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Letting you down on my blue day...A Challenge completed
My Days of Blue

There are these days that I go through
Sometimes I can't seem to think of what to do
Hurrying here and there, all around every where
can't seem to get it all done with no time to spare
The hustle, bustle of every day life for me seems
I am limited to all things I want to do, I want to scream.

Don't get me wrong, I am so very thankful to the Lord
For giving me yet another day to write down my words,
He is such a merciful God indeed, Of what He has given
One more time to write in me, of how he keeps me driven,
Every day the Creator keep me standing, writing, going
All the while in the back of my mind I am forever knowing.

I have been reading everything from red case to 'Newbies'
even Purple cases as anonymous for them not to see me,
Doing this because of the Love that I feel for this place here,
Started out to be a challenge for the week, not now, not even near,
This I must do because of independence of ones self and ability
To find out if I can still write a good write, readable, cannot you see?

For now the words have been steady, streaming in to over flowing
Unable to write them down quickly enough, put down for the showing,
At the same time I am wanting to go every where to read a good read
Participate in all of the groups that have been there through this all for me.
How do I start to tell you of the blue day I am having, to get you to see,
Of the feeling of letting you down when I am not here on a blue day for me.

Loving you all at WdC.

" It has been a while for me to write in the correct manner, please bear with me
as I fight with this dyslexia that seems some days to try to win.
My sentence structure is off, the lines can be pulled in and continued on further
down the page, but as I said...this is a Blue Day. Blessings to all"
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