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by Bruce.
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Life's special years. Rhyme.
Girls, Girls, Girls.

It was Helen the first girl that I ever kissed
A fine Scottish schoolgirl was she
I was playing kiss chase with my holiday friends
So thrilled when she chased after me.

Back home I met Jackie in the old coffee bar
At night we walked back to her place
With such amorous kissing when at her front door
Went home with a smile on my face.

Every time I met June she would always look great
A pretty teenager for sure
Even so, we split up when a few months had passed
When one of us seemed to want more.

I was lucky to meet a nice red head named Jane
We went out on many fine dates
Though I spent many months thinking I was in love
I left to spend time with my mates.

In a club Christine asked me if I’d like a dance
I loved her I cannot pretend
When I did not give the attention she craved
She went off and married my friend.

Now Ann was a woman with an amorous trait
My innocence taken from me
So I foolishly thought I would love her for life
But true love was never to be.

I went out with Margaret a pleasant young lass
She wanted our loving to stay
And although I was really quite fond of the girl
She was living too far away.

To me Rosie seemed like a fresh fragrant flower
So pretty, and bubbly and fun
Together we grew to be fond of each other
A sad day when our time was done.

At an upmarket coffee bar I met young Tish
A classy girl really well bred
We thought that perhaps we would grow old together
But I joined the air force instead.

In the air force camp band I saw Susan march past
I fancied her there is no doubt
And although we were often in each other’s arms
The attraction soon fizzled out.

All my friends envied me when I took Kathy out
In company she was the best
But because my old lack of thought kicked in again
She slipped away like all the rest

Then another Christine took an interest in me
Together we had so much fun
I was thinking it’s time that I found my true love.
Although she would not be the one.

After that, I saw Sheila walk in to a bar
The best sight in all of my life
A lovely girl with all that my heart desired
Was destined to become my wife.

To each wonderful girl who’s recorded in verse
And all of these verses are true
I am glad that you let me be part of your life
To live those fond moments with you.

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