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A senator seduces her intern after he leaves a gag gift on her pillow.
"Ah hell," Aaron groaned as he groped for the phone. "Yes, Senator Jones?"

"Aaron, I need you to come to my room immediately," she stated in her no nonsense tone. The phone clicked off before he was able to respond.

He dragged himself to his feet wondering what she could possibly want. As her intern it was his responsibility to keep her happy, so despite his tiredness and sore feet he knocked on the door to her suite. She opened the door wearing the robe the hotel provided.

"Come in," she stepped aside, and he entered, taking a seat on the couch. She sat beside him, and crossed one smooth leg over the other. She smiled as Aaron opened his tablet. "You won't need that." She took the tablet from him, and set it on the coffee table. "I found something rather intriguing on my pillow when I returned to my suite. Would you like to see it?"

Aaron wasn't sure what to say. He knew what she found; he was the one who placed it there. It was supposed to be a harmless flirtatious gift. "Senator I apologize... I didn't mean to..."

She pressed a finger to his lips, making a soft shushing sound. She leaned back, untied the robe, and held it open. Aaron found himself staring openly. She wore nothing but the silver G-string he left spread out on her pillow. She slid the robe from her shoulders, moved to him, and wrapped her arms around his neck, pressing her naked breasts against him. She cupped the back of his head, and pressed her full lips to his. Her tongue flicked his lips until he opened for her. She straddled him, grinding her hot crotch against his hardened cock. He tentatively wrapped his arms around her.


"Please, call me Natalie," she whispered. "You poor man, I've worked you so hard."

"I enjoy working hard for you," Aaron smiled at her. He ventured to slide his hands down and groped her tight ass, as she removed his tie, and unbuttoned his shirt. He cupped each of her breasts, licking and suckling each of her nipples to hardened points.

He moaned as she ground against the bulge in his pants. His breathing quickened when she licked over his toned chest. She licked down his abs as she slid off of his lap to kneel between his legs. He slid his shirt off while she worked on opening the fly of his dress pants. She smiled with delight when his heavy erection fell out into her waiting hands. He slid his pants and boxers off as she slid her talented mouth over his hardened flesh.

"Oh, Natalie," he groaned, running his fingers through her blonde curls. He groaned louder when she swirled her tongue around his cock, and still louder when she hollowed her cheeks sucking him in deeper. "I'm gonna cum!"

The guttural sounds of his pleasure made her suck harder, and faster. He pushed into her mouth and released a warm stream of pre-cum. When he pulled out she leaned down and removed his dress shoes. She slid his socks off, and removed his pants and boxers. Once he was naked she stood and hooked thumbs in the panties to slide them off.

"You are so beautiful, Natalie," Aaron breathed. His eyes were transfixed by the silver triangle between her thighs.

"Thank you, Aaron," she smiled at him. "I love these panties. I almost hesitate to remove them for you."

"Then don't," Aaron gently pulled her to sit beside him on the couch. He leaned her back sot that she was spread over the couch. "I'm happy just to see you wearing them."

She smiled as he slid two fingers under the silver fabric, and inside her wet pussy. He stroked her sweet spot with his fingertips as she arched her back, and stroked her large round breasts. He leaned over, and suckled each nipple to a hardened point. Her walls tightened around his fingers, and coated them in warm stick juice. He pulled them out and sucked them, tasting her. Once he had the taste for her he slid the panties aside and buried his mouth in her folds, thrusting his tongue inside her, and bringing her to a second orgasm. When he finished he knelt up moving the beautiful panties back into place.

"Aren't you going to fuck me?" Natalie asked.

"Not just yet," Aaron lay between her legs resting his head on her shoulder. "I'm glad you like the panties. I thought of you when I saw them."

"Funny, I thought of you when I saw them on my pillow," Natalie giggled.

"I like that sound," Aaron nuzzled her neck to elicit another giggle. "You haven't done enough of that lately."

"It's the campaign," Natalie admitted. "Becoming the first woman president is so stressful. I could use some R&R."

"I'm more than happy to provide that for you," Aaron offered.

"I'm going to hold you to that," Natalie smiled as he sucked her nipple into his mouth, and began to finger her again. She lay her head back, closed her eye, and sunk into the ecstasy he offered her.

Word Count: 867
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