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Forever Yours Chapter Ten
Chapter Ten

Valentine’s Day had always been one of Savannah’s favorite holidays, especially being married to Jacob, but his surprising her for no reason on a non-holiday?

Even better!

After a romantic candle lit dinner, they headed to the local movie theater to see Safe Haven, joined by Lindsay, Ryan, Jason and Mary-Anne. While the guys were less than thrilled about seeing a ‘chick flick’, the women were beyond excited as their favorite author had written the book.

“What I want to know is, why does the bloke kill someone in every one of his books? If I didn’t know better…” Jason stopped talking as Ryan and Jacob stared at him. “What?” he shrugged. “I like to read.”

“Take notes boys.” Lindsay told the other two. “You might learn a few things.”

Ryan rolled his eyes as Jacob elbowed Jason in the ribs.

“See how much trouble you cause us?” he scowled and produced his middle finger.

“How is it my fault you two aren’t sensitive and idealistic like me?” Jason asked with a smile as he slipped his arm around Mary-Anne’s waist.

Jacob stopped a few feet short of the ticket counter and gazed at his friend, trying not to laugh.

“You try to throw the fact that you’re British and how it’s ‘oh so dreamy, it has women falling at my feet’, every chance you get, don’t you?” he shook his head as he took his wallet from the pocket of his jeans. “Stop. It makes the rest of us look bad.”

Savannah laughed and kissed his cheek lightly.

“Don’t listen to them. They’re just jealous. I like that you enjoy reading. Shows your intellectual side and I find that extremely sexy in a man.” She said as she shot her husband and best friend’s boyfriend a look.

Lindsay laughed as Jason stepped in front of Jacob to buy his and Mary-Anne’s tickets.

“And apparently they think it’s customary to jump in front of people just to get what they want first.” Ryan replied as Jason glanced back at them with a grin.

“Nope. Just you two.”

Ryan and Jacob shoved him playfully as the three started to laugh.

The date drew to a close as the group exited the theater a few hours later.

“I have a confession to make.” Jacob declared as they walked across the parking lot and the other two men exchanged a look. “This isn’t going to be like the time you admitted to playing with dolls is it?” Jason said with a laugh.

“GI Joes are action figures not dolls!” Jacob insisted as the others laughed.

“Leave him alone.” Savannah scolded then wrapped her arms around him. “Go ahead.” she encouraged him with a smile.

“I was just going to say how much I liked the movie.” he retorted with a smirk at his friends.

“I believe I prefer the revelation of playing with GI Joes better.” Jason mumbled under his breath and Ryan nodded in agreement.

“Yeah. Me too.”

Savannah, Mary-Anne and Lindsay just shook their heads, wondering if the three of them were ever going to grow up.

That Monday, Jason appeared at the sign-in desk, vibrant red roses in his hand. He cleared his throat softly, causing Mary-Anne to glance up, thinking it was someone needing to check in. When she realized it was Jason, she grinned widely. It was a fairly simple expression she wore lately, or whenever he passed by.

“What are you doing here?” she asked while all the while racking her brain trying to recall if anyone was out sick.

“Just thought I’d stop in and say hi.’ he smiled as she leaned forward to sniff the flowers

“They’re beautiful.” she blushed with a tiny giggle. “Thanks.”

“Not half as lovely as you are sweetheart.” he said, his words making her heard thud rapidly in her chest. “Actually I stopped by to see if you wanted to go somewhere for lunch.”

She stared into his dark blue-green eyes, feeling herself get lost in them as she conceded to his request for later that day.

Mary-Anne longed for those moments when they saw each other and wished there were more; she would have to talk to Jacob about that.

Jacob was just about to leave his office a few minutes later, when he ran into Mary-Anne.

She took a deep breath, just wanting to get straight to the point.

“I think you should hire Jason as a full time staff member.”

“I think so too.”



