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chapter 1 and chapter 2 of my book My Magical and Mystical Adventures: Marina Adventures.

Hello, my name is Marina Lee. I am a teenager who is short for my age being 4" 11 with medium brown hair, small built. I am usually the quiet type. I never liked being noticed or having any kind of attention put on me. However, most labeled me as the troublemaker because of odd things that happen whenever I am around. I usually have sweaters or jackets on with either skinny jeans or blue jeans. I take pride in wearing strange and unique shoes every day because it fits my real personality. I always blare my music and keep my head down low when outside of my house. That is enough about me, I am sure you are here for the story, so shall we begin?

"Mom, do I really have to go to school?" I asked like I do every morning. I was hoping that she would one day crack and reply no instead of yes; however, I already knew the answer before I asked. Mom was trying to get my little sister to the table to eat breakfast while I sat down to eat my pancake that mom placed on the table moments before. I waited for her to tell me no in the most extended way possible as she does every morning.

"Marina, we are not going through this again." My mom replied while running around the kitchen, packing our lunch for school. "The answer will always be the same. You are going to school, and I expect you to behave today." I just rolled my eyes because she has told me to behave ever since I was little. It was not my fault that freaky things would happen with me nearby.

I tried to persuade her once again. "But mom, you know that no matter where I go, something freaky always happens. I always get blamed for it, and you have to come to get me from there anyway, so why not homeschool me?" Soon after I placed the plate in the sink and was already getting the backpack on my shoulder and school ID around my neck, knowing what mom would say next.

"MARINA ENOUGH!" my mom said in a stern voice. She then calmed herself down and went over to me and looked in my eyes and said, "we are not going to homeschool you or your sister. Yes, you are different than the other kids in your school. However, that does not mean that you need to be at home twenty-four hours a day every day. There will come a time where your father and I will not be around to help you out of trouble. You need to find a way to control yourself. We are trying to prepare you for..." mom stopped herself from completing the sentence and went back to mother mode like she does every morning. "Are you ready for school? We are going to be late for school again." mom replied while getting the car keys. I just shook my head yes and headed straight for the door like every morning.

"Why doesn't she ever finish the sentence she started before she went back to being the stern mom?" I thought to myself while helping my sister into the car seat. "I will find out what you are hiding from me, mom." I continued to think about what it could possibly be when mom pulled up to the high school. "Marina, I know I will receive a phone call; however, please try to stay out of trouble." Mom said with a pity look in her eyes.

"Why do you have pity in your eyes again?" I thought to myself while unbuckling the seatbelt. However, I did not ask. Instead, I got near the front seat and replied, "Mom, I will try," with a small smile, hoping the look was convincing enough for her. I then gave my mom and baby sister a kiss, making sure I got my sister to laugh before getting out of the car to start yet another horrible day at school.

As my mom drove off, the only thing I could think about was how I am going to be the laughingstock of the school yet again. It could be worse being yelled at by the kids and teachers for something I had nothing to do with.

I walked into the school, headed straight to the lockers with my head down, headphones in my ears. "Look, the freak is back" I heard one of the kids say, "I hope she doesn't do anything today. It's bad enough that the science lab caught on fire because of her." another kid said while laughing. "I need to block them out and get to class," I thought to myself while closing the locker door and heading down the hall. Even though I had headphones in, and the music turned all the way up, I could still hear everyone. I can feel their eyes staring into me, daring for me to cause something else.

As I walked up to my first class of the day, I heard my teacher saying, "Marina, you know the rules. No headphones while in school, take them out please and find your seat." I did what was told even though I knew that was not the most excellent idea.

After 10 minutes of class starting, I was overwhelmed by all the noise, whispering of the classmates, and constant staring in my directions. I thought to myself, "If only there was a way to make it rain, then everyone would focus on that instead of me." Before I had enough time to process what I had just thought, it suddenly started to rain inside the classroom. Everyone jumped up from their chairs, yelling and screaming.

"ENOUGH!" yelled the teacher, and the entire class went silent and stood right where they were, everyone, but me.

