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Tammy gives Chris a special thank you for helping her prepare for their exam
“I really appreciate your help,” Tammy whispered. She rested her hand on his chest, and rubbed through the fabric of his button down shirt. She did not pull away when he slid his arm around her waist, and pulled her against him. Her hand slid up his chest, to his neck, and into the silken brown tresses of hair that hung down his back. She tilted her head as he leaned in close. Their eyes slid closed as warm soft lips met and parted, granting access to warm wet seeking tongues. Tammy moaned softly as his hand slid up her side, cupped her breast, and teased her nipple through the cotton of her dress. He inhaled her sweet scent as his tongue delved deeper into her mouth, and his hand left her breast and slid down to her small firm ass. He caressed both cheeks, sliding her skirt up to expose them. Caught off guard he broke their kiss on a surprised gasp.

“No panties?”


“Is this all because I helped you study last night?” Chris inquired as he resumed stroking smooth bare ass cheeks.

“No,” Tammy smiled up at him and wiggled her ass against his hand. “I’ve wanted to do this with you all semester. It just seemed like an appropriate way to demonstrate my gratitude and desire.”

“I desire you too,” Chris admitted. “I just wish we’d done this sooner. We’ll both be leaving tomorrow for the summer.”

“Then let’s enjoy tonight,” Tammy suggested. “We can work the details out later.”

Chris smiled and rolled onto his back pulling Tammy on top of him. She unbuttoned his shirt and trailed kisses down his body, running her tongue through the light lair of dark hair that covered his chest and stomach. She paused when her chin brushed his long hard length through his khaki pants, and he groaned.

“May I?” She inquired toying with his belt.

“Yes, please do,” Chris grinned.

Tammy freed him from his pants and boxers. She ran her soft wet tongue from the root to tip until he stood at full attention. He let out a long grunt as she slid her hot wet mouth over his crown and down his length. More followed as she slowly moved up and down the long rod of flesh humming with approval. Each of her hums vibrated down to his balls, which tightened as his pleasure built.

“I’m gonna…” he tried to warn her, but his words were swallowed by a loud moan as she slid her mouth over him again and cupped him. He cursed softly as he felt himself release in her mouth. He watched as she waited for him to finish and then pulled off of him, licking what remained on his tip.

“You’re welcome,” Chris smiled.

“I’m not finished yet,” Tammy warned.

She lay over him. She slid his hand up her back to the zipper tag on her dress. He unzipped the dress trailing his fingers down the smooth skin he exposed. He slid the dress from her upper body to reveal a pair of naked breasts. Tammy rested her hands on either side of his head, allowing her soft warm breasts to dangle in his face. She gasped as he sucked one nipple into his mouth, and let out soft moans as he lashed the hardened point with his tongue. As he teased her breasts she rubbed her crotch over his length, letting him feel the moisture pooling in her panties. He rolled her on her back, reached up under her skirt, and removed her panties. He set them aside delicately, and raised the hem of her skirt to reveal the warm wet flesh beneath.

“So beautiful,” he breathed as he lowered himself to his belly, and raised her legs over his shoulders.

She made sounds of pleasure as he traced her outer lips with the tip of his tongue. Her soft gasps deepened as he probed her clit, and then sucked the tender bud of flesh in the same manner as her nipples. A long soft cry escaped her lips as he slid two large fingers into her tender wet hole. She tightened and bucked as he stroked her with tongue and fingertips. When she lay still he lay over her nestling his crown in her soft folds.

“Let me,” Tammy smiled. “After all, this is supposed to be me demonstrating my gratitude.”

Chris repositioned them so he was on his back again, and she straddled him. Tammy slid her wet tight muscles over his rock hard length to the root. Chris grunted in approval of how good she felt. She moved slowly drawing out long pleasurable moans from both of them. Her breast bounced as she slid up and down his warm hard rod of pleasure. Her skirt hid their connected flesh but it was pretty clear to any onlooker what they were doing. They were too lost in each other to care. Tammy’s pace quickened as her inner muscle coil around Chris. He gripped her hips and thrust into her rhythm. Their moans harmonized as he released another hot stream into a warm wave of hot feminine ecstasy.

Word Count: 863
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