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Maiyu goes from being a collared slave to a collared fiance
Maiyu seethed as she made her way to Kuai's chamber. The golden collar around her neck was the source of her anger. It was not tight enough to choke her, nor lose enough to move around on her neck. I was a smooth gold collar that she should be honored to wear. Her mother wore the collar before her to signify that she was the former Lord's favored servant. After Kuai bested his father in one-on-one combat he placed the collar around Maiyu's neck. This earned her a special place in his life, and she should be honored. Instead she was livid.

She and Kuai grew up together, and became very close friends. He never exercised his rights as her superior. When they were adolescence he stole kisses from her, but never demanded them. They became one with each other for the first time on the eve of their sixteenth birthday. Everything changed on their eighteenth birthday. That was when Kuai became Lord of the realm, and she became his slave; his favorite slave, but his slave nonetheless. Maiyu felt hurt, and betrayed. Kuai told her things would be different once his father was gone, but in the end he snapped that collar around her neckr. The thought filled Maiyu with hatred for her friend and she wrapped on his door a little more forcefully than was proper.

"COME!" Kuai's voice called from beyond the door.

The door opened, and Maiyu stepped inside to find him sitting in a golden tub, big enough for three grown men. The servants who filled the tub bowed, and scurried away to attend to other duties. The guard closed the door behind them.

"Ah, Mai," Kuai smiled. "You'll want to remove that robe. It shouldn't get wet."

Maiyu moved to the tub, and removed her silk robe. She let it slide off her smooth skin, and pool on the floor. This made Kuai smile even more. She moved to the end of the tub he was leaning against, and reach into the water to find the scrub brush. Kuai made eye contact with her when her hand wrapped around what she thought was the handle of the brush. The amusement in his eyes told her she was wrong. Maiyu gasped in surprise when she realized what she held was his full erection.

"My apologies, my lord," she tried to be demure but it came out a bit clipped.

"No need," Kuai looked at the guards beside the door. "Leave us."

The guards left the chamber pulling the door closed behind them. As soon as they were gone Kuai gripped Maiyu under her arms, and pulled her into the bath tub. He sat her facing away from him.

"I believe this is what you were looking for," he whispered in her ear holding the scrub brush in front of her face. He chuckled at her surprised gasp, and began scrubbing her back. "I'm surprised you didn't remember that game. I used to play it with you all the time."

"We were children," Maiyu whispered. She gasped when she felt his mouth touched her shoulder. She knew she would have to service him in all ways, but this was too much. "My Lord, please, I..."

"What's wrong?" He inquired. "We've done this before, and you didn't protest."

"That was before..." Maiyu began, and then remembered her place. The collar gave her more freedom than most slaves, but still restricted her from being blunt with her old friend. "My apologies again, My Lord."

Water sloshed as he turned her to face him. She lowered her eyes to keep him from seeing the rage she felt.

"This is not you," Kuai stated. "Why will you not be yourself?"

"I am your servant," Maiyu stated with a hint of acid in her voice.

"You are my favorite, and my friend," Kuai stated. He gripped the collar ends between his thumbs and fingers, and unclipped it. "Tonight it is just you and me. We are friends, and lovers."

"Kuai," she breathed.

"I want you Maiyu," he stated. He pulled her close, and took her mouth in a passionate kiss. "I want you to be my Lady."

"I am a slave," she reminded him. "What about your heir?"

"You let me worry about that," he stated.

He circled her nipple with his tongue. When she gasped with pleasure he sucked the tender flesh into his mouth. She bucked against him rubbing her sex against his long hard shaft. He lifted her, and slid her onto him. They both groaned as her muscles flexed around him. He reached over, and picked up the collar.

"I offer this as an engagement gift," he held the two ends in the same manner as when he removed it. When she nodded he fastened the golden collar around her neck. "I love you, Mai."

"I love you," she demonstrated her love by moving slowly over the length of his manhood until he moved with her. "Kuai, you're going to cum."

When she moved to get off he gripped her hips, pulled her down so that she enveloped him, and with a triumphant cry filled her with his warm seed.

Word Count:864
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