"Of course, they are staring at me again all because I am sitting down and not freaking out, I mean weird things like this happen all the time. Why freak out when I am used to the odd happening. "Oh, great here comes the teacher." I thought to myself while gathering my things and put them into the bag. The only thing in the entire room that was dry was me and my belongings. That is normal when something odd happens. I am never affected.

"Marina, what did you do this time?" the teacher asked me with a stern looked that says you had better not lie or tell me it was not you.

"Ma’am I have no idea what happened or how it happened, but you wouldn't believe me anyway," I said while looking up at the teacher, the look on her face told me that I was being sent to the principal's office again. "I know, go to the principal's office," I replied while getting up from the desk, heading towards the door.

It was still raining inside the classroom; however, I never got wet, not even a drop. I could hear the other kids pointing and gasping and laughing as I walked out of the classroom. “Here we go again,” I thought to myself as I felt embarrassed for being called out once again.

I was silent the entire way to the principles because I knew that everyone in the whole school would know what happened. There would be lies about how I was the one who did it, and about how I supposedly did it. I got to the principal's office. The lady was standing there in her doorway, waiting for me as usual. She had a disapproving look on her face. "Marina, come on in." I just walked right past the principal and sat down in one of the chairs, already knowing everything that will happen.

While in the office, I was not paying attention, and any time I was asked about what happened, I would explain how I didn’t know and that it was not me that made it rain. My mother was called, and I was sent to wait outside the office for her to show up yet again.

I was in the hallway when the bell rang, and everyone started to come out of the classrooms. "I heard she snuck in at night and set up pipes in the class and got it to rain by a remote," one student said while walking past her. I just rolled my eyes and proceeded to put my headphones in to try to drown out the noise around me.

After a while, my mom showed up and went past me and into the office. This has become normal for us. I had guessed what was going on inside the office from the previous encounters. Mom was trying to convince the principal that it could not have been me, then she would try to have me stay in school, and she would say I understand and walk out of the office in a bit of a rush.

"Marina, do you have your homework for the other classes." my mother asked as she came out, looking down at me with sadness in her eyes. "Yes mom," I replied while standing up and gathering my books I got while she was in the office. I could not even look at her because the look I would see was pity, so instead, I looked at the floor.

"Marina, when we get home, I want you to tell me what happened," mom said while walking with her to the school's double doors. "Mom, I didn't do anything, the only thing I did was think. Just like all the other times. I swear I didn't do it." I replied as we walked outside and down the steps to the car. I tried to make it sound like I was not going to talk about it again. I knew better because mom would still ask me anyways.

The car ride back home was silent and felt odd, it wasn't like all the other times where my mom would tell me everything I had to do before she got my sister from school and then play the radio. Something was different this time, but I could not place my finger on it. Instead, mom was silent and would not turn on the radio. We drove in complete silence.

Once home, I walked inside, placed my things on the table, went to get something to drink from the fridge while waiting for mom to sit down at the table and ask me what happened.
However, this time, she told me to get changed and that she was taking us to the mall. She then said to me that I could do my homework and chores after we got home if it was not too late in the day.

I was confused about what just happened, that I just stood by the fridge with my mouth wide opened and a shocked look on my face. "Mom?" was the only thing I could manage to say.

"I know that this is not something I would tell you after having to come to get you from school." Mom continued to talk once she knew I was overcoming the stunned phase. "However, I know that this is something that we need to do to bond, maybe even clear your mind. However, if you would rather stay home and do your homework and chores?" she said, baiting me into saying no and going upstairs to change.

"I will go change, but is this a new type of punishment that I don't know about?" I asked, hoping that was not the case, because it did seem like she really did believe me this time and that she was trying to make up for what happened. She just told me that it was not a punishment and that was all it took for me to run upstairs to change.

My mom and I had been at the mall for most of the day. We were both window shopping for the most part. I confessed to her about feeling different than the other kids around me. Even though mom did not answer, I knew that this was a moment that nothing nor no one could take away. I was bonding with my mom.

