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by chip
Rated: 13+ · Other · Detective · #2009514
Supporting character
 Supporting Character: Sandra Jarvis  (13+)
Supporting character
#2009514 by chip

Sandra Jarvis, Nick's secretary

Detective's Secretary

Age: 23

Location: Sunset District, San Francisco. Lives with parents.
• Family History: Mom and Dad both from Texas, both worked for the Sherriff’s Department as civil servants. Once retired, they moved to San Francisco to enjoy the theater, restaurants, sights and sounds. Sandy was born to them 23 years ago at Saint Joseph’s Hospital Texas; she thinks of St. Joseph’s often.
• Career aspirations: Hopes to earn a master’s in criminology at UCB (University of California Berkeley) and join Nick as his partner.
• Race: White
• Features: Sandy is 5’5”, 115 lbs., brown eyes, brown hair, fair complexion, and a full figure-35-24-35l.
• Appearance: Sandy dresses as all professionals in and around the law, conservative. No revealing tops, no miniskirts, but lovely attire-dresses mainly.
• Likes: The theater, her classes in law at UCB, reading cases that were appealed and seeing what happened in the appellate court.
• Dislikes: Crime, people with attitudes, liars, career criminals, and any illegal activity.
• Physical condition: As Miss. Jarvis has a brown belt in Martial Arts Sil Lum Kung Fu, she is in good shape.
• Ailments: She suffers from a slight depression due to her lover, finance, leaving her for a younger girl a year ago.
• Education: Sandy has graduated from the University of Texas with a BA in Urban Development, and now is studying for her Masters at UCB in Criminology.
• Socioeconomic background: All of Sandy’s family as far as is recorded has been middle class citizens.
• Parents: Both Sandy’s parents have Bas, and enjoy the middle class life that civil servants enjoy. They worked for the Sheriff’s department
• Siblings: Sandy has an older brother, 25 years old named Bert Jarvis who works in the California National Guard
• Ambition: Sandy wants to be a PI.
• Hobbies: Saving clippings from the newspaper on appellate cases.
• Significant Others: None, but lost her finance to younger girl.
• Intelligence: Sandy is smarter than many in her criminology; she must have about a 120 IQ.
• Emotional Stability: After some counseling, she became as solid red blooded American.
• Flaws: Small mole on her left breast.
• Other Traits: Honest to a fault, kind, just, merciful, wise, and discrete.
• Pivotal events in life: When her finance left her, and when she decided on a career as a PI.
• Favorite foods: Meat Lasagna, spaghetti, pizza, enchilada, chili relent, and burritos.
• Favorite music: Classical, but sometimes jazz and blues.
• Favorite reading material: Crime stories, magazines like Hitchcock stories.
• Religion: Catholic, and devoted to St. Francis.
• Personality: Out going, friendly, introspective, not judgmental, but her responses to stimuli are discreet.
• Habits: Drinks water all day long, checks herself in the mirror often, likes wine, but not too much.
• Favorite thing to do: Reading crime reports in legal papers.
• Comfort level with opposite sex: Standish offish yet does get along with civil detectives and PI’s, especially Nick Novak.
• Things he/she takes pride in: Her medical doctors, and the relationships she has with them and her parents
• Things that bother him/her: People with attitudes that jail could cure.
• Things that make him/her laugh: Her dad’s jokes, and Nick’s humorous ways.
• Speech patterns: Normal American language, not too much slang, and no swear words. {/lines

Prose Synopsis

Sandy Jarvis was always popular with the academia in her schools, and she loved it. She and her friends would get together after class and discuss the subject matter. These students always excelled and part of the high rewards was due to the get together after class. Sandy’s social skills were also honed by interacting with some good friends. These involvements went on semester after semester.

Most of the girls had boyfriends, but Sandy had finance and was engaged. The Wedding date was seven months down the road to give them a chance to make and implement all the plans. George, her boy had even let her know where he was taking her for their honeymoon. Sandy looked forward to marriage and raising a family with George.

When the time rolled around to sending out wedding invitations, George left Sandy and began sleeping and living with a younger girl.

The shock of this sorrowful happening stunned Sandy so badly; she took a semester off of school to gather her composure. She engaged in a series of counseling sessions that removed the heavy, led like tightening in her stomach. Her priest friend invited her to his Bible Study class that she attended. It was at this time she left her interests in Urban Development, and enrolled in the criminology classes at UCB.

Sandy began helping with the law in an outreach program in San Francisco’s Tenderloin District. Her teachers and supervisors all felt Sandy to be a huge assert to her community. On a weekend that she volunteered in the outreach office, an Afro American grabbed her after work and while she was headed to catch public transportation, a system called, BART, and pulled her down in an ally and raped her repeatedly.

It was after this horrendous experience that Sandy was taken to UCSF mental health service station, Langley Porter; she was an outpatient, but needed to talk with a psychiatrist. After she was feeling and thinking better, she applied for work with the San Francisco’s Sheriff’s Department monitoring prisoner’s coming and going. It gave her a great deal of satisfaction seeing criminals brought to justice and pay for their crimes.
After graduating from USB’s crime school, she went to work for Nick Novak, PI. She loved seeing the detective help victims of crime.

© Copyright 2014 chip (UN: chipkath at Writing.Com). All rights reserved.

© Copyright 2014 chip (chipkath at Writing.Com). All rights reserved.
Writing.Com, its affiliates and syndicates have been granted non-exclusive rights to display this work.
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