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A Learning to Cope Acrostic for Gervic, upon his winning package bid.
Jose Gervic Labe

A Learning to Cope Acrostic

by Steve Cope


"Jose!  Out of the street, young man!"

"Okay mom, we were just playing catch.

"See even the cars wait for us."

'Even so, it's not safe in the street.  Come!"

"Gosh, that last word always gets me.

Every time I hear it, I know mom is worried.

Really I know better and will try to behave more."

Variety is the spice of life, and the temptation is strong.

In the day-to-day routines, we may deviate and try something new.

Coming to a realization that mom knows best, you cease and be safe.

Life goes on and soon Jose Gervic has a family to watch over.

A boy running hither and yon, having fun and laughing all the way.

But then you see your boy in the street, and you hear in your head.

"Even so it's not safe in the street.  Come!"

"Jose Gervic Labe junior, you get out of that street now.  Come!"

Jose Gervic Labe. your Learning to Cope Acrostic is a story o learning life lessons early on and coming to realize that the wisdom imparted to you back then is just as vital as it was.

Learning to Cope, by doing the right things, and listening to the wisdom of others is the greatest teacher you will ever have.

Jose, the Spanish form of Joseph, in the Hebrew means "He will add."
May the Lord add wisdom, love, and the assurance that you are not alone in this world today. 

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