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Rated: XGC · Short Story · Erotica · #2032627
Alice's Bride's Men and Man of Honor treat her to a Bachelorette weekend to remember
Alice did not have a typical bridal party. She did not get along with other women so her closest friends were men. Her "Man of Honor" was her best friend Tom, and her two Bride's Men were Tom's brothers Andrew and Mark. All three of them were tall with blonde hair and blue eyes. Their bodies would have made gods envious. Alice's fiance Brad liked her friends, but he was not crazy about how familiar they were with her. When he attempted to talk her into pulling away from them she nearly ended the engagement.

"Alright Alice," Brad smiled sweetly. "I will give you a free pass for this weekend. You are free to explore a sexual relationship with anyone of them or all of hem if that is your choice. After the weekend ends we get married, you set boundaries for them, and never speak of this. Fair?"

"Alright," Alice agreed. She figured this would be easy. None of those guys would even consider having sex with her when she was single.


After Alice and her friends were settled in they decided to take a group soak in the hot tub on the back patio. Since the yard was surrounded by a privacy fence they soaked in the nude. While they soaked in the hot bubbly water Alice filled them in on Brad's generous offer.

"What a douche," Mark stated. "Not that I wouldn't love to fuck you Alice, but seriously why would he offer up the woman he supposedly loves like that?"

"He's jealous of our relationship," Alice explained. "He doesn't like that I let you guys touch me in ways he thinks should be reserved for him."

"Alice," Tom slid close and slid his arm around her. "Why didn't you tell us?"

"Because I think he's being ridiculous," Alice stated. She wrapped her fingers around his thick erection, "I think we should take advantage of this."

"Is that what you really want?" Tom asked. He cupped her large breasts, and slid his wet thumbs over her stiffening nipples. Andrew and Mark swam closer to be apart of the action.

"Yes," Alice breathed.

They moved into the master bedroom and settled onto the king size bed. Andrew and Mark laid on either side of Alice. They cupped a breast in their large hands, suckled her nipples, and flicked the stiffened tips with their tongues. Alice moaned and cupped the back s of their heads to hold them in place. Tom spread her legs wide, and spread her smooth wet folds with his tongue. He flicked and suckled her clit, and slid two long thick fingers inside her. She writhed and moaned under her their pleasurable torment, until her entire body arched in orgasmic ecstasy.

"Our turn," Tom whispered.

Alice felt them roll her onto her side. She felt Tom slide into her soft wet pussy, and then felt one of his brothers probe her anus with his fingers. She guest it was Andrew because she could see Mark kneeling in front of her stroking his large cock. Tom rolled onto his back so she straddled him. Andrew retracted his fingers from her anus and replaced them with his large organ. Alice's mouth fell open on a groan of pleasure as Tom and Andrew pushed into her at the same time. Mark stood with his feet on either side of Tom's torso. He guided his long hard smooth shaft into Alice's open mouth. She closed around him, and moved her head in time with Andrew's thrusts, which moved her up and down on Tom's cock.

While her three friends filled her with their long rods Alice reached down, and stroked her clit until her fingers were soaked in her juices. She teased Mark's anus with her juice soaked fingers until she was able to penetrate him. Mark let out a startled cry, which soon became a groan of pleasure as Alice continued to suck him off and thrust her fingers in his anus.

Mark was the first to go. He pushed deep into Alice's mouth and sprayed a stream of salty cum down her contracting throat. He pulled out, and did his best to collapse without crushing Tom. Next to go was Andrew. Like Mark he pushed inside Alice one last time before filling her anus with a warm stream of cum. He pulled out and warm sticky liquid drizzled down Alice's ass and the back of her thighs.

Tom gripped her slippery ass and slid her hot wetness up and down his long throbbing shaft. She was so wet every movement made squishing sounds, and her juices splashed over his balls and bush. Alice's warm pussy tightened around him and he pushed deep inside and released his own warm stream inside her. He slipped out of her after she fell over him. Andrew and Mark scoot close to lay their arms over Alice. The three brothers exchanged a silent look of understanding. Alice was theirs and Brad could go fuck himself.

Word Count: 833
© Copyright 2015 Gineva Navazio (jlh1982 at Writing.Com). All rights reserved.
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