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part of a section, introdcution of a new character in the Tintagel story...
The company of Sprites parted and the vampires watched in awe as the strangest creature any had ever laid eyes on trotted in before them. From the waist up she was absolutely stunning, bright fiery red hair, pale skin, heart shaped face and green eyes that bored right into you. She wore a small brown sleeveless leather shirt that covered her upper half, but it was the lower half that fascinated the rest of the room.
From the waist down she was a brilliant emerald dragon complete with wings and four reptilian legs and a long tail tipped with a red sail that ran up the back of the dragon part and stopped just below her human waist. She was no bigger than a centaur but they'd never seen such a combination before.
There was absolute silence in the hall. The sprite King stepped forward to the table of shocked vampires.
"This is Aludra."
She glanced around scornfully and raised her chin.
Atli stared from his chair stunned and stood up first. "Welcome Aludra," he managed, "you must forgive us, we've never come across anything like you."
"I've been well hidden." She muttered looking towards the Sprite King with a smile.
"How have you come to be?" Asked another Vampire from the table. (More Names to follow here)
Aludra stepped forward looking at them coldly and raised her voice to be heard above the din of whispering observers. From where they sat Saraisen and Dumas could hear the chatter between the rest of the crowd. Such an gathering had not happened at Thryming hall for 100 years. It was certainly proving interesting already. "I am the daughter of Arkesh, the enemy. You must take me to King Eremond. I can be of assistance.My father created me, he took a young dragon and split us apart and put us together like this...I, I grew up like this since I was two. I am here today because my mother chose to rebel against her husband. My father actually considered riding me into battle...I was his creation. Oh, how I should have been grateful to bear the gifts he had given me. How grateful she should have been for how powerful he'd made me. My mother stole me out of the stable where I'd been chained when I proved to be a headstrong creature, too untamed. She did not survive the escape."
Aludra stopped here, her resolve wavering. "That is the kind of insanity you are up against. This is not someone who can be reasoned with. This is not a way of thinking that can be changed, or a better life that can be shown, this is someone who doesn't care, the world is his play ground and you are the toys."
She took a step with her dragon feet towards Atli.
Saraisen bolted to her feet and Atli shot her a warning glance and shook his head.
"Your mate need not fear me. I will not harm anyone except the Fay camp and their allies." Aludra said holding her hands out in a mollifying gesture.
"My mate?" Atli felt his face grow hot for a moment before realizing she was referring to Saraisen.
Aludra bowed. "Forgive me, I assumed much because of your familiarity, I am new to relations, I have not been outside the Sprite forest since I was very young."
Saraisen had turned crimson and moved closer, Atli asked quietly. "Why do you need to see the King of Tintagel?"
"Eremond is my Uncle,"she replied lightly.
"How?" Snapped Saraisen from across the room. Atli turned tried to motion her back but she was coming forward. If she kept moving at that rate they'd never be able to keep her identity a secret now.
"I am the daughter of his sister Ebhaine. Taken to wife by Arkesh." Aludra shrugged. "I did not know her. She died when I was young."
"Nor did I." Said Saraisen now face to face with one of the most awesome creatures she'd ever known the Fay to create. She stepped forward and removed her hood. There was a gasp around the Counsel table.
"I am Saraisen, daughter of King Eremond and..." She hesitated. "Lately turned."
Aludra, along with everyone else stared. Then she started laughing. "What a pair of royal daughters we are! We're no longer Elves as we should be yet we're both going to fight for them."
She snatched up the nearest drinking cup from the table and invited Saraisen to do the same.
"A toast to the daughters of Tintagel." They both drank down. The rest of the room was simply staring.
Atli for the first time in his life had his mouth hanging open. He snapped it shut but Saraisen knew what he was thinking. She had just blown her cover, her father would not assume she was dead if he heard she was here at Thrymining. She'd just lit up her location with a beacon. Around the center table the Vampire chieftains were glancing around uneasily.
The clan chief of the Arqan tribe, a red headed vampire aptly named Rua(red) turned to Atli. "How did this happen?"
Daedon, chief of clan Torq interrupted before Atli could furnish an reply. "You chose a royal bride for yourself? That is against the rules son of Turin."
"Hey I couldn't bloody help it," he said. "She was dying."
Saraisen came forward to his aid. "He did not choose to save me to build up clan Turin. Tintagel fell under attack from the Fay. He saved my life." She left out the seed of Tintagel castle had relocated to Thrymining. They were stunned.
"Attacked by whom?" Rua demanded.
Arud, chief of Easc also stood. "Thank El, our young ones were home for the summer hunts. What happened? Tell us fully, Rua pull up a chair for the...er, Princess."
There was a buzz around the echo chamber. Many of those watching had family in Tintagel. Atli drew in his breath and told them beginning from him hearing the rumbling in the ground to the dragons attacking the castle with a mysterious rider driving them on. He left out Tintagel telling him the only way to save Saraisen was to turn her but told them of the traitor Wyborn.
"Queen Mabh is dead. The heir is taken and General Wyborn is a traitor. King Eremond does not know."
"I'm sorry," said Arud, "You expect us to believe that the nephew of the King is a traitor?"
Saraisen picked up the story from here. "Wyborn attacked me and gave me a mortal blow. Atli saved my life, right or wrong. I am here for the battle to the end."
Rua smiled at her, if there was one thing Vampires appreciated it was a battle ready soldier.
"I suspect that the prophecy given by Aiquiel is punishment enough." He said nodding to where Aiquiel sat on a dais across the room. She nodded gravely in reply.
"That has nothing to bloody do with it," Atli snarled. Saraisen placed a placating hand on his shoulder. "Atli," she said quietly, "there is no one else."
Orion of the Adashi tribe rose. "We can talk of this tomorrow. My men are tired and need to be quartered. I understand that there is only one member of Turin so I beg permission to see to our own quartering." He eyed Atli knowing that the reply would be in the affirmative.
Atli nodded. "I have no men, take what rooms you require." The meeting broke up murming amplified by the echo chamber as the groups shuffled out. Atli didn't move and Saraisen stood at his shoulder waiting. Rua too came to stand next to Atli before passing. "I would not want your burden for anything my friend." He clapped Atli's shoulder and moved on. Atli smiled weakly.
Aludra moved out of the doors followed by a crowd of admiring male centaurs. Atli whistled in appreciated for the tongue lashing they were probably going to get. For all they knew the girl could breathe fire as well as fly.
"I'm sorry." Saraisen said quietly when they were alone.
"Ah well," he said. "We couldn't keep you a secret forever. We all have ties to Tintagel here."
"Well Tintagel is here too isn't she?" He laughed aloud. "I didn't even get to mention that part to them."
Saraisen paused a moment. "I'd like to keep my name Saraiya. If that's all right."
"You're asking me?"
She grinned. "I believe here, you are my liege and not the other way around."
"You can never be beneath me," he started. Then stopped embarrassed. They were both silent.
"I cannot go back now. I cannot be my father's heir. I must begin anew, and I must help find my sister, whatever her condition. Let her rule it cannot be me so she must be found."
He nodded. She moved away toward the hall where she was staying. He stared wistfully after her for a moment before turning away. Running his fingers through his dark hair he muttered to himself. "Chief of a non existent tribe. Bloody prophecy." He left the echo chamber alone wanting nothing more than to reverse time again.

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