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Jill enjoys a second date with Luke.
Jill wore a hole in the dorm room floor with her nervous pacing. It was four-fifteen on the Saturday after the Halloween party, and Luke would be arriving in fifteen minutes to pick her up. She wore a black dress with a hem, which stopped just below her knees, and a bodice, which revealed the form of her breasts, but no cleavage. Her heeled shoes tapped rhythmically from heel to toe as she paced.

Her roommate Kate sat cross-legged on her bed, wearing a pair of yoga pants and a long sleeved fleece shirt. She allowed Jill a few more laps before, standing and gripping her by the shoulders.

“Girl you need to calm down,” Kate scolded. “You don’t want to appear too eager.”

“But I am eager,” Jill giggled.

“I know,” Kate sat down on the bed pulling Jill down to sit beside her, “But he doesn’t need to know.”

“Oh Kate,” Jill sighed. “I’ve never felt this way about anyone. When he kissed me at Tom’s party I felt like I was going to melt.”

“He wasn’t your first kiss was he?” Kate asked.

“No,” Jill laughed. “He’s just the first one to do it right.”

“I see,” Kate nodded.

Both women jumped to their feet when their dorm telephone rang. Jill moved first, but Kate’s longer legs made her able to out-stride the smaller woman. Kate snatched the receiver and fended Jill off with her free hand.

“Hello, you’ve reached the dorm room of Kate Sanders and Jillian Peters, may I ask who’s calling?” Kate held up a hand when Jill demanded the phone. “Oh, hello, Luke. Yes, Jill is here, and she’s just about ready for your evening. She’s still putting on some finishing touches, and she’ll be down in about two to three minutes. Sure thing, by the way, I love your accent.”

After Kate hung up the phone she blocked Jill from the door.

“What are you doing?” Jill asked. “We have to fit in dinner and a show.”

“Relax,” Kate soothed. “He’s early. It’s only four-twenty-five. So, it won’t kill him, or throw off your schedule to make him wait a few moments.”

“I don’t want to play games, Kate,” Jill protested.

“Don’t think of it as playing games,” Kate argued. “Think of it as setting the ground rule that you’re not going to be at his beckon call.”

“Right,” Jill glanced at the clock on the microwave portion of their micro-fridge. “It’s four-twenty-seven.”


Kate stepped aside and pulled the door open for her. Jill picked up her evening bag, and made her way down the stairs to the lobby. She gasped audibly when she spotted Luke. He wore a pair of black dress pants, a maroon button down shirt, and a black maroon striped tie. He slung his suit jacket over his shoulder, approached her, and took her hand. He brought it to his lips, and pressed a kiss to her fingers.

“I’m sorry to keep you waiting,” Jill apologized.

“It was worth the wait,” Luke murmured. He brushed her knuckles with another kiss. “Shall we?”

“Yes,” Jill beamed.

Luke drove them to a small bistro. He played the role of the chivalrous gentleman. He opened doors for Jill, pulled out her chair, and even went as far as to lay the white linen napkin in her lap. He took this opportunity to steel a kiss. Jill giggled and covered her cheeks to hide her blush.

“Did I embarrass you?” Luke asked as he took his seat.

“A little,” Jill glanced around. “I’ve always been told discretion is the better part of valor.”

“It was just a quick peck on the lips,” Luke argued, “but I won’t do it again if it makes you uncomfortable.”

“Oh, no,” Jill panicked. She didn’t want him to never kiss her. “I just wasn’t expecting it. I like your kisses.”

“I like kissing you,” Luke smiled as he picked up his menu. “So, I suppose it works out.”

Jill giggled as they perused their menus. They ordered sodas and food when the waiter approached. Neither of them was of legal drinking age so alcohol was not an option. After the waiter left they continued their conversation. Jill gasped when she felt Luke’s warm hand caress her knee through her nylon. Her jaw slackened and her eyes widened.

“Is something wrong,” Luke asked as he sipped his water.

“No,” Jill smiled. She scooted her chair closer to the table, giving Luke more of her leg to rub. “Tell me about your family Luke.”

“Well, my parents are from London. We moved here when my father was transferred to the American branch of the company he works for. I attended high school here, and was a member of the school’s thespian club. You?”

“My parents divorced when I was four. My mother remarried when I was six, and got divorced again when I was thirteen. I was in choir and the spring musical while I was in high school. I also sing in the university choir.”

“Really?” Luke beamed. “Well, I’ll definitely have to make it a point to come hear you sing.”

“Our Holiday concert is the Monday before Thanksgiving,” Jill stated.

“I’ll be sure to mark it on my calendar,” Luke smiled. He pulled his phone out and did just that. “What time does it start?”

“Six-thirty,” Jill answered, “you’ll want to be there early to get a seat.”

Luke reached across the table and laid his hand over her drumming fingers. Jill chided herself inwardly. She hadn’t realized she was doing that. She turned her hand palm up under Luke’s and he clasped it gently. The warmth from his hand traveled up her arm, and made her hairs prickle. She found herself wishing he’d slide his hands all over her, and make her entire body prickle. Jill curtailed her naughty thoughts and tried to think of something else to ask him. She looked up from their clasped hands, and found herself staring into his dark brown eyes. He’d moved to the chair directly beside her and slid his arm around her shoulders.

