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You'd have to be a gamer to relate to this. Although an old game, it really happened.
Has this ever happened to you in a FPS (first person shooter) online game? The game was Red Faction, a Sci-Fi shooter. I played it 13 years ago on a PC and it is the oldest story I found on my laptop.

I was playing DM-Microfaction a couple of nights ago and only made one kill. I got behind the TV and took a grenade and blew the grate out. Then I went out on the patio and picked up the heavy machine gun, ammo, super armor, and rail gun. As I came back in, there's (FOF)Dragon standing with his back to me behind the TV. I put the heavy machine gun on alternate fire, walked up, and started popping Dragon in the back of the head. Man, he jumped and was off like a shot, running.

I went back to primary fire and started laying waste to Dragon. We ran one lap around the TV and he came around and hit the jump pad...sweeoosh.. he's up. I hit the jump pad and...sweeoosh... I'm right behind him as close as "fur on a dog". As we land on top of the TV I'm continuing to hit him with the heavy machine gun and he's still running, obviously low on health. I must have put 90-100 rounds in him by now. He jumps off the TV and I've just about spent about all 200+ rounds of the machine gun and I'm thinking this guy is some mod-cheating low-life.

I'm done with the machine gun and now the rail gun is in my hand. He's running straight in front of me and is a perfect target for the rail. I pop him dead center ...kerrching... and I'm figuring I'm gonna have "Dragon Jerky".

Nope, no effect. Definitely a cheater, but like most cheaters he can't play to save his life-he's hardly taken a shot at me. Now he starts up the door frame and I'm climbing right behind him. "God Mode" or not, this boys going down. Another hit with the rail gun and he falls off the door frame. I jump down and he starts up the darn door frame again. Another direct shot with the rail gun, except this time he stops.

Maybe he's finally dead and just hanging there. I keep climbing up until I'm right under him. He looks back with his little cartoon face and types "What are you doing?" Now, what the heck is that supposed to mean? Is he being some sort of smart-aleck as well as a cheater. Being 51 years old I'm not as sharp as the kids, but I do OK.

Oh-oh! I just figured out what's going on-THIS IS A TEAM GAME!! and Dragon is 'my' teammate. Whoops! I sneak off behind a table and type "sorry".

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