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Just more to my story bringing these two together
Dagestan had left so many flowers for Aludra it had become quite a joke around the rest of camp. Saraiya listened to her newfound cousin with amusement. In truth Aludra was quite flattered at the attention but had no idea of what to do with it. Saraiya had hunted Dagestan down and summarily told him she'd cleave his head from his shoulders if his intentions weren't honorable. Normally spoken rashly this would have required a duel between the two opposing parties but was taken as a sign of favor and completely expected amongst courting centaurs.
"My lady," Dagestan had inclined his head. "If you think I mean to dishonor your cousin you have nothing to fear."
Aludra was considered quite a beauty amongst the centaurs, they spent hours staring at her, but only Dagestan had the gumption to talk to her.
Saraiya herself was in awe of her cousin, woefully unprepared for me, but aptly trained in the art of war, there were not many her equal in fighting or shooting.
Saraiya had been training with other Vampires for weeks. There was a message sent from the Elves about an emergency meeting to be held at Thrymining, they were on their way.
Saraiya wondered if the news of her change had reached her father. She wasn't sure how she would face him again or even how to introduce him to Aludra. Atli had spoken to her about it, but she'd decided it would be best to just have it out with him. Better he know now than wonder forever what had happened to her.
As well as the Elf tribes, the Dwarves of Dumas' tribe would be there. Dumas great great great many times over would be there. The sprites and all of their halfings also. Things had stirred up so much even as humans had landed on their shores and settled there. Not nearly such a bad thing except for the fact that they made easy targets for the Vai-Siri tribe who had begun "harvesting" amongst them because they were simply a volatile capricious lot with a head for violence.
Whispers of demons roaming the land again had everyone on edge. The Fay had kept quiet since their attack on Tintagel. There was no word of the heir, and her betrothed Prince Dycic had sworn his revenge and called a death oath down on her kidnappers.
All of this burned in the bath of Saraiya's mind as she practiced. It pushed her forward and she became highly aggressive. Her sister was gone and her rescue was all that Saraiya cared about. As the weeks till the meeting wore on she became restless.
Atli stayed away. No longer sure if the anger was directed at him or not. The other Chiefs insisted he take his place at the head of clan. "I have no clan," he had protested hotly.
"Atli, you are the eldest son of the eldest line," Rua told him smiling. "We are all your clan."
Atli frowned at the irony but there was no getting away from the other Vampiric chiefs on the issue.
I hate that prophecy, he thought to himself often.

"You have to drop the Princess." Rua stood next to Atli in the practice yard where he was watching Saraiya practice with the ferocity of an angry Wendigo.
"Excuse me?" Atli turned to him surprised.
"She's a distraction. You rely on her, you don't have to call off any engagement. But you must leave her before the battle." The Red haired chief stared at him intently.
Atli just stared at him feeling dumbfounded.
"Look," Rua continued, unabated. "I know how you feel, but in the heat of battle, she's a distraction. A beautiful one but all the same."
"Stop." Rua went silent at Atli's word, surprising Atli who forgotten that this vampire regarded him as a High Chieftain or Lord. He looked over at Herosh and Honded who were both sparing with Saraiya together at the same time. She'd gotten that good.
"She's been with us since the beginning," he started.
"Still a distraction," Rua said firmly.
"She has my back."
"We all have your back," Rua contested.
Atli considered this. "No," he said finally. "I promised her we'd seen this through to the end. She's lost everything, yet she's one of our strongest warriors. She has more than earned her place here."
"But she is the Princess of Tintagel." Rua started again.
"Yes she WAS," Atli interrupted. "She made her choice though. I won't take that away from her."
Rua bowed stiffly. "As you wish."
He turned back around to find Aludra standing next to him. It amazed him how quietly the half dragon elven girl could get around when she wanted to. "I'm glad you are so confident in my cousin," she said gruffly. "I would have torn your head off if you'd denied her." Aludra turned and walked away, tucking her wings to her sides. Not far away was Dagestan faithfully at her side.


