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A girl on a boat and her thoughts.
The ocean was rough. The wind-whipped waves pushing the little boat around like a child's toy. I sit under the mast watching the storm. I should be below deck where it is safe, but I am feeling suffocated by all the bodies shoved into this small boat. Fresh air seems worth the risk of being tossed overboard. I know my mother is worried that I am up here, but she has her hands busy with my two brothers, the youngest still nursing and the other horribly seasick. I think that I should go help her with one or both, but the storm is so enticing. The flashes of lightening behind the clouds light up the deck periodically offering frightful glimpses of the water washing over the bow of the boat, thrilling me. The light show is breath taking in its ferocity, as if the gods themselves are trying to fix the wrongs they see in my heart. My mother would say that while the gods are vengeful, they care little for trivialities of one 10-year-old girl, but she doesn’t know the things I have done and seen. After my father was killed in a mining accident right before the birth of my youngest brother, almost a year ago, my father’s mother had come to live with us to help. My mother had no idea that my grandmother, who insisted I call her G-maw, was a witch. She was thrilled to realize once she met me, that her powers while unavailable to my father as a male had been passed on to me. A week spent off with G-maw to the closest city for supplies had taught me far more than I ever wanted to know about magic. So much so, that I was beyond happy when my second sibling was born a boy rather than another girl, as G-maw had been hoping. She had wanted a girl to teach and train from an infant to be her apprentice instead of me. I was already nine when she got her hands on me and I wasn’t a pliable, moldable mind that she wanted. I had thoughts and feelings of my own and refused to succumb to her loose morality in the use of her powers.
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