Had she even heard that right? “I’ve been thinking about it for a while.” he explained and picked up a prescription pad. “You helped me with my decision. Thanks.”

Mary-Anne felt as if she were floating all the way back to her desk. She still couldn’t believe it had been that easy.

Jacob met with Jason at Café Brunchilli, one of their favorite places to eat, so he could tell him the good news.

“I’d love to come work for you.” he responded with a smile once he had accepted the offer. “I was wondering how long it would take before you asked me.”

“Well, Mary-Anne helped.” Jacob said with a slight shrug. “Besides, I knew you’d say yes.”

Jason took another drink of his Bud Light lime beer, a current favorite, as Josh the bartender, appeared.

“What can I get you guys? The usual?”

Their usual consisted of a basket of hot wings and fries; to which they were treated to as congratulations on the good news so they didn’t have to pay since the guy was a friend of Jason’s.

“When did you decide to bring me into your tiny little practice? “

“You’re good at what you do and I want those kinds of people working for me.” Jacob smiled and Jason slapped his back.


“Thanks man.”

By the middle of the next week, Jason had settled in at the practice, all the nurses thrilled that they would now be able to see him every day but he was thrilled at being able to see Mary-Anne every day.

Jacob gave him the office across from his, complete with a silver nameplate that had Jason O. Hartwell, MD inscribed on the front.

“Now comes the hard part. How do I get patients?”

“I referred a few of mine that were my dad’s to you to get you started.” Jacob said as he picked up the plaque to get a closer look. “Maybe they’ll tell people that they know then those people will tell the people that they know…’

“Thanks for doing this for me pal. I appreciate it.” Jason walked over and slapped his back. “I suppose I owe you now huh?”

“Big time.” Jacob nodded with a grin then waved him off. “You don’t owe me anything man.”

”So…do all the nurses around here work for you and Dr. Beaumont?”

Jacob nodded as Ashley, one of his nurses stood in his doorway, looked around in confusion and was about to turn and walked the other way, when Jacob called out her name.

“Oh there you are Dr. Carmichael.” she smiled then handed him a stack of folders. “This is just the morning load.” She laughed as he split the folders and the handed the bottom stack to his friend.

“Have a great morning,”

Jason gave a tiny wave before he walked from the room and down the hallway towards the examination rooms.

By the end of the day, Jason was beat. That first morning had been rough to say the least. Being bit, scratched and spit on were just in the first couple of hours. He had popped so many Tylenol for his splitting headaches he lost count of how many he had taken.

As he headed to the front of the building, he could smell traces of Mary-Anne’s fruit infused perfume and the pain in his head seemed to melt away as if by magic when usually stuff like that only made the aching worse. She was gathering her belongings to leave when he walked through the door and out into the waiting room.

“Hey, there love.”

He watched as the teeniest hint of a smile showed on her face at the sound of his voice.

“How was your first day?” she asked as he hurried over to the door to hold it open for her to step into the waiting area.

“Why don’t I tell you over a nice dinner? Do you like Italian?”

“Love it.” she grinned as he reached for her hand and together they exited the building then headed for their cars, which were ironically parked beside each other.

She opened the driver’s door to her late model Ford Focus while he opened the door to his shiny silver new model Lexus which he had purchased at the beginning of the year.

“Do you mind if we just met there? I want to change out of these clothes then have a shower first.”

Mary-Anne frowned making her lip protrude into a perfect pout.

“I can’t come hang out while you get ready?”

Jason considered her proposal knowing what she really meant and he grinned.

He leaned towards her and kissed her softly.

“We wouldn’t get anything done and you and I both know it.”

Her bright blue eyes widened in artificial surprise.

“I was not suggesting such a thing!” she exclaimed as he impulsively ran the tip of his tongue over her lower lip.

“Sure you weren’t.” he said in a gentle whisper before he turned and slid behind the wheel.

Mary-Anne watched as he started the engine, pulled out of his parking space then drove away.

