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by Belles
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Can you bring the human race back from extinction.
How on Earth do you learn, Cestrian? “ The Malnomes were of one voice, which they called Minister.  The Herms were between 100 and 200 years old and picked up the Cestrian language through the fine hairs on their bodies.  They were old enough to travel the universe using their own mental energy. 

The Cestrians were hatched after 500 years incubation.  They came out of the incubation state fully aware and capable of galactic travel as well as thought transference which the much older Malnomes strengthened and encouraged through strenuous mental games and galactic paradoxes that were conundrums to the much younger Herms.  One of these paradoxes came from the fact of the destiny of the humans in the Omega Galaxy, on the planet Earth.  They had vanished after walking their planet for 30,000 years.  Their predecessors, the Promagnus, had also vanished.  They were believed to be the first humans to be bipedal.

“We analyzed as much of the material as we could classify, Minister.  The entire rock is full of so much deitritus.  It is amazing to see and study,” said, Clidocestrian who seemed to be the voice of the group.  Herms and Clidocestrians made up the Cestrian population.  They shared similar traits although the Clidoscestrians were able to also travel through one another’s systems freely, they were the group that would become the Malnomes.

The Herms were singular and had no group conscious; however, they were quick and industrious.  The cells that turned into Herms were able to control material. They kept their planet warm and built the innersystems that connected all Cestrians.
“It is amazing to see.  What Hoarders the humans were.  They kept everything, houses, books, discs, everything they made they found some trivial use for, rather than relinquish it.  If we lived so, we would also disappear under a mountain of things.  It’s as if they were competing against one another for the most irrelevant bibelot.”

“You are correct Herm, they conquered space travel, however they were not able to break free from the material plane for very long,” The Minister said, his voice –traveling like a wave over the Herms sea foam tendrils which covered it’s entire body. “We tried and failed to communicate with them for centuries, but the noise on that planet was deafening.  They were all plugged into electricity – a primitive energy source, but they were addicted to it.

Then the Minister’s voice turned into an undecipherable riddle that stumped the Cestrians.  “We were able to take a cell away from the humans before they became extinct.  We used it to build our city.  You use it to build our infrastructure. Their cells replicate at the rate of a billion in a yardzeit.  We wanted you to see who your ancestors were.  You have evolved over a hundred years of incubation.  Your minds are stronger and you are able to control objects.  We are sending you back, Herms, to rebuild your world and we will help you, but you must clear the detritus.

How on Earth?!”
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