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Time Flys When...
Well looky here!

There you are, all fine and dandy, staring at me through your computer screen, mouth agape like some landing strip for Flys. Or is it Flies?

Hold up a second...

If you Googled it like I just did, the plural for a Fly is Flies. Now, ain't that something? And I know you're wondering why I capitalized the word Fly, and if I knew that the plural of Fly was Flies instead of Flys, why didn't I change the original use of Flys to Flies?

I'm just shitting with ya...

A Fly is a name, right? Doesn't matter if it's a Blue Bottle Fly or a Horse Fly or a Who Gives a Flying Fuck Fly. There's 120,000 of the frigging species, so let's settle on calling a Fly a Fly and be done with it already.

I can see that the opening of this piece could be perceived as annoying as...well, a Fly, but I promise that's probably the second - possibly third - to last time I will mention a Fly (not including this time, or derivatives of the word, like flying).

Well loooky here!

You're still there. Wow! Er, just one more thing: the incorrect usage of Flys in the title was intentional. I'm a stickler for detail, as I'm sure you're coming to realize, and it's usage was deliberately manufactured to attract those of you who share a Howard Hughes like mentality to take a look at this piece of work. Oh, and since this particular usage of the word comes before the actual relating of whatever this is, it cannot be considered as counting.

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