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Rated: E · Other · Children's · #2022220
A young boy finds a bird tapping at his window
Andrew's Cardinal

         Andrew lives in a small town in Ohio with his mother. He is six years old and his bedroom faces the back of his house.

         Andrew loves wildlife. His favorite animals are squirrels, rabbits, and birds; mostly birds the red ones are his most favorite. His mother informed him they are called cardinals and that they stay even in the winter when most birds fly south. Andrew was glad he would hate to see the birds leave.

         One morning when Andrew woke up, a cardinal was tapping at his window. He sprung out of bed, and in a couple quick steps, he made it over to the bird.

         "Good morning, Mr. Cardinal." He said, "Do you want me to come out and play with you?"

         The bird still tapped on the window, his wings fluttering in a blur.

         Andrew opened his dresser drawer and took out a pair of pants and his favorite red shirt. He changed out of his pajamas and ran down the stairs.

         "Mom, can I go outside and play?"

         Andrew's mother appeared from the kitchen, wiping her hands with a dish cloth.

         "Once you are done with breakfast, and you bundle yourself up, you may. It's very cold outside today."

         Andrew went into the kitchen and looked out the window. He wondered if his bird was still tapping. Maybe he was cold. The idea upset him. He should let the red bird inside.

         "Mom, there is a cardinal waiting for me to come out. Can he come inside when we are done playing?"

         "Oh, no, Andrew. Birds stay outside where they can eat and fly freely." She explained, "If you let the bird inside, he will get scared and not know what to do."

         Andrew thought about it as he ate his breakfast. Maybe his mom could make the cardinal a bird house that way he had a place to live.

         When his cereal and orange juice were gone, he bundled himself up and went outside to play with his bird. In the backyard he saw a rabbit squeezing under the fence to the neighbors house, but nothing else. He looked up to his bedroom window, and still the bird tapped at his window.

         "Mr. Cardinal!" Andrew yelled up at him. "I'm down here!"

         The loud noise startled the bird, and he flew away into the the cold air.

         "No! Come back!" he yelled even louder, but he was already gone.

         The next day, Andrew woke up to the bird once again tapping on his window. This time, he slowly got out of bed and went up to it, watching him.

         It was snowing, and he was sure the cardinal was cold.

         Picking out his clothes for the day, Andrew ran down the stairs and found his mom watching the news.

         "Mom, can we make a bird house for my friend, the cardinal? He is tapping on my window again today. I think he is cold."

         "I think there is one in the garage. Let's go look together," she said, and they both bundled up and headed outside to the garage.

         Sure enough, under the spare tires for their bicycles was a bird house just perfect for the cardinal.

         "Let's hang it in the tree by the sandbox," his mom said, and so they did.

         The next day, Andrew woke up and the cardinal was not at his window. He got up, ran to the window, and looked out. He smiled when he saw a little red bird sitting on the little ledge outside the bird house. Mr. Cardinal was not cold anymore.

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