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Forever Yours Chapter Nine
Chapter Nine

By the time her third checkup rolled around, both Savannah and Jacob were getting more excited about this new upcoming experience in their lives. That morning, they were up, showered and dressed an hour before she was even supposed to be there for their appointment so to kill that time, they went to a local diner where Savannah downed water like a camel for her ultrasound.

When they arrived, she had to will her bladder not to burst and thankfully it cooperated during the ultrasound, mainly because she became distracted with Larissa saying,

“I think you guys may get two more than you thought.” she pointed to the screen with one hand while the other glided over Savannah’s stomach with the ultrasound probe, adding a little more lubricant and pressure to make the image clearer.

Savannah and Jacob stared at each other as if she had just started speaking in her native tongue. “I’m serious! There are three of them in there.”

“T-t-triplets?” Savannah stammered as she glanced at the screen where she saw three embryos.

Even though they were no bigger than three centimeters, Savannah found her eyes welling up with tears. “Wow…”

Jacob smiled as he took her hand and kissed it, his eyes on the screen as well.

“You better tell Lindsay to start planning for the baby shower now!” he laughed as he brushed his lips against her skin again.

Savannah tried to laugh but it came out as a sob and Larissa handed her a tissue as Jacob frowned and ran his fingers through her hair.

“What’s wrong baby?”


How could she ask him how he felt about having two more at the same time? Was he ready for that? “You were happy with one but now there will be two more…”

Jacob leaned in close and covered his mouth with hers as the tears continued to fall.

“It was in God’s plan for this to happen so of course I’m happy.” he mumbled as he wrapped his arms around her, pulling her close to him.

As she laid her head on his chest, her ears picked up on the steady rhythm of his heartbeat and she sighed with contentment.

He was still happy about the pregnancy; that was all she cared about right at that moment.

When Jacob and Savannah arrived at work the next morning, the smell of freshly glazed doughnuts greeted them as they walked in. Everyone on staff each took turns bringing in breakfast for everybody and today it was Mary-Anne’s turn.

“Those look great.” Savannah grinned as her mouth started to water.

Mary-Anne smiled and pushed the plastic container towards her.

“Help yourself.” she offered and Savannah took two and bit into one.

“Did-you-make-these-they-are-incredible!” Savannah mumbled, her mouth full and her coworker laughed.

“If you like my doughnuts you’ll love my cinnamon buns!”

“If-you-can….” she paused to swallow and lick her lips. If you can cook stuff like this why on Earth have you never opened your own business?”

“I’m not all…” Mary-Anne stopped in midsentence and Savannah glanced behind her shoulder then smiled when she saw Jason walking towards them.

“Good morning love.” he flashed Mary-Anne a radiant white smile. “Mind if I have one of those? Good morning Savannah. Is Jacob in his office?”

Savannah glanced at Mary-Anne, who had suddenly gone back to typing on her computer. She tried not giggle as she turned her attention back to Jason.

“Who are you filling in for today?”

“Dr. Harris at the hospital. I was just stopping in to say hi.” he answered taking a bite and chewing. “These are bloody fantastic! Did you make them?” he asked Mary-Anne and she nodded shyly.

His grin widened as he leaned against the counter in front of the patient sign in window. “Sorry if I’m a bit forward but um…are you free on Friday night? Maybe we could go get a cup of coffee or something.”

It took Mary-Anne a few seconds to realize that he was speaking to her, which he found delightful while she blushed a deep shade of red.

“Yes, yes! I’d like that very much.”

He took another bite of his doughnut then winked at her before he disappeared down the hallway past the examining rooms to the offices.

That’s when Mary-Anne sighed with relief.

“I didn’t sound too pathetic, did I? I don’t know what is about him but I…”

“You aren’t the first woman to say that believe me.” Savannah replied. “He’s never had trouble getting a date.”

“Oh trust me I believe it.” Mary-Anne mumbled under her breath before she handed over a stack of files of children who needed their temperature, blood pressure, respiratory and heart rates taken.

Savannah couldn’t help but smile; she would definitely nudge them together somehow.

Maybe she could work on that at the hospital later on where she was scheduled to be his nurse.

Since Savannah, Jason and Jacob always ate lunch together whenever their schedules allowed it; Savannah seized the opportunity to bring Mary-Anne up the next afternoon.

“What do you guys think of the new receptionist?”

Jacob shrugged his mouth full of a hamburger.

“She’s okay I guess. Seems nice enough.”