While Jason and Mary-Anne ate at the local Italian restaurant, Savannah and Lindsay spent that night on the phone each making predictions about how the blossoming relationship was going.

“They’re so cute together!” Lindsay gushed. “Great idea to hook them up.”

Savannah started to giggle.

“Well, I figured either I would do it or they would become just another office romance and where’s the fun in that with no one to play Cupid?”

“You are a sly one Savannah Elizabeth.” Lindsay praised her. “You make me so proud I could cry!”

Savannah rolled her eyes as she examined her stomach, a little fuller then a few weeks ago thanks to all three babies growing inside of her.

“You should have gone to California and tried your hand at acting. Something tells me you would have made it.”

“Don’t be mean.” Lindsay whined with a scowl as she stretched out on her tan colored sectional, covering her feet with the throw she left hanging on the back.

“I was simply stating an opinion.” Savannah argued indignantly. “There is nothing wrong with that.”

Jacob walked in just then carrying a bowl full of buttered popcorn. He offered her some as he sat down beside her then reached for the remote.

“Is Criminal Minds recording?” he asked as she ran her fingers up and down his arm absent mindedly.

After nodding, she cut Lindsay off midsentence saying,

“Hey, Jacob just walked in. Come by for lunch tomorrow and we’ll check out that new Indian place.”

She started to laugh a second later then said,

“I know but I’m craving spicy for some reason.”

After she hung up, she laid her head on his shoulder, her eyes reflecting off the TV screen. “How was your day?”

“Okay. No one bit me for once.”

She smiled as she watched him.

“I’d qualify that as a great day then.”

He nodded as he turned it to CBS then placed a handful of popcorn into his mouth.

“I go in for a checkup in the morning…” she mumbled as she started to bite his ear gently. “Do you want to come with me?”

He turned to look at her with a smile then reached over to rub her now present baby bump.

“Try and stop me.”

She grinned as he leaned in closer and gave her a small sweet kiss.

“I could you know.”

He sat back an amused expression in his eyes.

“Oh really? How would you do that?”

She gave him a tiny shrug.

“I’d just get Jason to put you in a headlock until I left and he would do it too. That guy loves me.”

Jacob rolled his eyes and shoved a few kernels into his mouth, the butter and salt making him crave something to drink. He stood up from the couch and Savannah laughed.

“I’ve offended you that much huh?”

“No. That popcorn just made me thirsty. Do you want anything?”

“Orange juice please.” she smiled as she stretched out on the couch.

“You better move before I come back.” he said in a teasing tone and she lifted her eyes to the ceiling.

“I’m really worried about what you’ll do to me if I haven’t.” she gave his butt a firm swat. “Go get my juice. Now!”

“This is my life…being bossed around by a pregnant chick.” Jacob grumbled good-naturedly as he left the room.

“What was that?” Savannah was staring at him, her arms folded across her chest when he returned with her juice and a Coke for himself.

“What?” he looked at her innocently and she threw a handful of his snack at him.

“Women do not like to be called ‘chicks’ just like men don’t like the terms….’asshole’ or ‘dick ‘.”

“Oh you heard that?” he started to laugh as her face darkened and she shoved at him when he tried to sit down. “What’s wrong with ‘chick’?”

Savannah gave an exaggerated sigh and threw up her hands.

“You are such an…” she started to say to which he gleefully finished.


She glared at him then struggled to her feet.

“Don’t leave.” he pleaded with her as he tried his best not to laugh and reached for her hand. “I’m sorry. I didn’t know that would offend you so much.”

“Me either…” she shook her head in confusion as he took her arm and helped her back to a sitting position. ‘I think I’m going crazy.”

Jacob smiled as he pulled her to him, his eyes searching hers.

“No you aren’t. It’s just the…”

She raised her hand to his mouth while giving him a look.

“Don’t you dare finish that sentence.”

“But it’s true!”

Ignoring him, she picked up the remote and rewound the show they were watching to the beginning.

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