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An obsession with perfection

Her hands shook violently, the immense overwhelming feel of terror sent an unwanted jittering to her teeth, something she did not need when she had to maintain silence like the dead. Gritting her teeth together to force down the chattering she immediately crouched down. Her body moved as silently as she could hold her breath, every ounce of her soul slowly becoming consumed by the rapid beating in her unsteady heart. Her trembling fingers wandered and then fumbled around as she reached for her cell phone, the cold sleek texture of the Iphone met her grasp. With a gulp, she brought the phone up and out of her picket and slid the tools screen up, aligning the flash bulb of the the phone at the deep abyss between the floor boards. She pressed the 'flashlight' button. The ethereal light sliced through the crevices of the rotten flesh of wood, the darkness so thick it actually consumed the small luminous streak.

"Naughty girl."

The feel of her legs being pulled out from under her sent her face slamming hard against the rickety floor, her lip slicing open from the impact, as the rich smell of blood filled her nostrils. "Little dolls should be beautiful and poised," her hands were wrenched behind her and tied to a brutal point of suffocation.

"HELP ME! HELP ME! HELP ME!" She screamed as her body slowly was dragged across the boards, blood trailing from her lips, the silent night consuming her shrieks.

He kept a hold of his gentlemanly smile as he flipped her over onto her back. The young female screaming under his mercy as he pulled her down the stairwell. He could only hum to himself as he heard that wretched scratching noise she was making with her nails. "My dear, you're ripping off your pretty nails doing that." He managed to look over his shoulder and see more of the color red trailing beneath her, most of it now from her fingertips. "I'll just have to remake some nails for you," he winked as he pulled her down into hell.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2016548