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by J. Lee
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Taste is only one aspect of flavor. Flavor is the whole experience.

Ingredients.  Always ingredients.

What do I need on hand to make this recipe? 
Can I use processed or refined products, or will organic be my best choice?

How many people am I serving tonight? 

I can’t make a batch of this without having at least, I don’t know, 10 people getting to fill their bellies. 
I wouldn’t want to embark on such a labor intensive journey just for me.
I can eat later anyways, leftovers are all I need.

So where was I?  Oh yes, ingredients…

OK, here we are.  The recipe.

This was an old one, such a faded ink.
I remember it tasting fantastic, but it had to be served fresh.
It never held, no shelf life at all.
Actually deadly if not served fresh daily.

One Brick of Charlie’s Flour.
I can’t remember where I bought that,
But it was unmatchable.
The aroma could sell the dish without a single added ingredient.

1 lb and 10oz of Spiced Rum, reduced to desired consistency.
The foundation of a perfect elixir for the center of our main dish.
It’ll open up the flavors throughout like no other.

Excellent, what next?

Ahhh, the herbs. 
I remember adding them into the recipe.
At first just creativity,
But turned out they calmed down the heat from the rest of the spices.
I never questioned this for the recipe at hand.
** Cook’s discretion, add as little or as much as you’d like.

The veggies. 
There was nothing like fresh fungal families to lighten the mood.
And really get deep into the desired texture and atmosphere the dish can create.
Unreal… figuratively speaking.

And a superbly special ingredient.
It defined the sense of carpe diem that I was looking for.

A dash of S+…
      A sprinkle of R-….
                ... Kittens?!

Obviously not kittens…
What does that even say?? 

I can barely focus my eyes on it,
The ink has been so rubbed out that it’s just a blur.

I don’t know, but I know it was the key.
This was the ingredient.
This was what made the final product come to life.

Forget it. 
If I don’t know that, this recipe is useless.

I know somewhere in this list I’ve got a recipe that never expired.
Months into years I snacked on it with family and friends.
Hell, even complete strangers glowed with how great it was.
But I liked it.
I never needed a crowd to serve.

Oh, there it is.

One ingredient,

It says in its pure form it is already complete,
Though when shopping for it
One will rarely find it without already being diluted in some way.

The diluted samples are all I've ever worked with...

Work the mixture until it is free of selfish motives.



J. Lee
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