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Part of a larger story, of Atli and Honded encountering a Wendigo
"You remember when I said there were few things that would come after a full grown vampire?" Atli whispered as the snapping of twigs moved closer.
"Yeah?" Honded replied, edging closer to Atli and drawing his sword.
"This is one of them. Atli glanced at the sword, "Oh that won't do any good. You have to bloody burn the monster."
"What is it?" Honded whispered straining his ears at the sound of the creature moving towards them.
"A Wendigo," Atli whispered back.
"A what?"
"Wendigo," Atli repeated.
"Got to bloody burn it." Atli repeated, idly glancing around, the snapping twigs shifting as the Wendigo shifted around them always just out of sight. He glanced at their fire and edged closer to the flames seeking a weapon that would inhibit the creature. "It's faster than we are," he continued picking up a burning stick, "and the best way to kill them is to set them on fire."
Honded tensed when the crackling stopped. There were no sounds, all the forest night life paused to see the outcome.
...and suddenly it was upon him, he felt the pain as the creature's claws raked his arms, it's humanoid face shrieking into his eyes...and suddenly it fell away writhing on the ground burning. It's long claws clicking against each other as it shuddered and shrieked trying to put the fire out.
Atli was standing grinning behind it with a burning stick in his hand. "I forgot how flammable they are."
There was more movement in the trees beyond as the Wendigo has ceased its writhing and was just burning now.
Another? He paused, Honded catching onto his hesitation glanced around trying to stand up quickly. Stranger things had happened than Wendigos hunting in packs. There was an odd smell, he couldn't quite place it.
It didn't quite sound like another Wendigo moving toward them but away from Elven patrols who knows what you might find out here.

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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2003311