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chapter 1 of my book called My Magical and Mystical Adventures. Marina arrives in Magics.
I lay alone, wondering to myself, “Who am I? Why don’t I fit in…? Anywhere?” is what I think as I close my eyes to go to sleep. Shortly I hear someone knocking on my window. “Who could that be, this time of night?” I asked myself as I get up to go look. “There’s no one there; it’s all in your head Marina, just go back to bed.” I think to myself. “I am sorry, Marina, but you didn’t hear that in your mind,” waving her hand before my face to the left, causing me not to scream with that magic motion. “Before you scream for your mother, I am Luna from Magics, you will learn about later. Now you can scream.” Luna said while laughing, waving her hands to the right.

“Mom!” I finally managed to scream out quite loudly at the top of my voice. My mother came running to my room with almost no breath; she stopped at the door, looked at Luna, then at me. I saw a tear running down her cheek. My mother knew something I didn’t. I was worried at the thought that came to my mind.

“It is time for her, Sierra. I must take Marina with me, as you know she must go where she belongs.” Luna said. “You have just enough time to explain to Marina who and what she is. A short time is available, so you must hurry.”

“Wait!” I demanded. “I have to leave? Mom, what is going on?” I further demanded. “Why do I have to leave?” What does she mean it is time to tell me who and what I am? Mom tells me, please.” I pleaded and started to cry.

“Marina, you need to calm down, come and sit.” replied her mother in a soft voice. “I am your guardian, not your mother. Marina, you are a princess, you are placed above all others.” Sierra explained. “You have powers, magical powers you don’t comprehend. You are not from the earth; you are from a dimension called Magics, where you will be traveling.” Sierra said in a comforting tone. “That is where you will be going to learn the secrets of becoming a great fairy. You are expected there soon, my dear. I am sorry that is all the time I have to explain Marina. You will witness many wonderful things, along with great adventures.” said Sierra holding back tears. “Luna has packed your belongings. I promise that I will write to you when I can. After all, I am more than your guardian, I am your best friend.” Sierra said with tears now running down her cheeks.

Before I could ask any of the questions in my head, my mom, I mean Sierra, had vanished, and I was at a place that I never seen or even heard of until now. “Marina!” yelled a lady on the stairs of a fantastic building. “Um,” I said nervously.

“Did you hear anything that was said by the headmistress?” replied the lady on the stairs. I was afraid to admit that I didn’t hear her because I was asking and wondering what just happened to my life. “No, I didn’t. I don’t even know why I am here.” I replied with my head down while fidgeting with my fingers.

“Felix, go easy on her.” Said the headmistress, “Marina it’s alright, my name is Fionna, the headmistress of Magics for fairies. I have assigned you to your room and roommates, please follow me. Replied headmistress Fionna.

We walked inside the building, it looked so amazing that I couldn’t help, but say OMG! Wow, that’s cool. The headmistress was smiling while she was talking about the school, Magics, even though I was listening I wasn’t. The headmistress finally stopped in front of a double sliding door that was very colorful; it made me a bit dizzy.

“And this is your dorm along with a few others.” Said the headmistress while opening the doors. “Girls come here. I want you to meet your new roommate.” “Hello, my name is Alice princess of Selera,” Alice said with a smile, “and this is bloom princess of Terra, Flora princess of Helem…” “And I am Tec from Digion.” Said Tec while laughing, “You interrupted me, Tec!” Alice said rudely. “Sorry,” Tec said while rolling her eyes.

“Girls!” said headmistress Fionna “as I was saying this is Marina. She is the princess of Xylia.” As soon as she said that all the girls cotised. I looked at them because I don’t know what to do or why they bowed to me am not anyone special. Am I?

“We will show her to her room,” said Alice. Everyone else was smiling and nodding in agreement “you will fit in with us just fine said, Flora. “Yea! Hey, Maria, do you know who I am?” Alice asked

“Well, not really. To be honest, I don’t even know who I am. ”I said as I looked around the room at the amazing things around me. I was so stunned at how much room there was. “What do you mean you don’t know who you are? You are the princess of Xylia!” said Tec with a shock in her voice.

As I look around the room, I saw a beautiful bright door I walked to it, and it opened like it belongs to me. I was surprised by what I saw. Inside the room were colors of all shorts. There was a levitating bed fit for a princess, in fact, as I continued to look around, I found that everything was floating in midair.

“Um Marina, did you hear what Tec asked you?” said bloom. “Oh, sorry, yes, I did. What I meant to say was that I just found out I was a princess. I also just found that I was not born to Sierra that she was my guardian, and I found out that I had powers. That am a fairy, and I don’t know why you all bowed to me? I said with a sigh of relief when I let it all out. They were all looking at me like I was insane.

“So you didn’t know that Xylia is in heaven and that you are…” “Girls!” Ms.Fionna said with such a stern voice that Alice stopped talking, “You may not tell her anything, you know. Understood!” All the girls replied with yes, Ms.Fionna.

I was so confused that I blurted out, “Why can’t I know anything. I have the right to know” after I said that I realized that was not in my head and that the tear was rolling down from my eye. “Don’t worry, my child, you will know everything when the time is right as for now, you girl’s best be off to sleep,” Ms.Fionna replied.

But how am I supposed to get into my bed, I thought, as I opened the door to my room? Everything was now touching the floor I looked around thing how that happened. I decided to change into my nightgown and crawl into my new pink bed. I was so happy that my room was everything I wanted for a room. It was colorful, and everything was in its place. As I drifted off to sleep, I heard someone singing to me.
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