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Brian fantasizes about Jill in the bath tub after seeing her at a Thanksgiving meal.
Brian lay in his bed the Friday after Thanksgiving. He and his folks spent the evening at the Michaels’s estate where his father got drunk and proceeded to grope Aaron Michael’s girlfriend Jill. She fell out of the chair she sat in to get away from him, and her so called boyfriend could not have cared less. Brian scowled at the thought of how poorly Aaron treated Jill. If she were his girl he would never have allowed his father to get close enough to lay a hand on Jill if she did not wish it.

Thoughts of Jill being his girl made his morning wood twitch. He reached down and rubbed the throbbing bulge through his cotton boxers. He knew his parents did not approve of this sort of thing but damn it he was nineteen and a man had needs. He glanced at the clock which read seven-thirty. His mother would still be looting the Black Friday sales and his father was at work. He was alone in the big house save for the housekeeping staff, but they would not bother him.

Brian climbed out of his bed and made his way into his full adjoining bathroom. He closed the door and locked it for privacy in the event someone barged into his bedroom. He started the water and adjusted it so that it was almost scolding, and then pulled the metal plunger up to block the drain of the bathtub. While it filled he retrieved a wash cloth from the towel rack above the tub, and the body wash from the shelf hanging just below the towel rack. He set them on the side of the tub, and slipped off his boxers. He hissed as he stepped into the hot water, and lowered himself into the tub. The water rose over his lap before he finally turned it off.

After submerging the wash cloth he poured some of the fresh spring scented body wash on his wash cloth and lathered it between his hands. He closed his eyes and imagined Jill washing him.

“Oh yeah sweetheart,” he moaned softly as he rubbed the warm soapy cloth over his smooth neck and shoulders. His nipples stiffened as he circled the cloth over his hair chest. He paused to flick the stiffened points of with his fingers, and imagined Jill flicking them with her soft wet little tongue. “Yes, that feels so good.”

He spent more time circling and pinching his nipples all the while imagining Jill doing it with her small fingers. His cock twitched in a bid for attention and he slid the cloth up and down his flat belly.

He imagined Jill stroking his belly with small soapy hands; her full beautiful breasts hanging before him. He would cup one and bring it to his mouth. She would gasp and giggle as he flicked her sweet little nipple with his tongue. She would moan something like Oh Brian that feels so good, but you’re being so naughty.

He smiled at the idea of being naughty with her in the bathtub. His hands dipped below the water, and he gripped his long thick cock with one hand, and cupped his balls with the other. He proceeded to stroke and grope.

His mind went to Jill stroking and groping him. He imagined her leaning down and squeezing him between her smooth supple breasts. He would rub body wash on them as she slid the smooth wet soapy spheres up and down his long hard rod. He would buck his hips to further aid her in her attempt at French Fucking as his brother called it.

The wash cloth became a bit rough as the soap dissolved into the still warm water. He tightened his grip on his shaft, and imagined Jill’s sweet little mouth on him; his fingers tangled in her long red hair as he thrust up into the warm welcoming cavern of her throat. His imagination jumped from fucking her mouth to fucking her hot wet pussy. She would straddle him, and slide up and down his throbbing length. He let out a moan as he stroked harder and faster with his wash cloth covered hand.

“God, Jill,” he gasped as he increased the speed of his hand, and tightened his grip. “Fuck me harder!”

He let his head fall back and sank down into the water. He braced his hips against the other end of the tub and thrust up into the wash cloth. Water splashed out of the tub as he let out long feral grunts. His balls tightened and he gave one final thrust and grunt as his cock spewed its warm creamy contents into Jill’s hot wet cunt.

His eyes opened just enough to see Jill was not there. He knew she wasn’t, but he could not help feeling disappointed. He released his now flaccid cock from the wash cloth and pushed the metal tab down to open the drain. When he was sure he could stand without falling he got out of the tub, and wrapped a towel around his waist. He left his bathroom, and went to his closet to dress for the day.

Word Count: 864
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