Once we were home, my father had asked me what happened today that got me sent back this time. I told him what happened at school. Mom told him how the rest of the day went at the mall. I had noticed that even dad was acting strange. Almost like they had a secret, they were sharing internally that they did not want to say out loud in front of me.

My parents finished the night off by ordering pizza and allowing everyone to eat in the living room while watching a Disney movie. This was a treat that seldom happens. I had wondered what was going on that was making my parents behave strangely. After everyone finished eating and watching the movie, it was time for bed.

I had replayed the entire day and week in my mind as I was heading upstairs to retire to bed for the night. I did this every night. I can have myself remember what happened, but then erase all the memories and feelings that went with them while replacing them with emptiness. This time the emotions and questions were not easy for me to get rid of by replacing my thoughts with emptiness. Instead, tonight felt like the problems and feelings were taking over, and I had no control over what was happening.


I lay alone, wondering to myself, “Who am I? Why don’t I fit in?” I think as my eyes close to some sleep. Shortly after, I hear someone knocking on my window. “Who could that be at this time of night?” I asked myself while getting up to go look. There was no one there; “it’s all in your head, just go back to bed.” I think to myself as I head back to bed. “I am sorry, Marina, but you did not hear that in your mind.” A woman said while waving her hand before my face to the left, freezing me where I stood. “Before you scream for your mother, I am Luna from Magics. You will learn more about that later, now you can scream.” Luna said while laughing, waving her hand to the right, unfreezing me.

“Mom!” I finally managed to scream out at the top of my lungs. My mother came running into my room with almost no breath. She stopped at the door, looked at Luna, then at me. They were having a silent conversation. I saw a tear running down her cheek. My mother knew something I didn’t, the thought that came to mind worried me.” What does she know that I do not? What is going on?” but before I could say anything, the woman started talking to my mother.

“It is time, Sierra. I must take her with me, as you know, she belongs somewhere else.” Luna said. “You have enough time to explain who and what she is. A short time is available, you must hurry.” Luna was talking to my mom like I was not in the room. The room went silent again, and they were just staring at each other. Confused and angry at this point, I did not want to go anywhere. I wanted answers. I needed to know what was going on. Luna started to pack my things, and my mother was acting like this was all normal. I could not take it anymore.

“Wait!” I demanded. “I have to leave. Mom, what is going on?” I further demanded while watching Luna pack. “Why do I have to leave?” What does she mean it is time to tell me who and what I am? Mom, please tell me.” I pleaded while tears filled up my eyes. I stood there staring at them, waiting for one of them to say something, anything. At this point, I thought someone was playing a sick joke on me. I did not want to play anymore. I just stared at them, waiting for an answer.

“Marina, you need to calm down, come and sit.” replied my mother in a soft voice while sitting on my bed. I did not want to sit down, I wanted answers. However, I sat next to my mom, waiting for the explanation. I was secretly praying that this was a messed-up joke, even though I knew this was not something they would play as a prank on someone. My mom kept looking down to the ground then back to me. It was like she was trying to figure out how to tell me. I was not fond of the silence, so I kept watching Luna run around the room, packing my belongings. I was confused and terrified as to what was happening. I finally looked at her, said mom for which she started tearing up again.

“I am your guardian, not your mother. Marina, you are a princess placed above all others.” Sierra started to explain. “You have powers, magical powers you do not comprehend yet. There are other dimensions besides earth. You are from one called Magics, that is where Luna will be taking you.” Sierra said in a comforting tone while looking at Luna, who has finished packing my things and was waiting patiently by the doorway. I looked at Luna then back at my mom with tears streaming down my face. The look on my face must have shown my disbelief because my mom paused, took my hand into hers, wiped the tears from my face, continued to talk.