“What are you doing?” She whispered. Her eyes flitted around the restaurant to see if anyone was watching them.

“I want to ask you some personal questions,” Luke whispered in her ear, “and I’d rather not have the entire restaurant overhear.”

“Perhaps you should ask me those questions when we’re alone,” Jill suggested.

“When would that be?” Luke inquired. “I tried to ask you some personal questions during our study sessions, but you evaded me.”

“We were in the library,” Jill reminded him.

The waiter placed their meals in front of them. Luke forked up a bite of his food, blew on it, and offered the bite to Jill. She eyed him curiously. He teased her lips with the large bite of shrimp and pasta. Jill’s lips parted, and Luke slipped the fork into her mouth. Jill closed her mouth around the fork, and hummed with pleasure as she sucked the cream sauce soaked bite of shrimp and pasta off the fork. Luke removed the fork from her lips and speared a bite for himself. They both chewed slowly, and watched each other enjoy their first bites of dinner. Jill forked up some of her food, and offered it to Luke. He leaned forward and took the bite of lemon-pepper salmon from her fork. They ate their own meals for a while, and occasionally shared bites with each other until the food was gone. Once they finished Luke motioned the waiter over and asked for the check. Jill leaned over and examined the bill when the waiter placed it in front of Luke. She pulled out her wallet, and pulled out enough cash to cover her portion of the bill.

“What’s this?” Luke asked when she dropped the cash on the bill.

“My portion of the bill,” Jill explained.

“Oh no, honey. It’s on me.” Luke gathered the cash she offered and handed it back to her.

“No, Luke,” Jill shook her head. “You paid for the tickets.”

“Jill, honey, it’s fine,” Luke argued. “I saved up for this.”

Jill paused. She wasn’t sure she should continue to push. “Well, can I at least leave the tip?”

“Sure,” Luke smiled.

Jill placed the cash for the tip on top of the cash he put down for the bill. When the waiter returned to collect their payment Luke told him to keep the change. They left the restaurant, and headed back to campus to attend the play. Luke decided to ask a few of his personal questions on the way.

“Have you been kissed before?” Luke asked.

“Yes,” Jill answered. “But I was a kid and so was he.”

“Of course,” Luke nodded. “I have kissed other women, and I’ve slept with other women.”

“Oh,” Jill gasped. She was taken aback by his honesty, but also touched by it. “Well, I’ve never gone that far with a man.”

“How far have you gone?” Luke asked.

“Oh wow that’s very personal,” Jill stammered.

“What if I guess, and you can either say ‘yes’ or ‘no’?” Luke offered.

“Ok,” Jill agreed.



“Making out on top of clothes?”


“Making out beneath clothes?”



“Yes, and no further,” Jill finished.

“Performing or receiving?”


“Wait, you gave and didn’t receive?” Luke pulled into the parking lot of the on campus theatre.

“I was hoping to receive eventually, but…” Jill looked away from Luke. Her face burned with embarrassment. “I’m sorry, Luke. I shouldn’t have told you all of that.”

“Why?” Luke reached out and took her hand.

“Because now you probably think I’m slutty,” Jill looked at him.

“Honey, I don’t think you are slutty,” Luke pulled her close. “I am glad you have some experience, and you are willing to share it with me.”

The seat creaked as he pulled her close. He brushed his lips over hers, and she opened for him. She moaned softly as his warm wet tongue slipped deep inside her mouth. She wondered if it would feel as good inside other parts of hers. She whimpered as Luke’s hands slid up her side, and cupped her breasts. Jill felt her inner muscle tighten with each gentle squeeze of his hands on her breasts. She wanted him to keep going, but she just wasn’t sure she knew him well enough yet. She pulled her mouth away, and tried to remove his hands from her. Luke allowed her to slide his hands away from her breasts, and slid them to her ass. He trailed kisses along her jaw to her ear.

“Luke, please,” she whispered. “We’ll miss the play.”

“It’s only six-thirty,” Luke murmured against her neck. His mouth found its way to a soft spot just below her jaw.

Jill moaned as his lips and the tip of his tongue teased her. She felt her will breaking under him. She leaned back and he went with it laying her on his front seat. She squirmed and sighed as he ran his hands down her body over her dress. Her euphoria was cut short when she felt his finger slip under her skirt. She reached down and grabbed his wrists.

“Stop!” She exclaimed.

Luke pulled his hands away from her, and sat up. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to upset you.”

“I’m not upset,” Jill assured him. “I just don’t think this is a good idea in the middle of a public parking lot.”

“You’re right, sweetheart,” Luke adjusted her skirt. He got out of the car, and opened her door to help her out. He draped his jacket over her shoulders, and took her by the hand. “Again, my love, I’m sorry.”

“That’s alright, I…” Jill stopped mid-sentence. “Did you just call me your love?”

“Yes,” Luke answered. “I guess I just wanted to tell you how I feel.”

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