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by Taylor
Rated: 13+ · Other · Teen · #2003431
A Nephilim girl tries to escape.
Angel's Blood

Our main character, Cassia, is a Nephilim. This means she is half angel and half human. She is 17 years old with golden hair and purple eyes.

I stare at the blade in my hand. Is this what my mom would want? How should I know...? I'd like to think that I look like my mom. Although, I'm guessing the golden hair and purple eyes come from my dad and his "side of the family." I wish I had one memory of her. I wish she'd lived long enough to have just one single memory of her to keep me going.

When I was young, my grandmother used to tell me this elaborate story about her supposedly dying while saving a puppy from a burning building or something;  If only that were true. Three days after my 13th birthday I found a journal that had belonged to her. In it, she wrote all sorts of stories about her and my dad. He really swept her off her feet, Literally, since he was angel. When she found out that he was an angel, she knew that she was in danger. In one of her entries she wrote, "I've tried not to love him, but it seems impossible. He is my other half. He is my one true love. Plus, love is who I am. Love is in my name. Amora." I always loved that entry; it showed just how much she loved my father.

When my parents found out they were pregnant, they were overjoyed! Unfortunately for them, Heaven was not. They searched out my father, and they dragged him back there. They forebode my parents from ever seeing each other. They respectfully followed this punishment until my mom went into labor. My father was able to escape Heaven's hold on him long enough to see me born, but was immediately dragged back into custody. He then was punished and served his time for his "crime." My mom was fully aware of the danger she and I were in. She knew that she could be kidnapped by demons and tortured for information about the angels that she didn't know, and that I could be kidnapped and killed by the angels if they found me. So, she left me with her mother so that I had a better chance of staying below their radar. She then headed to a motel in Austin, where she slit her wrists until she eventually passed out and died from the blood loss. I would be lying if I said I didn't understand why she did it because I do. It was her only way out of this, and it was my only chance of living a normal life. I just really wish she hadn't. Then I'd have someone to talk to.

The blade is shining under the bright fluorescent light coming from the cheap light above the sink. I lower the blade to my arm, and as I feel the cool blade touch my skin I hear, "Ma'am? Excuse me? It's checkout time and if you don't pay we'll be forced to take action by..."

The voice is too far off for me to care now. I try to make a smooth slice across my arm, but I feel nothing. I should've learned by now that normal pain, as it comes to humans, doesn't affect me. I hear the voice again. "Ma'am? Hello? Don't make me use force to come in there and-"

"Please just give me one minute!" I yell in hopes that he'll go away.

"Okay, be down in 10 minutes to check out." I hear the footsteps going down the hallway. He's gone. I look down at my arm and will it to heal. It does immediately. I look around the empty room. There has to be something I can use that will hurt me. How else can an angel die? Just as I'm about to give up from lack of options, I remember what my dad said about the angel blade.

It's the only weapon we have. It's our greatest weapon, yet it's the only thing that can hurt us.

The only thing that can hurt us. I hear his voice ringing in my ears. I walk over to my bag and carefully pull out the shiny silver blade. It stares back at me as I hold it in my hand. "You are my only hope," I whisper as I hold it close to my arm. I slice through, and immediately I feel a shocking burn strike through my body, as if I've just been set on fire. I fall to my knees in pain and throw the blade across the floor as I do. It lies on the carpet, covered in blood. I try not to cry out in pain; for fear that someone will hear me. I look at my arm and will to heal, but nothing happens. I try to get up, but I have no energy. I feel like I'm burning alive from the inside out. As tears stream down my face, I think as loudly as I can, "Dad! Help!" Nothing. "Cassiel! Please Help..." My head is spinning and my eyes flutter to a close. All I hear is my dad's voice in my head repeating,

It's the only thing that can hurt us.

© Copyright 2014 Taylor (singingtater24 at Writing.Com). All rights reserved.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2003431