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a little grey creature comes to the microphone...
Out on the stage stands a single microphone, in a spotlight, the stage is empty, the last character has walked away leaving the stage that once was so filled with the magic of performance empty and still.
A curtain ruffles on the left side of the stage.
“Get your little grey butt out there,” A voice could be heard.
Another ruffle is seen, this time its bigger than the last one.
The stillness returns to the stage, until finally, a short grey colored creature comes out on stage and just stands there taking the whole thing in. Its face shows what looks like is an expression of fear, as it looks around and sees everyone in the audience and everyone back stage looking at him, or rather gawking.
He slowly takes a step towards the microphone on the stage, then he takes another, looking back at the crowd back stage, who has by now formed a wall of people at the edge of the stage so the little creature could not run back. And after a brief look around he takes yet another step.
Finally he reaches the microphone, which is set for a normal sized human, definitely not a creature of his size. His skinny hands reached out and touched the microphone stand; he wrapped his hand around the locking ring and tried to unlock the stand so he could make it more his size.
A slight grunt, could be heard as he struggled with the ring, Then a single character stepped onto the stage to help him, just as the ring let loose and the microphone stand slammed down. The microphone jumped out of the stand and connected with the little creatures head, then hit the ground with a big thump, which brought a small bit of laughter from back stage.
The little creature picked up the microphone and put it back in the stand.
“Hi,” he said,” I couldn’t tell you my name, as you mind can’t grasp my races vocal patterns and tones, as they are too high for your ears to perceive. So I will talk to you as a human would.”
“I’m told that, right now, I don’t have a story that I’m in, but I may have one before too long.” he said,” You may be wondering who and what I am. Well, it’s a hard thing for you to hear, because I know many of you don’t believe beings like me exist, but I assure you, I am real and I’m here.”
“I am what you people call a grey” he continued,” Or an extraterrestrial.”
He stood there and nodded and the ‘Ooo’s’ and ‘Ahh’s’ started and got quite loud then died down.
“However, What will be hard for you to understand is that description of me is not entirely correct, as while I am from another planet, that planet is still Earth, but it is from another dimension. And another fact that will blow your mind is that I truly am human, because where I’m from this is what humans look like.”
A wave of gasps ran though the room.
“You see the human body, as you know, is very adaptive to its environment, and due to our environment, and what has happened to our world, this is what we have evolved into. The reason you have seen us in your world, is that we have found a way to jump into your dimension and take samples from your Earth to repair ours and heal our race.”
A slight whisper could be heard drifting across the stage.
“Oh?” the little creature said.
He listened for a bit to more whispers.
“OK, If you feel it would be best,” He said as if he was having a conversation with someone.
“I’m being told that my time is up,” he continued after a short pause,” and that I need to let someone else speak, now.”
“Who told you that?” a voice from the back asked.
“He did.” He answered the voice.
“Oh.” The voice answered as the grey turned and slowly walked off the stage and disappeared from sight.
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