Eremond flung her away froms him catching Saraiya off guard, causing her to stumble to the ground. She stared at him shocked.
"How could you?" He asked, enraged.
"I didn't have a choice," she started.
"You had a duty!" He thundered. "and you went and had yourself changed into a vampire? What were you thinking? What about your sister?"
"I am not a vampire by choice. I was dying!"
Eremond was silent a moment.
"What happened?"
"I met Wyborn in the hall. He stabbed me..."
Eremond shook his head. "There must be some mistake, he loves you."
"Father surely you know I'd never have him."
Eremond pause, struggling to control his anger. "How were you changed?"
"That one, so, he took you for himself?"
"No, it wasn't like that!" Saraiya protested. "I was dying! Tintagel told him it was the only way to save me and..."
"Tintagel? The castle?"
"Tintagel is a seed, Father."
"A seed?"
"From our Elder Scrolls."
Eremond simply sat. The shock of finding his daughter again only to find her a vampire.
"I assume you have your own quarters?" Eremond said rising.
"I do." She said quietly.
"I...I must have time to think..."
He strode from the room.
Saraiya sat with tears streaming down her face. It was done, the last shackle to her old life was broken off. It was painful and would take the time to heal.
She got up and marveled at the halls of Thrymining.
Turin's people had made the place magnificent even before Tintagel and Powys had turned it into a fortress.
Her people now, she had to remember that now.
Her people.
Eremond did not see Saraiya the next day. The following day the full counsel was convened and every elven, human, dwarven, sprite, & vampire tribe was represented fully.
Atli sat at the head of the Vampiric counsel with the rest of the chieftains sitting behind him. Honded, Herosh, and Saraiya sat off to the side of the chieftains, Saraiya's presence caused a stirring amongst the Elves because she wasn't with her father.
All the Kings of each Elf group sat at the table, and a Dwarf named Eochaid current ruler of the Dwarven tribe of Dumas sat at the head of the table. Konig, the sprite King sat alone at the table although the rest of the sprites were probably in the room unseen.
Eremond said, "I would bring charges against the Vampire chief Atli of Turin. You have turned my daughter, my last direct heir. You know that is forbidden."
"No!" Saraiya stood up as the rest of the room gasped. "I was dying, there was no other way."
Aludra suddenly made her appearance into the room causing the elves to gasp in amazement. "Who, what is this?" He asked in astonishment.
"Father, this is my cousin, Aludra, daughter of Ebhainne, your sister."
"Cousin?" Eremond stared at the red haired dragon girl.
To be fair though, so did everyone else.
Atli wanted to sink lower into his chair, and if he could have, he would have done so. But the rest of the Chiefs were behind him supporting him as their representative.
Eremond however sucked in his breath with resignation. "Ebhainne is my sister, it is true, but she left us to join the Fay and her name is no longer remembered among my people. I haven't heard mention of her in a long time. You are a Fay then?" He drew his sword and Aludra spread her wings knocking into several vampires and centaurs in alarm.
"No!" Said Konig with enough force that everyone immediately took their seats. The sprite leader carried no weapon and stood no higher than a dwarf but he was the master here. "That GIRL," he said the name with emphasis,"has been in our care since she was young. She's no more a Fay than you are," looking at Eremond pointedly.
Eremond slowly resumed his seat. "I'm sorry for your loss, especially those of you at Tintagel Castle. But this one is not the cause of that."
Eremond nodded. "It is difficult to meet you." He said at last. Aludra nodded, she knew the story the elves believed about her mother but kept silent. Now was the not the time for that.
Aludra moved to stand beside Saraiya and take her hand. Eremond flinched visibly at the sight.
Atli stood up, "No one is talking about the real problem here. Arkesh, the Fay, the attack on your kingdom."
Eremond nodded to him begrudgingly. There would be no love lost between these two.
Ahrend the human from Ahvaland stood. "Vai-Siri have been raiding my people, harvesting them, turning those they can into vampires." He looked at Atli and shuddered.
"We will try to intercept them and help those who don't wish to stay with the Vai-Siri," Atli said lacing his fingers together in what he hoped was a non threatening gesture to the humans who were clearly nervous about being in counsel with vampires."They still have a choice between good and evil, we will make sure they get it."
Ahrend nodded. "My general has been scouting," Eremond continued. "All is reported as quiet, but then we lose complete patrols out of nowhere."
"If you are trusting Wyborn as your general, then you trust a traitor Father," Saraiya said.
"He is no traitor," Eremond bellowed. "He has stuck around when others fled their duty. Is that the mark of a traitor?"
"He put a sword through my gut!" Saraiya shouted back.
"I trusted him and was not expecting to be attacked. He'll put a dagger in your back if you trust him."
Eremond sneered at her. "So you run away after your infatuation with this..." He gestured to Atli, causing the Vampiric heads to grumble behind him. "...and then you come up with a story to hide it?"
Saraiya's tears began to fall freely now. "No, Father," She said weakly. Aludra put another hand on her arm and glared at Eremond.
"Ask the seeds." Konig said suddenly.
"Seeds?" Spat Eremond, "Those are a myth!" Then realizing to whom he was speaking. "Forgive me, my Lord, I meant no disrespect."
In answer Konig waved a hand and a young girl emerged up from the floor. "Forgive me little sister." He said,"it is time for the truth here."
"Where is Wyborn?" Aludra askead.
"I have him." Tintagel replied shyly. "I was just waiting for the right time."
"It is always the right time for you, old friend." Atli said, smiling and bowing.
She smiled and suddenly Wyborn emerged from the floor at her feet, in shock.
"What happened? How did I get here?" He sputtered glancing around.
Everyone was on their feet except for Konig, who merely smiled at her. "Well done little sister."
Eremond was not sure what was happening. He drew his sword again. "What is this?"
"This," said Tintagel slowly, "is your traitor, your highness." Vines rose up out of the floor and drew Wyborn up into the air upside down.
"What say you Wyborn?" Tintagel asked quietly.
"I'm not traitor," he said feebly glancing wildly around.
Saraiya approached him with Aludra trailing slowly behind. "I thought you were dead," he said to her.
"No," she said sweetly. "I would have been if not for Atli saving me. Traitor."
"Saraisen, Wyborn is not a traitor!" Eremond started to walk down but the floor suddenly opened and held him fast to the ankle.
Wyborn looked from Eremond to Saraiya in front of him. The Elves looked angry. Saraiya grabbed his face and forced him to look at her. "Look what I've become because of you."
Suddenly the Vampire mask slid onto her face, the fangs slid down, her eyes were yellow, and the muscles bulged out in a ridge across her forehead.
Wyborn flinched. The mask slid away and Saraiya turned to her father. "My death mark." She pulled up her shirt and in her stomach was a line of the healed stabbing in the middle of her belly right above the belly button.
The whole assembly was silent as Saraiya walked away. Tintagel stood unmoving with Wyborn suspended in the air in front of her.
Prince Dycic came forward. "Is this our traitor then?" He broke in at last.


