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by J. Lee
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Whatever You Choose, Choose.

This is our life.  Or at least this is my life.

I can choose.  I don’t choose what you do, or what the weather will be.  I don’t choose who lives or who dies.

I don’t choose where we go as a whole, but I can choose what part I play in where we’re going.  I can choose whether or not I consciously try to make life harder for others by being miserable.  And  I can choose the flow of energy to or from anybody or anything I encounter. 

I can choose to see where the world has gone wrong.  And I can feel entitled to that feeling by stacking facts upon history of evidence.  And then I can feel enraged that you don’t see it, if you don’t.  And furthermore I can decide if I will expend more of my energy in this misery - mistaking it for vigor and motivation - to make a change.  But I don’t choose that anymore.

This choice has never aided in moving me closer to where I want to be inside.  In fact I felt it was, but it stripped the whole serenity away and left me without a direction beyond death wishes and hatred.  And I can only hope I didn’t inspire that in somebody else.

I can choose.

I can choose my perspective.  And as much as this is cliché in today’s world, it is the strongest choice I have.

I can see the beauty in life.  I got to wake up this morning.  I get to feel. 

I can choose to see the snow as a natural flow in this world, instead of a terrible inconvenience to my own life.  The world is as alive as all of us, and no more than that.

I can choose.

I can choose to see growth instead of flaw.  I can choose to see love in pain, and direct the flow of the hurt to the lesson it holds.

I can choose to see what others don’t have that I have in abundance, and offer it to them.

I can choose to have nothing, would that be a choice I could sustain.  Though, I can also choose to have much, but not disrespect it in greed and conceit.

I can choose to take things for granted.  This does me absolutely fatal harm in my heart.  To dismiss the abundance of love in my life is foolishness.  To dismiss the abundance of pain I’ve endured as useless, instead of the tool it has been to my choices today… this would be as bad as suicide.

I can choose.

I can choose to feel others have experienced far more pain than I ever have and ever hope to.  And with this choice I can free myself of the responsibility to ever need to give of my findings on how I came out of them stronger, and happier.  With more love, and less deceit.  With an honesty which blossoms each day. 

And I can choose to think being honest with you was the fear I held as largest, denying completely the fact that it was being dishonest with myself that hurt the most.

I can choose.

And I choose to realize many things I never have before.  Among the strongest choice I have, is the choice to not do this alone.

I choose family.  I choose friends.  I choose complete strangers who help me flourish just because they want to see me succeed. 

And I most definitely choose to give this love back in magnitudes beyond what I ever believed myself capable.

I can choose.  And I am forever grateful for all of the beauty in the life I’ve been blessed to walk through… together… with you… physically present… emotionally present… mentally present….

Gifted a Spirit in every moment I choose to embrace it.

With Love, which I choose to give.

With wishes you make the choice to open your heart and receive it.

You can choose.

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