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by Belles
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Find the way.
In our race to believe in our Selfie, our eyes have glazed over and we have pumped our egos full of possibilities other than dealing with the reality that is of our own making.  We have stumbled over a monument of  self-improvement steps and heard a cacophony of self-esteem tips.  These feel good messages however only seem to reach skin deep and then off we go to take another picture of an adventure, or a couch, or an idol.  The irony is we are happy, mostly.  When you smile beside a friend, or at the top of a mountain, or simply by yourself in a café, endorphins flood your body filling you with well-being. Endorphins are chemicals that are able to cross through the gaps between neurons in order to pass along a message to one another.  That message is you’re happy, even if you may or may not know it.

What happens to this well-being once you have come down, unpacked your suitcase after that dream vakay, or just downed your fifth tequila shot?  It becomes muddled. Stay in the moment, by realizing how well off we- in the western world -are.  We have running water, we live longer than most, and we eat better or worse -depending on what qualifies as good food-  than every other country in the world.  A happy life is the life that you are living to the fullest, not the life you missed out on the day you were born. 
Stay in the now. 

Believe in the friend that squeezes your hand and hugs you every time you meet or the warmth that comes from having things that at some point you only could imagine.  Go to the closest water source and watch it run its course; that is the infinite length of your freedom. Imagine the cosmic sway you while walking under a full moon. Stand at your full height in the mirror and without making a superficial judgment smile at that person, as you would a new acquaintance. Make that person your best friend, but be a friend also. You wouldn’t tell a friend, she was ugly or fat, so lift the person in the mirror up and you will be lifting yourself up also.  Spread this philosophy to friends and random strangers, as well as family. Look them in the eyes long enough to see the true colors of their irises.  Listen to them, what are their dreams? Treat everyone as if you could see the light glowing inside of him or her. That will make them happy and it will multiply though out their life and your life exponentially.

Listen to the wind as you walk, it will surround you, enter you, push you, let it –be as light as the wind in your cares.  Walt Disney said, “Why worry, if you’ve done the best you can, worrying won’t make it any better.”  Stay loose and stay light, don’t carry a heavy heart over things you can’t change. You have a true north, a way that is all your own, follow it. 

Enjoy your work or your co-workers or the talk at the water cooler, whatever it is: look forward to it every day.  You are being paid rather you are happy or not, so why not try to find something you love in your work and choose to be happy there.  Your emotional state is a mercurial essence that flows through every fiber of your being. It has a billion connections.  Listen, that sound inside you is the depth of your soul. Move from one feeling to the next and feel its resonance in your body.  Happiness, sadness, and all the other states are only temporary, and at the same time everlasting.  The key to having a happy life is to realize that you are a universe, you contain multitudes as Walt Whitman acknowledged of himself.  Happiness is swimming in this deep, fast flowing, vein of possibility that you are given every day and realizing happiness is an epiphany. 
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