The explosion rocked the the buildings of Thrymining throwing most of the audience off their feet.
Wyborn hanging in front of Saraiya was thrown into her both of them sprawling backwards. Tintagel melted into the floor to better sense what was going on.
No one inside ther room knew what was happening on the outside, except for Tintagel and Powys who were able to sense through their home. Tintagel's voice broke into the room out of the walls. "There are dragons flying everywhere. Plus some foul creatures I don't recognize at all."
Atli was up and driving himself towards Saraiya and Wyborn who were just starting to pick themselves up off the floor when they flooded into the room. "How'd they get here!" He shouted.
"Came in with the elves." Tintagel said, "Disguised Vai-Sirian guards, Fay, who knows where the actual guard is."
Atli found himself blocked by a creature so hideous up close it turned his stomach. Long claws extended out of the ends of the fingers, fangs protruded from the mouth, but the eyes were the worst part. They simply looked hollow dead. Malice and delight for the kill lit them up for a brief moment. Even a Wendigo, a monstrous forest creature only killed by fire did not frighten him as much as this creature.
The creature grinned at him and swung its claws at him, it had no weapons, they were not really needed. Tintagel's voice bombarded from the walls. "There are dragons everywhere dropping these creatures into our castle."
In a moment something happened that the Creatures did not expect. The walls reached out and grabbed them and they were torn through the floor, or ceiling as Tintagel and Powys began to sort through who was who and throw them out.

Losses are staggering. King Eremond is injured, Aiquiel sustains a bite from one of the white walkers.
"Well you've made quite a name for yourself here." Aiquiel said to her nephew a couple centuries removed.
"Hello you bloody old windbag," he said to her with affection. She'd just woken up, but he'd really been afraid she'd turned into one of those "white walker" creatures.
"Not without cost though," she continued as though he hadn't just called her a windbag.
They were preparing to head to Tintagel to deliver the news to the castle that Wyborn was the traitor. Saraiya was planning on accompanying her father to at least make sure he'd arrived in one piece. Wyborn was in the wind again. In the chaos he'd gotten away. Tintagel was mortified and it had fallen to Saraiya to assure the seed that she wasn't omnipotent.
Rua, the red haired chieftain was accompanying them. Their number included Herosh, Honded, Prince Dycic, Tintagel, Powys, and Dumas. Aiquel had insisted on going to but acquiesced when Atli ordered her to stay in bed.

Wyborn escapes flies to Tintagel castle and reports that King Eremond is dead along with all his immediate family.
Arriving at the castle walls they were astonished to find Wyborn at the top of them.
"Open up in the name of the King!" Saraiya shouted up at the guards on the gate. They simply stared at her, one giving her a once over leering at her.
"Eremond is dead." Wyborn declared. "I saw him die. You killed him."
"How dare you!" Saraiya gasped. "He is at Thrymining, injured from the wounds you and that foul creature gave him."


White walkers, true vampires stalk the forests.


"I'd rather fight a bloody Wendigo than one of those creatures again." -Atli of the White walkers


Sabriel is 'rescued' and brought back to Tintagel where Wyborn announces their marraige.


Prince Dycic her betrothed is understandably pissed off. The Knesset Elves ask for assistance from Atli. Konig begs for Atli's assistance, he fears that there will be no peace unless Sabriel is put on the throne.


"We are masterfully divided." Dumas


Dumas' kingdom learns of his existence.

At some point, Atli, Tintagel, Powys, Knesset(another seed), Honded, Herosh and King Eremond return to Tintagel. A battle ensues, Wyborn is again in the wind but outed as the traitor. Prince Dycic takes Sabriel deep into the fells of the Sprites homeland so she can recover.
Araiya, Wyborn's young sister is now in line for the throne.


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