Yes?"
"Yes." He repeated.
"You submitted a design for the power amplifier, yes?"
"Yes." He repeated.
"You were told it was for star-ships, not weaponry, yes?"
"Yes." He repeated again.
"You had no further involvement, yes?"
"Yes." He finished with a smile.
"Okay." Miranda said, minimizing the screen.
Jace sighed again, relaxing in his chair.
"But raises another question." She said.
Jace sat up again, clearing his throat.
"Not you, relax." Miranda reassured him.
"The attackers." Jace said.
"Yeah." She replied curiously. "It was either a set up, or a tip off."
Jace sat wondering.
"Only two people know I went undercover." she continued. "My inside girl, and Captain Mordis."
Just then, The wristband pulsated wildy. Flashing several colors as a button appeared.
"What the hell is that?" Miranda exclaimed.
"Our backup." Jace said, pressing the button.

Chapter 9

"Ash?" Jace answered.
"JACE!" They exclaimed in unison.
"Trixie?!" Jace asked excitedly.
"Are you alright?"
"Did they hurt you?"
Ash and Trixie alternated.
"I'm fine you guys, no one hurt me." He said.
"They better not have!" Trixie threatened.
"Is anyone there now?" Ash asked.
"Yeah." Jace said excitedly. "I actual..."
"I WILL USE YOUR SKULLS AS..." Ash shouted.
"TRIXE! ASH!" Jace interrupted. "I'm fine!"
There was a brief silence.
"You swear?" Ash huffed.
"Absolutely." Jace replied.
"Why didn't you visit?" Trixie sniffled.
"Trixie I'm sorry." He sighed.
There was another moment of silence.
"Jace, where are you?" Ash asked.
"That's what I called you about." Jace replied. "I'm on a ship."
"Which one?" Trixie asked.
"I'm on the..., hold on." He paused.
Jace held the his wristband away from his face.
"Miranda." He asked softly. "What's this ship?"
"Jace we can't give away our location." She replied.
"We can trust them." He said.
"We're on a serious case right now." She quietly exclaimed.
"They can help." Jace said. "It's just us right?"
"We're already in deep shit as it is." She answered.
"It's fine." Jace said. "Once they get..."
Jace paused, his face turning white.
"Holy shit!" Miranda exclaimed loudly. "Are you okay?"
"Ash were are you?" He asked shakily.
Alarms started blaring all over the ship!
"I'm on the..., hold on." Jace paused.
Ash and Trixie nervously pulled the device closer. They could hear Jace talking with someone, but couldn't make it out.
"I don't like this Trixie." She said.
"Me neither." Trixie replied.
"Jace?" She asked.
"Jace!" Ash commanded.
They could still hear him talking.
"You think he heard us?" Trixie asked.
"There!" Ash exclaimed, pointing to an approaching ship.
"Jace get to an escape pod, we're opening fire." Ash said.
"We don't have weapons on this thing!" Trixie said. "Do we?!"
Ash smirked at her as the ship came into view, Trixie shuttered in a mix of fear and anticipation.
"Holy shit, Are you okay?" A young woman shouted through the communicator.
"Ash, where are you?" Jace asked worriedly.
"Locked." She growled.
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