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Rated: 18+ · Novel · Romance/Love · #2029826
Forever Yours Chapter Thirteen
Chapter Thirteen

By Saturday, Jacob and Savannah vowed that that would be the day they would finally take the boat out, so after a heated session in the shower, they changed into their swim suits then called their finds to invite them out on the water as well.

After debating with herself for half an hour about whether or not she should wear a bikini and show off her expanding belly, she decided she was proud enough to want to show it off…right up until the group was seconds from walking out the door and over to Jason’s SUV where Jacob’s exquisite pearl white yacht that seated eight was already hooked up.

“Honestly, love. I don’t know why you doubt yourself. You look fantastic.” Jason flashed her a sincere smile as they walked down the driveway, Carolina Cassidy hooked up to her brand new fake diamond studded harness and leash and walking in front of Jacob.

“You’re European so you exaggerating to woman is to be expected.” Savannah gave him a look and he started to laugh.

“Uh no….I was telling the truth!” he protested and crossed his arms with an expression of indignation.

Savannah raised an eyebrow at him then shook her head with a laugh as Lindsay pulled up behind Jason’s car.

“You’re proud of that belly, aren’t you?” she laughed as she stepped out of the car followed by Ryan.

“So I do look okay?” Savannah asked while biting her lip.

Her friend nodded while Jason scoffed.

“I just told her that.”

Savannah grinned and watched as Jacob, with the other two guy’s help, started to load the car.

“I put more stock in what Linds says.”

Jason, who had been trying to fit one of the beach bags into the trunk, turned to look at her.

“That’s very hurtful.” he frowned. “I am deeply offended.”

Savannah laughed again as she patted his back.

“You’ll get over it.” her grinned widened as she watched his eyes widen and his jaw drop. “Wipe that look off your face. I’m kidding.”

Jacob looked between them as he appeared with a small cooler of soda. “Can’t you two ever get along?” he sighed as Savannah wrapped an arm around Jason’s neck.

“Awww Jason knows I love him, don’t you, you European stud?”

“I always suspected that you found me attractive.” Jason beamed and Savannah rolled her eyes playfully.

“In your dreams. I was just being nice.” she smiled and Mary-Anne laughed.

“Are you sure you guys never dated? You seem to have a lot of chemistry just to be friends.”

Savannah looked at her as if she were speaking some foreign language she didn’t understand.

“You must be crazy if you think that. The only way I’d date him is if he were the last man on Earth and even then I’d question myself.” she watched Jason’s expression carefully, trying not to burst out laughing.

“If you two are finished with insulting each other can we finally head to the boat dock?” Jacob asked as he put on his prescription sunglasses then popped a breath mint. “Who’s driving?”

A little while later, the five friends were adrift on the Cape Fear River, not far from some of its neighboring beaches: Wrightsville, Carolina, Oak Island, Holden, and Ocean Isle, just to name a few.

“It turned out to be a gorgeous day to do this.” Jason commented as he twisted open an ice cold Pepsi he had just gotten out of the cooler.

“It did.” Lindsay agreed with a nod as she took a sip from her Dr. Pepper can. “Thanks for inviting us.”

“I wanted to come out the other day, but never got to.” Jacob said from where he was sprawled out on one of the padded seats that lined the side of the vessel.

“You work way too hard.” Jason told him as he handed over one of the unopened sodas.

“My dad tells me that all the time. Maybe I should start taking his advice.” he laughed and took a sip of his beverage.

“You think?” Ryan laughed and Jason high fived him.

“I was totally thinking that same thing man!”

Jacob rolled his eyes as the two continued to laugh.

“Hahaha! You guys are hilarious but I’d advise you not to quit your day jobs.”

“Speaking of, Ryan, are you ever just going to join the fire squad instead of just volunteering?” Jason asked he picked up a bag of Dorito’s and opened them.

“The thought of the written exam terrifies him.” Lindsay explained with a frown.

“I’m a nervous test taker.” he confessed as Jason placed a hand on his shoulder.

“I’m afraid of spiders.”

The group erupted into loud laughter and he looked around in confusion.

