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by chip
Rated: 13+ · Other · Detective · #2011726
Exterior crisis on CC.
Vig. #5  (13+)
Exterior crisis on CC.
#2011726 by chip


Nick Novak, Detective

Volunteering for an ACIU like Cause

Vignette 5

It was March 20th, 2010 when Nick was invited to speak at Macy’s, and after speaking to the supervisors at the store in downtown San Francisco, he stopped off at their café for a cup of their strong, and lip-smacking, odious coffee. The waitress served him the coffee, but as he was about to take a sip, (POW, BANG, SMACK) a ruckus between teens erupted behind him, but dissipated quickly. However, as Nick turned to see what was happening, a stranger sidled up to his stool at the counter and slipped a pill into the detective’s coffee. “Oh, yeah,” Nick said, “good and hot the way I like it. Thank you.” Nick enjoyed the pungent beverage, yet within a few minutes, he felt tired and dizzy. He took a seat at an empty booth with the waitress asking him what was wrong. Nick declined to say, but told her he would be ok soon.

On arriving at his vehicle, he saw a note on his windshield that read: Feeling weak, Dick? You want more and worse? If not, stop your trying to water down our punishment for felons. Normally a mild person, he swore under his breadth horrendous hateful words as:
“I’m going to blast your damn souls out of our community.” Nick decided to take legal action.

“Gee, I’m getting worried. My enemy got a substance in my coffee right in front of my face. What couldn’t they do? How may I stop these rebels? I didn’t want too, but I’m going to the police. I’ll clarify my goals, speeches, and my plans regarding the Three Strikes and You’re Out Law. We must punish felons, yes, but some felonies shouldn’t have a strikes attached this will keep unjust life sentences down saving the tax payers a lot of money,” Nick thought.

On entering his office, Sandys' scintillating, expensive, perfume permeatred it. She had some bad news. She handed him a summons to appear in court. On opening the letter, he discovered he will need to address the court on his giving speeches against judicial sentencing that follows legislative law.
Now I am really nervous and worried. The court has the power to stop me from speaking at institutions though invited. Sandy, call Councilor Flint, my lawyer, I need advice. Thank you.”

Nick visited his lawyer on April, 2010. Morris Flint, LLC was a huge man at 290 lbs and standing at 6'2". He swas smoking big cigar whose smoke drifted all round Nick. Their discussion encouraged Nick to stop his speech making immediately even not knowing what the court might say about them. Nicky, you are 100 % right, I hate to advise you to stop your legal speaking engagements, but I know the court has a way of twisting laws to fit their profitability.
Look at this list, Nicky, these crimes need a strike attached and three of them sentencing a criminal to life isn’t hard to take, right. Well, what do you say?

• Penal Code 451 PC arson,
• Penal Code 211 PC robbery,
• Penal Code 459 PC burglary,
•Penal Code 215 PC carjacking,
•Penal Code 219 PC train wrecking,
• Penal Code 207 PC kidnapping,
•Penal Code 203 PC mayhem,
•Penal Code 206 PC torture, and
•certain California sex crimes, including • Penal Code 261 PC rape,
•Penal Code 286 PC unlawful acts of sodomy,
•Penal Code 288a unlawful acts of oral copulation,
•Penal Code 289 PC forcible acts of penetration, and
• Penal Code 288 PC lewd acts with a minor.

Nick spoke up saying that these crimes are what The Three Strikes Law is all about. Certainly punishing such behavior by life in prison or even death is understandable, but Morris, I used to be a Zero Tollarance adherant. I even saw hell for criminals no matter how small of a crime they performed. However, I have changed and now see good in all cariminals and seek leniency on the minor offenders. I was involved in a case where the fellon darted into a burning building to save a child that no one else could.

“Right Nicky you are right in agreeing, but here is what you are attacking:
“As it is now, Son, a person accused of shoplifting or similar crimes involving under $400 in property as felony petty theft if the person who committed the crime had one prior conviction of any form of theft may get life in prison.
“The way the law is now, Nicky, it is possible for a defendant to be charged and convicted with multiple strikes-third, fourth etc. strikes from a single criminal act (or omission). Prosecutors invoking this policy may send a defendant to prison with a sentence of 50 (or 75, 100, etc.) years to life. What do you say, Nicky? “Morris asked.

“A single vicious crime should have a single strike. Several charges a defendant is accused of should be all encompassed in the one case charged with a single strike is my belief, Morrie.”

After socially graced good byes, Nick left for his home.

Though Nick did stop arranging speeches, but he couldn’t drop his plan on taking strikes away from lessor felonies. What Nick did do was begin a written letter campaign. He wrote to President Obama, various Governors, Attorney Generals, and many Judges. The contents of his letters mirrored his speeches. In essence he wants to see justice, with more mercy, administered to criminals who committed three lessor felonies than criminals who committed great and heinous crimes as rape, murder, kidnapping, grand theft, manslaughter, mayhem, and other major crimes. Leave the Three Strikes Law in place for the heinous and horrible violent crimes, but take the strike away from the lessor felonies.
Nick’s court date came and left leaving him with orders not to make speeches to any local institutions. He still had hopes that his letters to public officials would reap some progress in establishing more mercy for lessor felons. Unfortunately, the opposite occurred. In response to his letters, he received a warning from the California State Bar Association that he was putting his Private Investigator’s license on the line and that it would be revoked if he didn’t stop his meddling into legislative law.

Nick, worried, contacted the Consumers’ Affairs Department of Private Investigation to inquire if his license could be revoked for writing letters pleading for more mercy on minor felons. He was told that, no, his license could not be revoked for any legal action but only for illegal actions. Nick went on contacting public figures by mail and email; he received some favorable and some unfavorable responses. He wasn’t worried anymore but took a break from his volunteer drive petitioning the legislature to create new laws making the sentencing of minor felons not punishable under the Three Strike Rule. Nick took a vacation to the 7,000 foot high, gleaming, pure, blue green, huge, Lake Tahoe in Nevada.

While he was away, 2010 turned to 2011, and new laws were created. Now it would take three prior theft related convictions before a petty theft could be charged as a felony.

Nick read about this in Nevada, and sped home to Sandy in San Francisco to celebrate.

From a NoTollarance guy to an extremely joyous guy seeing the laws becoming more lenient is a wonder.
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