“That is where you will be going to learn the secrets of becoming a great fairy. You are expected there soon, my dear. I am sorry this is all the time I have left to explain everything that is going on right now. Remember, you were an important part of my life and always will be. You have always loved adventures, and now you are going to have one that impacts who you will be in the coming years. You will witness many wonderful things and great tragedies along the way. Always remember nothing you can achieve is out of your reach.” said Sierra fighting back the tears while getting up off the bed, walking over to Luna. “Luna has packed your belongings. I will write to you soon. After all, I am more than your guardian, I am your best friend.” My mother said with tears now running down her cheeks. I got up off the bed and ran to my mother. I hugged her so tight I thought she might burst. I did not want to leave. This is the only life I have ever known. I held onto her like my life depended on it. I asked myself, why is this happening to me? What did I do wrong? I just want to go back to it yesterday when everything was normal while as much as it could have been.

After I let my mother go. I stepped back a few paces and wiped my tears from my eyes. I looked around the room, then back at my mom, who was now a complete mess from all the crying. I looked over by the doorway and show my dad. I did not even notice he was there until now. He had seen and heard everything. I ran to him and hugged him; he was crying as well. How can I leave my family, I thought, as I looked up at my dad? He just gave me a sad smile and his famous wink that told me he understood everything that was going on. I looked over his shoulder to see my little sister, who was not old enough to understand what was going on. I thought to myself, “how are they going to explain this to her? One moment she has a big sister and the next she is gone. She doesn’t deserve that.” I picked up my sister and gave her a hug while trying to keep my emotions in check, so I do not freak her out. “I love you, my little rugrat” I said to her in a small whisper only she can hear. Just before I put her back down, she told me, “its ok sissy, I knew you were a princess.” I was not prepared for what she had said, and I just sat her down and cried. She gave me a hug; then told me I love you too in a whisper only I could hear and walked over to mom.

My mom and dad just stood there for a few minutes. Looking at Luna, “There they go again with the silent communication” I thought. Luna then looked at me and had told me it is time to leave. I really did not want to leave. How am I supposed to cope with having a family to finding out they really were not my parents? To be honest, I had a lot of things I wanted to say to them. Things I wish I had done differently while I was with them. A lot of questions entered my mind. I turned around to asked them only to see that my parents and sister have disappeared.

I was at a place that I never saw before. The site looked like a college campus, a very scary yet inviting one. I am not sure if it is because it is night or no one is around, but this place seemed terrifying. Like something is going to jump out and kill you. I was beyond scared at this point and just wanted to go home and lay in my bed safely, knowing my parents were next door. I took a deep breath and thought to myself, “it’s alright, nothing is going to harm you.” I stood still waiting to believe myself. It would have been easier if my whole world did not just get turned upside down. It might be my nerves that were making the place seem frightening. At least that was what I was telling myself over and over. I looked around and saw that I was standing in the middle of a courtyard alone, waiting for something to happen, anything to happen even though I was afraid of what that was. I was not aware that I had been pacing in a massive circle until someone yelled my name. I jumped out of my skin after hearing my name. I thought to myself, “please don’t hurt me.” My thoughts had gone crazy at what was going on, so I yelped when I heard my name.

“Marina!” yelled a lady on some stairs that connected to one of the buildings. After I got my heart rate to slow down, I answered her like a child who got caught with their hands in the cookie jar. “Um, yes, ma’am.” I said startled, not realizing that there were two people instead of one standing on the bottom of what I assume is the main building. I looked from one person to the next. I was unsure of what to do or say, so I just hung my head down. I started to tear up and prayed that this was just a dream. I knew better, though, so I lifted my head up high and looked at the lady who had yelled my name. I was preparing myself for the worst when they come closer.

“Did you hear anything that was told to you by the headmistress?” replied a lady. She was a middle-aged woman with long blond hair that had some silver strands. She was showing her age but gracefully. The lady had on an elegant blue nightgown with some weird animal prints on it. I would have laughed if it were not for her demeanor, though. She did not sound happy, and honestly, she looked like she might have a mean streak to her. I did not want to find out if I was right, so I admitted that I did not hear her. I shuffled from one foot to the other with tears in my eyes. I answered her. “No, ma’am I was distracted. I am not sure why I am here or how I even got here or what is going on.” After I said that, I waited for even more yelling with my head down, fidgeting with my fingers. I waited for what seemed forever, but there was no yelling. I finally looked up to see the other lady looking at me with an understanding smile. Like this has happened before. I thought to myself, “does this happen often? Is this really happening? I just want to go home.”