“I think she’s quite lovely.” Jason spoke up as he took a drink of his Pepsi.

Jacob laughed as he swallowed then wiped his mouth with a napkin.

“Dude…I knew you liked her!” he glanced over at his wife. “He told me he liked her the first day he saw her then he really liked her after eating one of her doughnuts.”

Savannah looked at Jason.

This couldn’t have been laid out any better.

“You guys should go out.” she smiled as Jacob rolled his eyes playfully.

“Oh God. Here she goes playing cupid again!”

Savannah ignored him and continued.

“We should double date. It would be fun.”

“How is next Saturday?” Jason asked and the other two nodded.

“You’re lucky we’re both off then.” Jacob said as he bit into a fry

“Because that almost never happens.” Savannah added as Jacob frowned.

“It’s a wonder we even see each other at all. I guess I should be thankful we work at the same place with pretty much the same shifts.”

“So are you guys both taking time off when the babies come?” Jason asked, catching Savannah totally of guard.

She dropped her salad fork and sent it clattering against her bowl.

Giving her husband a dirty look she took a bite of her chicken Caesar salad.

‘You told your grandmother!” Jacob protested. “So me telling J is almost like family.”

Savannah sighed then looked at Jason.

“I was considering it, yeah.” she nodded then looked at her cellphone to check the time. “I just don’t think it’s the best thing, to have both parents working.” Jason shrugged as he unwrapped the plastic wrap that covered his fairly large piece of pecan pie.

“Heather spoils you with all those desserts, doesn’t she?” Jacob asked his mouth watering. “Why don’t you ever bring me anything?”

Heather, his sister was always baking something for him.

Jason laughed and cut into it.

“You never ask me to.” he responded before he took a bite.

Jacob scowled and leaned back in his chair, his arms folded.

“I didn’t realize that was a requirement.”

Savannah let out a sigh and put her head in her hands. Those two were driving her more nuts than usual.

“You two do realize how stupid you sound right?”

Jacob and Jason just looked at each other and shrugged as Savanna exhaled loudly.

“You guys are useless! Now if you will excuse me, I have an IV that needs to be started.”

With a wave, she exited the hospital’s cafeteria then continued down the hallway and around several corners until she reached the Pediatric ward.

Her stomach started to churn, not a good sign at all as she ducked into the nearest women’s bathroom and threw up everything she just ate while hugging the toilet.

It was going to be one of those days

Later that night, as they lay in bed and Jacob massaged her lower back, Savannah relaxed against his touch. She was starting to hear horror stories about pregnancy and a diminishing sex drive as you progressed and she really hoped that skipped over them. “Will you still love me when I get all fat and gross looking?” she asked in the darkness; silvery moonlight shining into the room through their balcony doors.

“Of course I will.” he smiled as his fingers ran up and down her arm slowly.

“That’s good to know.” she whispered as she turned onto her back and entangled herself around him; her arms around his neck and legs around his hips.

Savannah smiled up at him as she brought his mouth to her own in a sweet lingering kiss that made her tingle from her head down to her toes

He studied her for a few seconds without saying anything.

“It’s the truth. I wouldn’t lie to you.”

“I know.” she nodded with another smile as her fingers traced the pattern of his goatee almost in a trance. “It’s just…well, I’ve been reading up on it and apparently if you’re pregnant with multiples the need and desire to have sex diminishes with each trimester. I don’t know how or if that’s even accurate, but if it is I’m going to end up one very cranky mother to be plus wife.” She leaned up to give him a kiss. “So you might want to stay clear of me.” she joked only half kidding, but her other half wondered how likely that was.

Savannah sighed as Jacob’s lips worked their way from her lips to her neck.

“Well, it isn’t happening yet so we’re okay for now.”

Savannah ran her fingers through his hair in response.

“You always know just what to say. Why is that?”

“My undeniable charm?” he grinned and she rolled her eyes and smacked him.

“Stuck on yourself aren’t you?”

“Hey, the truth is the truth.” he smirked with a smile. “Besides, it’s how I got you isn’t it?”

She pretended to think that over.

“I’ll stick with I didn’t understand what I was getting into and leave it at that.” she said after a few minutes of silence.

Jacob mimicked her quietly as she leaned in for another kiss.

Silence filled the room as they each became caught up in their own little world.

“What do you think of Jason and Mary-Anne dating?” he asked as he turned to face her.

“They really seem to like each other.” she mused as she watched him. “I hope it works out for them.”

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