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Rated: 18+ · Short Story · Contest Entry · #2007526
WDC Bday entry. Randell Volk thinks he can get any woman he wants. Has he met his match?
WDC Birthday Contest Entry for "Invalid Item
Word Count: 800


Name: Randell Volk
Age: 39
Role: Manipulator
Occupation: Actor
Bad Habit: Sending spam email
Style: Party Attire (apropos, yes?)
Favorite Saying: "What this country needs is a good five-cent nickel." 
Twist: Is highly allergic to flowery perfume

“Sorry, Randy. There’s no way you can get with her,” James laughed.

“I’ll take another,” Randell Volk said to the bartender as he loosened his tie. He turned to his friend. “You know, I really feel like I’m going to get this role. You should have seen me in the audition. They loved me.”

James eyed the tall blonde woman sitting alone across the room. Surely she was just waiting on someone. “I hope the best for you, brother, I really do, but let’s not get out of control with our ego here. That girl is a flat ten and probably fifteen years younger than you.”

Randell waved him off, slamming his shot and standing up. “No way is she twenty-four. I’m going over there.”

James shook his head and watched his friend saunter over. “Well, hello there. I just saw noticed you sitting by yourself. Is this seat taken?” Randell asked, motioning to the seat across from her.

“Uh, all yours,” she said, smiling politely while texting on her phone.

“Name’s Randell Volk. How is your night going?”

She looked up as if actually noticing him for the first time. “Let’s see, it’s my birthday and my friends somehow managed to all change plans last minute. How’s that for an introduction?”

Randell laughed loudly and eyed James. He knew he was in.

“I’m Amanda, by the way.”

“Amanda, what a beautiful name. How about I buy a drink for the birthday girl?”

An hour later, the table was cluttered with empty shot glasses and James had made his way out smoothly without interrupting. He knew his friend was in for a long night.

Randell pulled out his phone and sent James a quick email. Told you I was going to score her.

James didn’t respond. His inbox was probably full of nasty spam about the girls Randell was taking home. Their nights out usually ended this way.

“Should we do anoth- more?” Amanda asked, giggling as she tripped over her words.

Randell smiled at her calculatedly. “You know, I have a high rise right downtown with the most amazing view.”

She stopped laughing and gave him a look of shock. “Wait, does it have one of those, uh, what’s the word? Oh, does it have a garden roof? A roof garden?” She busted up in laughter again.

“Oh, sweetheart, you bet it does.”

Back in his loft, Randell got her another glass of wine. It was time to test the water and see if she was ready. He sat close to her on the white leather couch, gripped her chin with his hand and made eye contact, stunning her mid-sentence.

Realization seemed to fall over her all at once. “Uh, one second. Is there a bathroom?”

Randell sighed. He had been so close. “Down the hall, on the left.”

He waited impatiently as she stumbled down the hallway, gripping the walls. This better not be a waste of time, he thought, feeling annoyed. It’s okay. I’ll get her when she comes out.

After what seemed like half an hour, she finally made her way back into the living room. “Look, Randell, I think I’m going to go. Thanks for spending my birthday with me. It was wonderful.”

Randell stood up at once and walked over to where she stood uncomfortably by the door. “Well, I’ll call you a cab then.”

He towered over her, waiting for a response, but when she didn’t answer, he took it as a green light to go for it again. He grabbed her wrists and pushed her against the door. “Get off of me!” she screamed in a panic.

There was no way he was going to let her go that easily, but suddenly, he felt his throat tighten. He stepped back and grabbed his neck as he felt his tongue swell in his mouth. Amanda looked at him, terrified. “Randell?”

He began coughing and fell to the floor. “Randell!” she screamed, leaning down near him. “What’s happening?”

His face went dark red, then a shade of blue before the scared girl realized she had a decision to make. Should she call an ambulance? How would she look not knowing anything about this man? Would her boyfriend find out? The thought terrified her and helped push her out the front door.

She tried to straighten her clothes in the elevator before making her way out onto the street. She hailed a cab and quickly told the driver her address.

“Your perfume smells amazing. What is that, roses?”

“Yes,” Amanda answered quietly wondering if she had put too much on while wasting time in the bathroom.

Back in the apartment, Randell’s phone screen flashed next to his lifeless body. It was an email from James. Just don’t forget to mention your perfume allergy this time.
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