“Felix, go easy on her. She has had quite an eventful night.” Said the lady standing next to Felix. She has a grace to her that a queen has. She looks to be older than Felix, but it did not seem to stop her. She had gray hair that went down to her middle back. She was wearing a purple silk nightgown. I thought to myself, the one wearing the blue must be Felix, which means the other person wearing the purple is the Headmistress. They have entirely opposite energy to them, I thought to myself. I wonder what they are like when they are not having to run a college, I thought to myself as I studied their emotions and energy.

The Headmistress has more of a calm demeanor. Almost relaxed; however, I got the feeling she could be stern when needed to be. She has an energy that reads grandmother to me. The Headmistress must have seen that I was not focused again. I waited for the yelling to happen, but Instead, she calmly walked up to me, put her hand on my shoulder, and gently bring me back to my surroundings. I looked at her like she had just grown two more heads. No one has ever been able to stop the energy I see from appearing in front of me until now, let alone be able to bring me back. I thought to myself as I looked at her. She gave me a small wink that made me think she knows more about me than even I do.

“Marina it’s alright, my name is Fionna. I am the Headmistress of Magics for fairies. I have assigned you to your room and roommates, please follow me.” Replied Headmistress Fionna. She took her hand off from my shoulder and started up the stairs. She turned her head only a little to see if I was following and then started talking about the school.

We walked inside the building, which looked amazing. Every few minutes, I was saying things like OMG! Wow, and that is cool. The Headmistress was smiling while talking about the school, Magics, even though I was listening I was not paying attention. There was a lot to look at, and everything seemed like a dream. I was lost in my surroundings that I did not see that the Headmistress had stopped until it was too late. I ran right into a double sliding door. The Headmistress suppressed a smile while helping me up off the floor. Once I gained my composure, I took a few steps back, looking at the double doors. The doors were extremely colorful, it made me a bit dizzy.

“This is your dorm, along with four other girls.” The Headmistress while opening the doors.
We walked into a vast open room that looked more like an apartment than a dorm. This place must have different takes on dorms here than on earth, I wondered as I just stared in awe with my mouth wide open.

“Girls come here. I would like for you to meet your new roommate.” Headmistress called out. One by one, the girls came out of different doors that I did not see. They seemed nice; however, I am not sure if they are aware that they have this glow that says if you hurt my friends or me, we will hurt you. It is subtle, but it is there. I was about to introduce myself when one of them came up to me, hugged me, and started talking.

“Hello, my name is Aurora princess of Selera,” Aurora said with a smile before anyone else could say a word. She continued pointing at each of the girls as she told me who they were. “This is Melody princess of Terra,” Melody smiled at me and mouthed hello. “Summer princess of Helem…” Summer held out her hand for me to shake, which surprised me because I am not used to people being friendly. However, I took her hand anyway. “I am Kira from Digion.” Kira said before Aurora had the chance. Aurora did not look happy that she was interrupted. Aurora was giving Kira a glare that clearly states you bitch. “You interrupted me, Kira!” Aurora said rudely. Kira just ignored the rudeness in her voice and replied, “Sorry.” while rolling her eyes.

“Girls!” The Headmistress yelled. “As I was saying, this is Marina. She is the princess of Xylia.” As soon as she said that all the girls cotised. I looked at them like they grew a second head. I was not sure what to do or why they bowed to me. I am not anyone special. Am I?

“We will be happy to show her to her room,” said Aurora. Everyone else was smiling and nodding in agreement. “You will fit in with us just fine,” said Summer. “Yea! Hey, Marina, do you know who I am?” Aurora asked. All the other girls just rolled their eyes like she does this all the time and started to walk away.

