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Liz gets stuck in a top load washer and Devin helps her out.
I knew I was in trouble when my feet left the ground. I was trying to free a pair of my panties from the agitator of a washer in the basement of my apartment building. There I was, stuck in the washer headfirst, my ass end up, legs dangling over the front. The hem of my housedress had slid up my body to expose my naked ass cheeks to the cold, air-conditioned room.

Could this get any worse? Of course, worse rose to my challenge as my breasts slid out of the top of the cotton dress. Fan-fucking-tastic! I attempted to balance on one hand while using the other to tuck my breasts back into the dress. Gravity had other plans. I froze when I felt a pair of masculine hands grip my waist. Holy shit! There’s someone else in here!

“Whoa there,” a male voice chuckled. “You’re supposed to take your clothes off before throwing them in the washer.” His grip tightened and he pulled me out.

“No! Wait!”

My bare feet touched the cold tiled floor, and my nipples stiffened in the cold air. My face heated as I stared up at my rescuer. I inhaled sharply as his thumbs brushed my nipples while he readjusted the bodice of my.

“Did you drop a ring in there?” he asked, turning to face the machine.

“No, an article of clothing is stuck under the agitator,” I explained. After a few moments of rummaging in the barrel of the washer, he pulled out what I tried to retrieve. He opened the pink panties, and examined them for a moment. They had white hearts on them.

“Cute.” He smiled, holding them out to me.

“Thanks.” I took the panties, and chucked them into the dryer beside the washer.

“I’m Devin.” He proffered his hand.

“I’m Liz.” I shook his hand.

After loading his clothes into the washer I had been using, he pulled me in front of him. His arms wrapped around my waist, and I shivered as his warm skin touched mine. His hands cupped my ass, and he pulled me against him so as to rub against his hardened cock.

“Devin? Here, in the laundry room?”

“Yes, Liz, right here.”

He turned me, pressing my body against the washer. I lowered the dress to expose my hardened nipples. He sucked each point into his mouth and lashed it with his tongue. He slid two fingers inside me, and worked my clit with his thumb. I moaned with reckless abandon as he brought me to a leg-trembling climax. He lowered his sweatpants, freeing his erection. He teased me, rubbing his crown between my wet lips. He rubbed his length between my legs, using my juices to lubricate himself. At some point, he slide inside me, and lifted my legs to wrap around his waist. He thrust up into me, pressing my bare ass to the washer so its vibration worked my tailbone. He stood for a while letting my walls flex flex around him as the washer brought me to small orgasms. He held me with one arm, caressing my skin with his other hand. After a few more small orgasm, he thrust rapidly inside me until he released.

He lifted me off and set me back on the floor. After I unloaded the dryer, he carried the basket up to my apartment for me.

“Will you have dinner with me tonight?” he asked.

“Sure,” I laughed, “but I think we kind of did this out of order.”

“Yeah, sorry about that,” he smiled sheepishly. “I kind of lost my head after seeing your naked ass sticking out of the washer.”

“I’m not complaining,” I assured him. “I enjoy an appetizer before my meal.”

Devin made us a wonderful meal. After I helped him clean up he laid me on his kitchen table, and licked and sucked my pussy, drinking down our fluids. Afterwards, we switched positions and I licked the remnants of our laundry room sexcapade from his cock. I slid my mouth over his length as he ran his fingers through my dark curls.

“Oh, Liz,” he groaned as I took him deeper and deeper into my mouth. His fingers fisted my hair, “Gonna cum!”

I eagerly swallowed as a long stream of warm, salty liquid filled my mouth. Once he finished, I pulled off of him, and we went back down to the laundry room to switch his clothes to the dryer. After starting it, he pulled me in front of him, and lifted my dress. He leaned over me, and teased my opening with the crown of a fully erect cock.

“Ready for round two?” he whispered as he slowly eased inside me.

“Yes,” I answered in a ragged whisper.

He lifted my legs up and laid me flat on the dryer. My nipples stiffened from the vibration of the dryer. My pussy tightened around him, and he pushed faster and harder. My breasts fell out of my dress. He pulled me up so that they bounced when he gave one last hard thrust. After he achieved his release, he pulled out of me, and turned me to adjust my dress.

Word Count: 865
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