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In order to save her daughter from the clutches of a demon, a young dhampir must fight.
Chapter 1


Droplets of rain splashed on Cateria Belmaunto’s face as she ran through a forest, strands of her long silver hair falling into her face as she moved. The hooting of owls echoed in the night air as she sped up, her red pupils glowing as she thought to herself. I can pick up Katelia's scent, and another one that smells like an ogre. Damn beast, it had better not harmed my daughter. She felt her heartbeat quicken as she kept moving.

Human bones littered the ground as the smell of death grew stronger the closer she moved toward a cave.

Moments passed before she stopped at the foot of a cave. This is where the scent ends. He must be here. Wrapping her left hand around the hilt of a sword, she drew the blade. A reddish glow consumed the sword, drawing on her power as an aura surrounded the black metal of her blade. She walked carefully into the cave, her eyes scanning for any sign of danger. Bones snapped under her feet as a strong odor of death greeted her. Covering her nose, she hid as soon as she entered the room where a fire crackled. Blood covered the floor as the half-eaten bodies of humans covered the area. Looking toward the fire, she saw a large cauldron boiling with a head floating at the top. She tried to fight off the temptation to throw up as a figure walked behind her.

Turning her head just in time, she dodged a large spear that had been aimed at her. Drawing her sword from her scabbard, she could make out a figure in the shadows...

“Did you honestly think you could hide from me half-breed?” The monster said as he stepped out of the shadows. Dirty stands of black hair lined his face as he glared at Cateria, his black eyes glowing as he licked his lips. He took a bite out of a head that he carried in his hand, blood dribbling down his lips as he swallowed the flesh of a human. Tossing away the head, he began to rub his belly “You’re such a lovely woman and I can smell the exotic nature of your half-breed blood. I should be grateful that you came. I tire of eating human flesh.”

“Monster!” Cateria yelled as she tensed her body. “I swear by all the gods if you harmed my daughter...”

“Oh!” The ogre interjected as he reached for a club. “So you’re that whelp’s mother? You have no reason for concern, she is too tainted to eat. I have no interest in making myself sick.” A smile crossed his face as he raised his club. “You, on the other hand, you’ll make a quality meal!” Dashing forward, he lunged at Cateria, his form a blur as he swung the club towards her.

She was barely able to track his movements as she raised her sword to defend her self, his power overwhelming her as she watched her blade fly out of her hands. The force of the blow knocked her onto a pile of bodies, leaving her open as the ogre raised his club. Putting her hands in front of her face she caught the club. A faint purple aura began to surround her body as she called upon her power, crushing the club in her hands. Leaping to her feet, she ducked his blow as she slammed her fist into his face, knocking him to the floor.

Tingling began to run through her body as she smelled the blood that trickled down his lip, her vampiric nature starting to react to the scent of fresh blood.

“So, you do have some power dhampir. You should be proud, there are full demons that can’t force me to the ground.” Wiping the blood off his lip, his tone grew mocking. “But I see the glint in your eye, as you smell my blood. Even your human side can’t hide your true nature.”

“I have no interest in your dirty blood,” Cateria said as she reached for her sword. “This world has no place for a beast like you.”

Sneering, the Ogre opened his mouth as he watched Cateria charge at him.

A beam of energy erupted from his mouth, forcing Cateria to raise her sword to block it. Energy sliced through her armor, tearing it apart as she felt her skin rip open. A sharp pain erupted through her body as she was forced backward by the beam, her head slamming hard against a wall. Droplets of purple blood fell off her face and body, pooling on the ground in front of her. She struggled to stand, the pain threatening to overtake her as she staggered to her feet.

“So, the blood of a halfbreed is also purple, eh?” Moving with a quickness that was unexpected given his size, he slammed his fist into Cateria’s face, knocking her to the ground. “Pathetic fool, I’ve killed my share of vampires. What made you think you could defeat me?” He stepped on her right hand as he stood over her. “At the very least, you have enough control not to scream in agony.” Reaching down, he wrapped his hand around her neck. “But your own arrogance will be your undoing.” He tightened his grip around her neck. “Its such a pity you’re not a virgin. A woman of your beauty rarely wanders into my domain. But you will make a fine meal. As for your daughter, even is tainted, I can do many things to her.”

“My...Daughter.” Cateria’s eyes took on a reddish glow as a black aura began to surround her body. “You will do nothing to her!” Drawing upon her power, she changed her form. Mist surrounded the ogre as she slipped out of his grip, escaping to the other side of the room.

“Well, I never imagined a half-breed could be so powerful.” He licked his lips as he tensed his body. “Once this charade ends and I break you. I’ll make sure I savor every second that you have left in this world. I intend to make you feel how helpless you truly are as I ravage you, just as I have done to the female vampires and hunters that have dared to challenge me. By the time I got done breaking their spirit, their bodies, they begged for the sweet release of death."

Cateria said nothing as she faced him, the red glow still apparent in her eyes.

“So, it appears fear has consumed you, woman. Have you lost your tongue?”

Purple streaks appeared on Cateria’s face as her power began to rise. “My father spent his life killing monsters like you. To think you would dare mock me, his daughter. The number of vampires that have died at your hands is irrelevant. I carry the legacy of the most powerful clan known to the vampires. I have never been more sickened by a beast in my life. Now, you will feel the agony of all the people that you have killed as you pay for your sins.”

Laughter filled the cave as the ogre shook his head. “And which half is offended by my sins and will make me pay? You are nothing more than a pathetic half-breed. The fact that you would dare mock me is proof of your own arrogance. I led armies of demons in the great war. If you are the daughter of a notable vampire, then I will enjoy killing you.”

“Enough!” Cateria said as red energy flowed around her left hand. “You will not live to see the end of this night.”

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