“Well, not really. To be honest, I don’t know who I am.” I said as I looked around the room at the amazing things around me. I was so stunned at how much room there was. “What do you mean you don’t know who you are? You are the princess of Xylia!” said Aurora, with a shock in her voice. The other girls stopped in their tracks in shock. They all turned around in unison flabbergasted. I did not pay much attention to the looks on their faces.

As I looked around the room, I saw a beautiful bright door. I walked to it, and it opened as if it belonged to me. I was surprised by what I saw. The Inside was nothing but colors. All the colors you could imagine were in this single room. There was also a levitating bed fit for a princess, in fact, as I continued to look around, I found that everything was floating in midair. I was confused as to how they were levitating and honestly how I was going to get to them. I was lost in my thoughts once again until I heard my name.

“Marina, did you hear what Kira asked you?” said Melody with a concerned look. “Oh, am sorry, yes, I did. What I meant to say was that I found out I was a princess today. I also found that I was not born to Sierra, that she was my guardian. That I was not born on earth, that I had powers that I am not sure where they came from. Fairy does exist, and I do not know why you all bowed to me? I said with a sigh of relief when I let it all out. That is just the beginning, I thought to myself; however, I decided not to mention that. They were all looking at me like I was the one with two heads this time. I waited for what seems like an hour for one of them to answer, it might have only been two minutes, but the silence made it seem much longer.

“You didn’t know that Xylia is in heaven? That there was a war and to keep you…” Summer started to say but was interrupted by the Headmistress. The look she was giving the girls clearly meant not to say another word. “Girls!” Headmistress Fionna said with a stern voice that summer stopped talking. “You may not tell her anything you may know. Understood!” All the girls replied with “yes, Ms. Fionna.”

I was confused and angry at all the secrets being kept from me that I blurted out, “Why can’t I know anything? I have the right to know. Why all the secrets,” I said, not really caring that I sounded rude nor that I blurted it out. A tear was rolling down from my eye. At that moment, I wanted to go back to yesterday, where I knew who I was, and there were no secrets. I wanted my mother back more than anything in the world. “Don’t worry, my child, you will know everything when the time is right.” The Headmistress said while putting her hand on my shoulder. I was surprised she did not yell at me or was mad. “You girl’s best be off to sleep.” Headmistress Fionna replied, she still had her hand on my shoulder as the girls left my room to go to their own.

I was alone with the Headmistress, without even thinking I turned around, wrapped her in a big hug, and cried. “I know this is a lot to take in, my dear. I will hold you until you have calmed down.” I slid to the ground, still hugging the Headmistress. She was stroking my hair, and oddly enough, it reminded me of my mom back on earth. After a good hour of sitting on the floor crying, I finally calmed down. I looked at Headmistress Fionna and said, “Why did this happen to me?” That was the only one of many questions I had on my mind, but it was one that was breaking my heart into two. “My dear child, I cannot answer the question without angering your parents.” replied the Headmistress. She looked down at my face with a sad look. “I know you have a lot of questions, and people do have some of the answers. However, if they were to tell you before, it was time for you to know things would be even more confusing for you.” I got the feeling that no matter what I said that was the best answer I was going to get for a while, So I just nodded my head while letting out a yawn.

“My dear child, you are tired. Why don’t you get some rest Tomorrow you start your first day of classes?” The Headmistress said while helping me up off the floor. I did not want to go to bed, but my body and mind were telling me it was time to sleep. I had a lot happen in the last few hours that I did not realize that it was midnight. The Headmistress gave me a smile and walked out of the room. I was alone, staring at the door. I waited a good five minutes before I turned around to go to bed.

How am I supposed to get into my bed when everything is floating in the air? I thought as I looked around my room. Right before my eyes, everything was on the floor. I looked around to see who could have done that, but I was alone. Once again, I was confused but was too tired to explore how they were on the floor. I decided to change into my nightgown and crawl into the pink bed that was calling my name. As I drifted off to sleep, I heard someone singing to me.

“Lay down my sweet baby, lay down and take your rest. Won’t you lay your head upon your mother’s chest? O I love you…” the singing slowly went away as darkness filled my mind.

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