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What my sixteen-year-old self would say to my fourteen-year-old self.
Fourteen-year-old me is in the summer before high school. Sixteen-year-old me is just starting junior year.

Q: Okay, my most pressing question is, where do we go to high school?

A: [laughs]You're fourteen now. You found out the month before you turned fourteen.

Q: Well, yeah, but I was kind of hoping for like divine intervention. I'm still on the waiting list for another school.

A: Well, number 98 isn't exactly the best position. And as far as divine intervention... it was.

Q: Okay. Will we have friends?

A: Ah... yeah. Eventually. You'd actually be surprised how it works out. You remember when you compared yourself to Joseph from the Bible in your graduation paper?

Q: Yeah.

A: You were more correct than you realize.

Q: So we will have friends?

A: Yes. But they're from about the last place you'd expect.

Q: County prison?

A: Is that supposed to be a joke?

Q: Sort of.

A: Don't worry, we get better at that too.

Q: Is it hard, going to an all boys school?

A: Um, it's a challenge sometimes. Prepare for a culture shock.

Q: Cause, you know, most of my friends right now are girls. Do we keep in touch?

A: Eh.

Q: What about Kathryn? Do we stay friends?

A: You try. I kind of forget to text her a lot.

Q: I suppose I will too then.

A: Yep.

Q: But we meet a lot of other girls, right?

A: Not immediately. August 31, 2013, is when you meet your first girls that aren't from middle school.

Q: Why do you remember the date?

A: Ah, you'll figure it out.

Q: Oh, I see. We are pretty romantic, aren't we?

A: Yeah, we are.

Q: Does it work out?

A: Can't tell you that. However, I've gotten the feeling that four girls may like me. One may or may not be my girlfriend.

Q: Why are you teasing me?

A: Too much foreknowledge is a dangerous thing. Ask the Doctor.

Q: Doctor Who?

A: [smirks]

Q: Oh gosh no.

A: Buddy, all your best friends like it. You'll watch it and love it.

Q: Ugh, I'm doomed to be a nerd.

A: Oh, wait until the trainwreck starts.

Q: Huh?

A: It's a bit of a contradiction .

Q: I don't know what you're talking about.

A: Well, as long as it's not {popnote:counterculture"}"CounterCulture [13+] .

Q: Stop it!

A: Okay, okay. You'll get it later.

Q: You're sixteen. Do you have a driver's license?

A: Ah, no. You know how it takes a long time to get Mom and Dad to buy something?

Q: Yeah.

A: That apparently includes car insurance. Apparently it's very expensive for teenage boys.

Q: Well, I guess that's okay. I'm still kind of freaked out to drive after the Go Kart thing.

A: Oh, the Go Kart Incident. Yeah. You get over it. Eventually. You'll be jumping in the passenger seat for a while. But driving a car is a lot easier than driving a Go Kart.

Q: Okay. We're doing band, right? We're going to play the saxophone, right?

A: It's a... cool instrument.

Q: Did we ever figure out how to play that song we wanted to play?

A: No, but, the band director says that he thinks I have a shot at first chair for All State

Q: What's All State?

A: Oh, dear God. I can't believe I didn't know these things.

Q: Okay, I've got to go soon. But just tell me, are we happy?

A: [pauses]You know, Cal, we go through a lot. I don't think you realize the sheer difference between middle school and high school. You will. For friends, you're going to have to lower your expectations. You'll know what I mean. We go through stuff. I can't tell you what, but it sucked when I was there. But, it does get better.

Q: Are we happy?

A: I don't know if happy is the right word. But, I will tell you that your life will ultimately be better off than you think. Your luck will seem like it's going downhill, but you're just going to get flung right back up. You'll find friends and happiness, you'll learn things you never thought you could, and become more confident than you ever thought you would be. I think that you'll be just fine.

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