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Rondeau about the Ebola epidemic written for my alma mater's fundraiser.
Ebola Awareness Rondeau
Jessica Marie

We seem to care, the doctor said, more about tabloid—
what a celebrity is eating or what makes them annoyed,
but if we all took the time to watch CNN or other news,
people would be horrified to see anarchy, chaos and Ebola hues
that starts as flu-like symptoms and food they want to avoid.

I sat at my work desk staring at the computer, recently employed,
YouTube as background noise for hearing that some steroid
or some sort of “miracle” cure those volunteers went through—
we seem to care, the doctor said,

Now that we transport patients back to cities once destroyed,
the best hospitals and a call for doctors and nurses deployed
for we can only hope that this terrible disease bids us adieu.
We should never forget those unlucky who are unable to accrue,
resources, wealth; the dire straits of Third World unemployed—
First World Nations seem to care,
the doctor said.

Line Count: 15
September 5, 2014
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