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Just a bit of fun.
A clock sent loud, booming ticks into the black darkness of the house, where a huddled ball of human flesh was sweating and shivering under her duvet.
A floorboard creaked and I gasped, the sharp intake of breath freezing my dry throat. my curly hair was spread out on the pillow annoyingly but I was too afraid to shake my head and move it.
I could feel the breath of someone breathing in hot pants of air outside her bedroom door. He pushed the door ajar and I could see him grasping a bloody knife with sweaty hands. I froze as he pushed the door and inch and let it swing open with a load creak.
Red, bloodthirsty eyes.
A looming figure of shadowy evil lurching towards me.
Those were my last thoughts, when the light flicked on and flooded the room like the sun dose as it reaches its peak in the afternoon, was I dead?

Er... are you okay you look pretty flustered I just wondered what you wanted for tea tonight, I was sorting a nice tomato soup for your brother and I he said wiping the knife on an apron..
Wait that voice I thought to myself I know that voice it kinda filled my heart with overwhelming comfort!! DAD!? I yelped swallowing the saliva I was too scared to swallow before.

I leapt out of bed with a snap and landed in my slippers, well ill have some crisps, chocolate maybe some popcorn and hmmm I like cheese just that mild stuff though you know I went on,
But then my eyes stumbled on the knife and I froze in my place as still as a statue
common you ill see what I can do dad said I think someone was up too late watching scary movies again I smiled a cheeky smile and walked with dad to the kitchen maybe i mumbled as I looked up at dad who was now grinning back down to me.

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