“What? I thought we were saying what we were afraid of.” he shrugged and that only made them laugh harder. “But anyway, I think you should give it a go. You might not be that bad.”

Ryan considered that for a few minutes before commenting.

“You really think so?”

“I’m bloody positive of it mate.” Jason nodded then lifted his soda to his lips. “I’ll even help you study if you’d like.”

Ryan smiled and reached into the chip bag to pull out a handful.

“I’d really appreciate that. Thanks Jason.”

Savannah smiled as she leaned forward for the cooler and began to rummage through it for the peanut butter and strawberry jelly sandwiches she had made everyone.

“What a cute bromance you two have.”

Both men looked at each other than at her.

“That is a good thing, right?” he asked and Ryan nodded.

“Yeah. It means we’re really good friends.”

Jason smiled.

“So I’m your…what do you Americans say? Your BFF?”

Savannah and Lindsay started to giggle uncontrollably at that.

“It means the same thing it’s just guys don’t say it.”

“Unless they’re gay.” Mary-Anne added and that only made them laugh harder.

Jacob shook his head then wagged his finger at both of them before he started to unwrap his sandwich.

“You three are terrible.” he admonished as he took a bite then washed it down with a mouthful of his Coke.

“We were just helping him out.” they shrugged as Jacob finished off his drink then reached for another.

“Even so. You’re still mean.”

“What are you going to do about it?” Savannah challenged in a teasing tone.

When Jacob didn’t say or do anything in response to her question, Savannah just smirked at him, her eyes dancing with amusement.

“That’s what I thought. Not a thing. I’m starting to think I married a wimp.”

“Ha.” he rolled his eyes. “After you have those babies I’ll show you what kind of a wimp I am.”

Mary-Anne leaned closer to Lindsay and whispered,

“I don’t think we were supposed to hear that.”

“You’d be surprised at all the stuff they’ve said in front of me.’ Lindsay said as Mary-Anne’s eyes widened. “Some of which if repeated, could get them arrested.”


“Yeah…they’re freaks.” Lindsay laughed as he watched the couple kiss like they were the only ones there.

“I think it’s cute.” Mary-Anne smiled then poked Jason in his side.

“How come I never get kissed like that?”

He looked over at her.

“I’ve kissed you like that.”

She pouted and pulled him closer.

“It’s been awhile.”

Jason laughed as he took a bite of his sandwich and chewed.

“How old are we? Ninety?”

Mary-Anne gave him a look and rolled her eyes as she got up and went to look out over the boat into the water. She turned to the others as she slipped off her cotton candy colored blue and purple dip-dye-silk-handkerchief-dress, watching as it floated by her feet to reveal her Victoria Secret demi top bikini in purple with goldtones that glinted from the sun on the straps.

Jason scrambled to his feet while pulling off his t-shirt and kicking his flip flops into a corner. “See y’all later.” he grinned and went to help Mary-Anne put the ladder down.

Lindsay just shook her head as she watched as he did a back flip into the water while Mary-Anne climbed down the side.

“Come on all you lazy people!” Jason yelled up to them as he splashed around in the clear blue water. “This water feels amazing!”

Jacob glanced over at him as he took a sip from his beer.

“Isn’t there a rule or something that you have to wait so long after eating before swimming?”

“That’s never been…WHOA!”

Mary-Anne pushed him underneath the water, giggling gleefully.

When he emerged he splashed her violently.

“What the bloody hell?”

Her shrill laughter floated up to the others on the boat.

“Payback’s a bitch! That was for the last time you dunked me under!”

Jason gave her a look as he ran his hands over his face.

“You realize this means war.” he growled and she just smiled at him sweetly as she swam a few feet from him.

“Hey, Savannah! Lindsay!” she called. “Are you guys coming in or not?”

A second later, she let out a shriek as Jason came up behind her and grabbed her waist. “JASON!” she yelled with a laugh as he turned her around in his arms and their lips met in a passionate kiss that made her grip his muscular shoulders even tighter.

As the kiss deepened, they heard splashes all around them as Jacob, Savannah, Lindsay and Ryan joined them, the girls on the guy’s shoulders trying to knock the other one off.

What a perfect way to end the day.

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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2029826